The Climate Change and Global Heating Emergency "Elevator Pitch" Everyone Should Know

Last updated 10.24.23


If you have not done so already, please read this essential page before doing elevator pitches. We have discovered that it is best to break the climate change progress and safety illusion as soon as possible to be an effective climate change educator. This is because 99.9% of people do not understand how bad the climate change situation actually is because of what they have been hearing for years about climate change from the government and in the media.

The best way to break this illusion is to have them examine and learn about the global fossil fuel cartel's climate change disinformation and fossil fuel reduction obstruction campaigns found on this page. The new facts on this page and its links will make individuals seriously doubt what they have been told about the climate change emergency in the media and from the government.

Unless individuals understand they have been cleverly, consistently and intentionally deceived by false fossil fuel cartel generated climate disinformation (which they previously believed was true), they will not be able to easily or quickly digest the correct facts about our current climate change emergency and accordingly they will not be motivated to do anything about it. (This proven deception-exposing process is known as "false data stripping." It greatly expedites getting at and to the truth.)

Telling people as soon as possible that almost everything they have heard about climate change consequences and timeframes has been underestimated by 20-40% or more, and then exposing the fossil fuel cartel's disinformation and obstruction campaigns is effective. 

Sooner or later, you will have to wake others up to the big lies they are still continuously hearing from their governments, the media, and most environmental groups, that are also unknowingly using global fossil fuel cartel-infected disinformation.

When you directly confront fossil fuel cartel disinformation and obstruction early in your climate educational actions, you are also using the principle found in the martial art called Aikido. The principle is simple. You use the energy, the direction, and the power of the attacker and the attack directed at you as the primary way to overcome the attacker. When you bring the hidden fossil fuel cartel disinformation into disinfecting light, you use the peaceful, wise, and very successful principle of the Akido martial art to disempower and break the disinformation cycle.

Additionally, when most people find out they have been systematically deceived on a life-and-death issue that will also cause them great financial loss, they not only become angry, they become highly motivated. Please break the fossil fuel cartel disinformation cycle with everyone in your network.


Here is our "elevator pitch" of the climate change and runaway global heating education movement. An elevator pitch is a Silicon Valley-originated term. It is a short several-minute statement about what is essential about something you should be involved in. 

It can be delivered in about the same time it would take for you to share an elevator with someone in a tall building, hence the elevator pitch. It is designed to capture attention with a critical mystery so the person will eventually want to know more.

There are three elevator pitches below; pick the ones you think would work best for you. Remember that everyone you speak to will potentially speak to others and help fix this climate change nightmare.

Once you have completed an elevator pitch successfully and the person seems interested, send them to go to the Job One for Humanity website and ask them to sign up for more information; we help keep them interested and involved from there. If possible, keep in touch with them and follow up if they have questions. 





Elevator Pitch One: Are You Aware of These Basic But Essential Climate Change Facts

Ask people questions to start the climate change conversation. Here are some powerful questions to open a conversation; they are best asked in the order given. These questions are designed to relate climate change and fossil fuel use to something they already know is very bad, pollution. It is important to appeal indirectly to their emotions, particularly in questions three and four.

It is important to understand who are the best prospects to give an elevator climate pitch to and who is not! Before doing any elevator pitches, read this page for critical tips on success.

1. The following can also be emailed to your networks.

"Over the last sixty years, almost every consequence and timeframe we have been told about climate change from our governments, the media, and even most all environmental groups has been underestimated by 20 to 40% or even more. These groups have also unknowingly spread other dangerous climate change disinformation designed to make you feel safe and that we are making climate change progress when neither is true.

If you want to discover the uncensored and actual climate change facts or how this underestimation and disinformation happened, click here to learn how you have been systematically deceived by the global fossil fuel cartel about climate change for over sixty years."

2. Did you know that climate change is dangerous and deadly air pollution caused by humanity burning fossil fuels? (Continuing to burn additional fossil fuels creates an ever thicker blanket of carbon and other greenhouse gas pollution (methane and nitrous oxide) in our atmosphere, trapping ever-increasing levels of heat on Earth.) 

3. Did you know that fossil fuel burning air pollution, directly or indirectly, causes record-breaking; heatwaves, heat domes, droughts, hurricanes, cyclones, tornados, floods and flooding, rain bombs, wind storms [Derechos], dust storms, wildfires, wildfire smoke events, unseasonable cold spells, and other abnormal and unseasonal weather?

4. Did you know that heat-increasing polluting greenhouse gases, like carbon, the largest one, remain in our atmosphere for centuries to thousands of years? This long-term persistence of carbon in our atmosphere means that the relatively stable weather you experienced when you were younger is now gone forever, or at least until all of the additional fossil fuel-burning carbon, which we have been polluting our atmosphere with since the beginning of the industrial revolution has been removed (hundreds to thousands of years from now.) 

