The New "Elevator Pitch" of the Climate Change and Global Heating Educational Movement Everyone Should Know,

There is really just one climate fact that everyone should know. It is the new "elevator pitch" of the climate change and runaway global heating education movement.


A tiny bit of essential climate and atmospheric carbon history first.

1. Humanity thrived for millennia when atmospheric carbon was at the 270 to 280 ppm level. 

2. We went over the climate cliff in 2015 when we hit carbon 386 ppm level and entered the beginning stages of runaway global heating. 

3. Within 2-3 years, we will pass the carbon 425 ppm level. When we pass carbon 425 ppm, we are already deep into the beginning of the runaway global warming process, and we trigger the first of four extinction accelerating tipping points. 

4. We would have stayed safe from runaway global warming if we ONLY had stayed at or below the carbon 350 ppm level. Since passing the carbon 386 ppm level in 2015, we have already triggered the climate tipping point and climate feedback loop stacking (falling domino) effect first disclosed by James Hansen the NASA climate scientist.

5. As of March 2022, we had already reached the very dangerous atmospheric carbon level of 420 ppm."

6. At the carbon 420 ppm level, we have already activated the crossing of ever more climate tipping points and climate feedback loops that will keep raising the global temperature until we make the required, radical, and painful 2025 target reductions in our global fossil fuel use. 



Here is the most essential and profound truth about our current climate and runaway global heating emergency that everyone should know, our "elevator pitch" 

As the result of ignoring 60 years of valid scientific warnings and our not resolving the climate change and rising global heating emergency, we have already locked ourselves into the beginning phase of runaway global warming and the unavoidable extinction of about half of humanity by mid-century. Mass human extinction is now inevitable and unavoidable because we have already gone over the runaway global heating climate cliff when we reached the carbon 386 ppm level. Unfortunately, at our current carbon 420+ ppm level, we are making our extinction occur faster because we will cross even more climate tipping points and amplify climate feedback loops at faster rates. 

The good news is that we can still save much of the other half of humanity, but only if we get close to reaching the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets as soon as possible. The even better news is that when we finally fix runaway global heating, there will be many positive benefits and possibly a Great Global Rebirth

From the preceding climate reality, one can see that the March 2022 carbon 420 level is far, far beyond any reasonable and safe atmospheric carbon level and well into the stacking (domino) effect of runaway global warming. At this carbon 420 ppm level, our atmospheric carbon level is about 155% greater than the long-term humanity-thriving atmospheric carbon level of 270 ppm.

How much higher does this percentage of atmospheric carbon have to rise beyond the last safe level of carbon 350 ppm before we collectively realize that we are in a rapidly approaching mass to near-total extinction danger?

And finally, one also has to first understand the essence of the problem and its real deadlines before one can fix that problem. You now have the essence of the consequences of our runaway global heating problem.

Please use the above unsettling global warming "elevator pitch" whenever possible to open conversations on the climate emergency. Then, when they ask you for more information to explain or justify the pitch, please give them the ( website or get their email address and send them the link to the ten essential climate facts that will explain the facts in detail and with documentation. 

The above elevator pitch should make new people so curious that they will want to read your email link (or go to our website) to discover how possible what you said could be. This new elevator speech is intentionally meant to disrupt the ignorance and complacency surrounding the painful, actual facts of our runaway global heating extinction emergency. 

Try it out and watch the reactions. Even though a good portion of individuals will ignore immediate further research, it plants a seed in their minds so that when they see the next set of climate disasters unfolding, they will remember what you said to them. 

Our runaway global heating extinction threat in a nutshell 

For decades, cigarette companies hid the dangers of their products with misinformation and disinformation and stopped anti-smoking legislation. Likewise, for decades, the 28 trillion dollar-a-year global fossil fuel industry has hidden fossil fuel's global heating dangers with massive misinformation and disinformation campaigns, and they have stopped legislation designed to gradually reduce national and international fossil fuel use.  

Because of that six-decade delay in reducing fossil fuel use caused directly by the massive misinformation and disinformation campaigns of the fossil fuel industry, half of humanity will now unavoidably die by mid-century! Be clear about this. This mass die-off will be caused by the massive misinformation and disinformation campaigns of the fossil fuel industry, and the escalating consequences of runaway global heating from burning their fossil fuels. 

So, the only remaining questions are:

What will you do to push the world to meet the survival-critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets? 

What will you do to save yourself and the half of humanity that can still be saved? 

This IS everyone's clear, urgent, and last chance call to action. 



IF you are a member of generation X, Y, or Z. In that case, whether you realize it or not, the above two questions above will become a central question for the rest of your life. They must be planned for and acted upon. If not, you will likely become part of that half or more of humanity that doesn't make it through the runaway global heating extinction emergency.


Have doubts?

Please click here if you do not believe that it is now unavoidable that about half of humanity will go extinct by mid-century if we fail to get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. The first link will take you to the many global heating-related consequences that will unfold in this nightmare process.

If you doubt the accuracy of the above runaway global heating truth, please go to this page. It will take you through all of the supporting facts, illustrations, deadlines, and scientific information.

Get into action

Please click this link and make a pledge to start the actions needed to protect yourself, humanity, and all life on Earth from runaway global heating.

Click here to begin the Job One Action plan and help us start to fix this mess.

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