5. Did you know that not only is the relative stability of the climate of your younger memories gone forever, every day, as humanity burns more fossil fuels (which adds even more greenhouse gas pollution to our atmosphere,) we will continue to break new records and make today's existing climate change problems and weather significantly worse in our own future and for the future four children and future generations? 


Elevator Pitch Two: The Climate Change Emergency is Much Worse Than You Are being Told

Only when we can finally see the climate change emergency as it truly is will we be able to fix it. The following elevator speech contains the highly probable and almost certain most essential facts about our current climate change emergency. 

It is important to understand who are the best prospects to give an elevator climate pitch to and who is not! Before doing any elevator pitches, read this page for critical tips on success.

Here it is:

"I have a couple of quick questions. I would love to hear your opinion. Do you believe that the global fossil fuel cartel might try to buy off politicians with huge campaign donations to prevent fossil fuel use reductions and protect their massive profits? Do you believe that politicians might lie to you about how bad climate change will get to protect their cushy jobs and not your best interests?

(Listen to their answer, and if they say yes, and are open to the idea that current climate change information might be being manipulated, continue with the rest of the pitch.)

Since you believe that is possible, some painful climate change facts have been hidden from you through both censorship and underestimation by the global fossil fuel cartel, your politicians, and your governments.

Here are those quick facts:

1. Our governments have squandered six decades and have totally failed to resolve the climate change emergency. Because of this gross government failure, we have already locked ourselves into the first phase of runaway global heating.

2. If we keep going as we are now, sometime between 2025 and 2031, we will cross an atmospheric carbon pollution threshold level of 425-450 ppm. This is the level where humanity enters the second phase of runaway global heating. 

3. When we pass this carbon 425-450 ppm threshold, we accelerate the processes of our own extinction even faster because:

a. Climate change's consequences will radically increase in frequency, severity, and scale.

b. We will trigger additional amplifying climate feedback loops at faster rates. And,

c. We will soon cross the second (of four) extinction-accelerating climate tipping points.

4. Entering the second phase of runaway global heating will also cause the inescapable climate consequence of about half of humanity dying by about mid-century. 

5. The good news is we can still save the surviving portion of humanity past mid-century from near-total extinction (occurring about 2050-2080.)

6. To protect the possible post-mid-century surviving remnants of humanity, our governments must act now and get close to reaching the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. These honest global fossil fuel reduction targets require ALL developed countries (including China and India) to compel their citizens to reduce ALL fossil fuel use by 75% by 2025.

7. What will you do to prevent this nightmare from happening?" Have you heard about the Job One for Humanity Climate Change Emergency Plan? It will help mobilize our governments, help protect individuals and businesses, and help individuals safely prepare for and adapt to the many catastrophic climate consequences we can no longer avoid!

Please use the above unsettling global warming "elevator pitch" whenever possible to open conversations on the climate emergency. Then, when they ask you for more information to explain or justify the pitch, please give them the ( website or get their email address and send them the link to the essential climate facts that will explain the facts in detail and with documentation. 

The above elevator pitch should make new people so curious that they will want to read your email link (or go to our website) to discover how possible what you said could be. This new elevator speech is intentionally meant to disrupt the ignorance and complacency surrounding the painful, actual facts of our runaway global heating extinction emergency. 

Try it out and watch the reactions. Even though a good portion of individuals will ignore further research, it plants a seed in their minds so that when they see the next set of climate disasters unfolding, they will remember what you said to them. 

Besides locally discussing the climate elevator pitch below, please feel free to email or post it online (with its links) anywhere you like. You can print it out as a handout as well.


Elevator Pitch Three: The Global Fossil Fuel Cartel is censoring and distorting Critical Climate Facts Needed to Fix the Climate Change Emergency 

Like in pitch two, ask the person the following questions:

1. Do you believe the global fossil fuel cartel might try to buy off politicians with huge campaign donations to prevent fossil fuel use reductions and protect their massive profits? 

2. Do you believe politicians might lie to you about how bad climate change will get to protect their cushy jobs and not your best interests?

(Listen to their answer; if they seem unsure or dubious that current climate change information might be being manipulated, use the pitch below but deliver it in your own words. Use as much or as little of the following as you think it is necessary to open the person to understand and become open to that almost everything they have heard about climate change from the media, the government, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC) and even most environmental groups has been underestimated by 20-40% because of the hidden and insidious global fossil fuel cartel tactics. 

It is important to understand who are the best prospects to give an elevator climate pitch to and who is not! Before doing any elevator pitches, read this page for critical tips on success.

I believe that the global fossil fuel cartel is the dominant hidden and invisible hand that distorts, underestimates, and unduly influences the climate change information you receive from your government, the media, and the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC)! The underhanded climate censorship-enabling actions of the global fossil fuel cartel are the over-arching reason our governments have not fixed the climate change emergency over the last sixty-plus years. 

Let me explain.

To open your mind to begin to clearly see the hidden and invisible hand that censors and distorts almost all climate change information you are receiving, it is useful to cover some history that everyone already knows to be true. The global cigarette industry has a proven record of ten decades of successful misinformation, disinformation, false cigarette health risk studies, and funding of "independent" think tanks to produce questionable research saying smoking was not dangerous. The cigarette industry also has an extensive public record of engaging in many undue influence and government regulation delaying tactics. 

Like the cigarette industry's tactics, the far better-funded global fossil fuel cartel's disinformation, regulation-delaying practices, and other tactics have successfully kept uncensored climate change facts and solutions from you, our governments, and the media for over six decades! 

Does that statement seem not possible? For decades, the global cigarette industry convinced the world's politicians and citizens that cigarettes did not cause lung cancer, health problems, or death with only a fraction of the global fossil fuel cartel's 28 trillion dollar-a-year income. 

The fossil fuel cartel's lavishly-funded climate censorship actions are as follows:

Global disinformation campaigns to make you believe we are making progress in fixing climate change when we are not.

Global misinformation campaigns by funding think tanks and others to continuously create and spread clever new false doubts or confusion about the causes, consequences, progress, and solutions surrounding climate change and the damages the fossil fuel cartel's products produce (without looking like this false information is coming from the fossil fuel industry.)

Successfully delaying or killing government-level regulations designed to reduce fossil fuel usage or make the fossil fuel industry pay for the deadly pollution and other dangerous, costly consequences its products cause.

Using climate change distortion tactics like creating false hopes that new technologies like carbon capture (or old technologies like the increased use of "cleaner" propane) will protect us now, save us at the last minute, or that we do not need to radically reduce our fossil fuel use immediately. The insidious purpose for creating these false hope and false progress distortion campaigns is to make you feel safe and secure when you are not and make you believe we are making the needed steady progress in fixing climate change when we are not. If you think there is no dire problem, you will do nothing to demand your politicians act to fix it. 

The global fossil fuel cartel is using the above tactics for one major reason, trillions of dollars in profits are at stake. Additionally, they are doing it because if the world's citizens knew the real climate change facts (found on this website) and understood that the global fossil fuel cartel had deliberately deceived them for decades, they would angrily demand that their politicians radically cut global fossil fuel use immediately. 

If you still think what we say about the global fossil fuel cartel distorting, censoring, and unduly influencing our governments, the media, and the climate summary work and climate solutions of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC) is untrue. Click here to see the hundreds of well-documented articles about the many ways and tactics the global fossil fuel cartel uses to ensure that our governments, the media, the United Nations, and the world's citizens do not ever demand reduced global fossil fuel use to the required levels to save their own lives and the lives of their children. If you are a science person, click here for a deep dive into how the global fossil fuel cartel has corrupted and censored most of what you hear today about climate change.

It is bitterly painful when you, too, finally realize that the global fossil fuel cartel is entirely willing to sacrifice the lives and assets of billions of people and your children to satisfy their unquenchable greed for more profit (more super-yachts, more palaces, and more ridiculously luxurious lifestyles for key fossil fuel cartel owners, executives, and investors, etc.)



Additional essential climate change and atmospheric carbon history to help you frame and understand the candid directness of our new climate elevator pitches



1. Humanity thrived for millennia when atmospheric carbon was at the 270 to 280 ppm level. 

2. We would have stayed safe from runaway global warming and its extinction-triggering climate tipping points if we ONLY stayed at or below the carbon 350 ppm level. Since passing the carbon 386 ppm level in 2015, we have already triggered the climate tipping point and climate feedback loop stacking effect (like falling dominos) first disclosed by James Hansen, the NASA climate scientist.

2. In 2015, we hit the carbon 386 ppm level and entered the first stage of runaway global heating. 



3. Within 2-3 years, we will pass the carbon 425 ppm level. When we pass carbon 425 ppm level, we are already deep into the second phase of the runaway global warming process, and we trigger the first of four human extinction-accelerating tipping points. 

5. As of March 2022, we had already reached the very dangerous atmospheric carbon level of 420 ppm."

6. At the carbon 420 ppm level, we have already activated the crossing of ever more climate tipping points and climate feedback loops that will keep raising the average global temperature until we make the required, radical, and painful 2025 target reductions in our global fossil fuel use. 

7. Twenty-six international climate conferences over many decades have produced no results. On the contrary, carbon in the atmosphere has only got worse. The latest 27th conference in Egypt in 2022 was also another bust. 





The climate change elevator pitch below will surprise and shock some individuals who hear it, but shocking someone into awareness and action is both legitimate and necessary. This is particularly true in a life-and-death emergency, as we are now accelerating climate change. 

If, after reading the elevator pitch below, you are reluctant to share it with others, we ask that you thoroughly read the three links below. After reading the climate science on these two pages, we believe you may become as motivated as we are and have no problem educating those around you on the actual urgency of our current climate emergency. 

Read about these four extinction-accelerating climate tipping points first.

Next, please read about how our world's current major crisis will interact with climate change's escalating primary and secondary consequences, bringing about mass to near-total human extinction.

And finally, if you are still reluctant to share our quite intense elevator pitch below, please read about the ethical principles of necessary educational disruption regarding our accelerating climate change emergency.

Never forget that we will not be able to fix the climate change emergency until we individually and collectively compel our governments to face and fix its real and painful facts! 

Still, Have doubts?

The honest 2025 global fossil fuel reduction target is so high solely because our governments squandered sixty years when the required reductions could have been gradual and more manageable. 

When you hear the media or politicians tell you we only have to reduce global fossil fuel use by 40% by 2030, or 50% by 2040, or 2050 they are dead wrong. If our governments use those grossly underestimated global fossil fuel reduction targets, billions more of us will soon be dead

Within about three years (at best eight years if we are very lucky), our governments must mass mobilize and enact an effective climate plan covering ALL of the best possible options and worst possible outcomes and reduce global fossil fuel use in all developed countries by 75% or more

Many positive possibilities will occur when our governments finally fix the climate change runaway global heating emergency. If we are successful, humanity and our nations will experience many surprising benefits and possibly even a Great Global Rebirth.

Never forget we have only 3 to, at best, eight years left to reduce all global fossil fuel use in all developed nations by 75%. When we pass the carbon 425-450 threshold, we enter the second irreversible phase of runaway global heating and into an accelerating human die-off that not even the most innovative scientists from Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge, Yale, Stanford, University of California Berkeley, and MIT will be able to stop until almost all of us are dead. 

From the preceding painful climate facts on can clearly see, one can see that the March 2022 carbon 420 level is far beyond any reasonable and safe atmospheric carbon level and well into the stacking (domino) effect of runaway global warming. At this carbon 420 ppm level, our atmospheric carbon level is about 155% greater than the long-term humanity-thriving atmospheric carbon level of 270 ppm.

How much higher does this percentage of atmospheric carbon have to rise beyond the last safe level of carbon 350 ppm before we collectively realize that we are rapidly approaching a mass to near-total extinction danger?

One must first understand the essence of the problem and its real deadlines before one can fix it. You now understand the consequences of our runaway global heating problem.

Please click here if you do not believe that it is now unavoidable that about half of humanity will go extinct by mid-century if we fail to get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. The first link will take you to the many global heating-related consequences unfolding in this nightmare process.

If you doubt the accuracy of the above runaway global heating truth, please go to this page. It will take you through all of the supporting facts, illustrations, deadlines, and scientific information.

Our climate change and runaway global heating extinction threat in a nutshell 

For decades, cigarette companies hid the dangers of their products with misinformation and disinformation and stopped anti-smoking legislation. Likewise, for decades, the 28 trillion dollar-a-year global fossil fuel industry has hidden fossil fuel's global heating dangers with massive misinformation and disinformation campaigns, and they have stopped legislation designed to reduce national and international fossil fuel use gradually.  

Because of that six-decade delay in reducing fossil fuel use caused directly by the massive misinformation and disinformation campaigns of the fossil fuel industry, half of humanity will now unavoidably die by mid-century! Be clear about this. This mass die-off will be caused by the massive misinformation and disinformation campaigns of the fossil fuel industry and the escalating consequences of runaway global heating from burning their fossil fuels. 

So, the only remaining questions are:

What will you do to push the world to meet the survival-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets? 

What will you do to save yourself and the half of humanity that can still be saved? 

This IS everyone's clear, urgent, and last-chance call to action. 




If you are a member of Generation X, Y, or Z. In that case, whether you realize it or not, the above two questions above will become a central question for the rest of your life. They must be planned for and acted upon. If not, you will likely become part of that half or more of humanity that doesn't make it through the runaway global heating extinction emergency.

Get into action

Please click this link and make a pledge to start the actions needed to protect yourself, humanity, and all life on Earth from runaway global heating.

Click here to begin the Job One Action plan and help us start to fix this mess.

If you have not done so already, click here to read about the many benefits of global heating and climate change. This benefits page is the most read page of our website, with over 2 million visits.

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