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If you have not yet read this summary of the ten current climate change condition facts, please do so before reading this page. You will then understand why at this particular time, you should seriously consider joining one of our four ClimateSafe Village models or creating a climate-safer eco-community of your own.

The sections on this page are:

1. Introduction to Universe One

2. Universe One Launch Phases

3. Universe One Launch Steps

4. Universe One Membership Process

5. At Universe One, We Hold a New Worldview

6. At Universe One, We See Ourselves as Evolutioneers, Global Citizens, and Universe Citizens

7. The Spiritual and Related Qualities at Our Universe One

8. The Universe Institute located at Universe One

9. Additional Reading on Progressive Evolution Theory

10. Universe College Online at Universe One 

11. Universe Eco-Community Contributors

12. Other Pages in Our Eco-community Materials

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1. Introduction to Universe One, a Unique Rural ClimateSafe Village

Please do not think about the Universe One eco-community as being similar to the other four models described elsewhere. While it embraces the values and goals of this 6-page eco-community overview, it has many additional values and goals that will not be typically found in the other eco-community models or independent variations.

Part of what makes Universe One a unique rural eco-community is that, unlike any other eco-community, it will be the new headquarters for Job One for Humanity, the Universe Institute, Universe College, Universe Spirit, and the Universe Day organizations. After years of searching and researching at Job One, we decided on the global warming-safer and academically friendly Bellingham, Washington area as the new headquarters for these organizations' compatible missions and worldviews.

When fully established, this Bellingham area location holds the promise of surviving and thriving for many decades into an uncertain future. (Depending upon the computer model projections just before we purchase the needed land, we may also choose to locate in the Marquette, Michigan, area.)

The Universe One eco-community is intentionally located in a predominantly progressive area where many safety and security factors converge. The area is still reasonably affordable to middle-class and lower-middle-class individuals, and it has a climate with colder winters and some snowfall alternating with warmer summers. It also has distinct rainy and growing seasons.  

A key Universe One eco-community goal is to strive to reflect the highest application of the ideas, values, and principles described on the six eco-community design pages. Beyond that, another unique and critical goal of Universe One is to prepare the future survivors of the chain of coming global catastrophes for a more sustainable and equitable post-catastrophe world.

Preparing for the post-catastrophe world means experimenting and innovating new solutions now for today's most prominent economic, political, and social problems, then refining, testing, and adapting those new solutions until our eco-community becomes a living example and a "beacon of light" for a more sustainable and equitable world of the future. 

"Only a crisis—actual or perceived—produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around. That, I believe, is our basic function: to develop alternatives to existing policies, to keep them alive and available until the politically impossible becomes the politically inevitable." Surprisingly, a quote from Milton Friedman, the economist.

At Universe One, we especially want to create better ideas "lying around" and, more importantly, keep them alive and available until the post-catastrophe politically impossible becomes politically inevitable.

At Universe One, we will use an evolutionary new form of Personal Democracy (PD). It will play a significant role in managing the Universe One eco-community. Derived from Personal Democracy principles, Universe One will not have traditional leaders.

Instead, it will have a group of coordinators knowledgeable in different crucial areas the eco-community needs. These knowledgeable coordinators will direct essential activities based on current science and the continual input of every member who could be affected by those decisions or actions. (Click here for a quick overview of the new Personal Democracy and its many benefits. PS is also described in soon to be released Personal Democracy White Paper.) 

The Universe One eco-community is a good fit for anyone closely agreeing with our eco-community values and goals. It is also a place for futurist thinkers, activists, artists, and educators who agree with most of our "build a better society" ideas and new worldview expressed further down this page. It is also a near-ideal place to flourish for those individuals who already see themselves as active and creative planetary citizens or universe citizens. (More about planetary and universe citizens is found in the links further down this page.)

The Universe One eco-community project will initially be coordinated and facilitated by Lawrence Wollersheim, a board member of the organizations listed above. Lawrence's wife will join him and, hopefully, his adult children and their families someday once Universe One is fully operational. 

The Job One for Humanity San Francisco office will move to the Bellingham area as soon as essential volunteer staff members complete the sale of their SF Bay area homes. Universe One will become the relocated home of other willing Job One for Humanity, Universe Institute, Universe College, Universe Spirit team members, volunteers, and website subscribers and members, some of whom have been following our social advocacy work for years. 

If you feel that you are well aligned with Universe One ideas, values, and principles and are interested in joining the Universe One eco-community, please continue reading the rest of this page and then begin the application instructions found on this page. The requirements for joining this unique eco-community will be considerably more demanding than in other eco-communities due to its additional focus on experimentation and education for the future. 

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2. Universe One Launch Phases

The major phases for developing the Universe One community in the Bellingham, Washington, area will be slightly different than we initially imagined. However, they will eventually incorporate everything in the launch steps above. 

Phase 1. We will move our offices to Bellingham, Washington, and some essential volunteers will join us. They will at least temporarily buy or rent homes in the area, start organic gardens and other emergency-related preparations, etc. In addition, we will complete startup funding for the 20-200+ acre land purchase and initial infrastructure during this period. This will be the start of the Bellingham Urban ClimateSafe Village.

Phase 2: We will begin recruiting new members already in the Bellingham area and invite them to join and help our urban ClimateSafe Village grow that has been created in Bellingham while we work on building the far larger Universe One rural resilient eco-community vision.

Phase 3: After we are established in Bellingham, wewill formally invite existing Job One for Humanity, Universe Institute, and Universe Spirit members to join us in the Bellingham area and temporarily buy or rent homes there and join our urban village model until we purchase our rural land and start infrastructure construction.           

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3. Universe One Launch Steps

Each step below is a separate sub-project with a project manager coordinator and a volunteer team. As more competent, crisis-aware individuals show up to help; the Universe One eco-community will accelerate into existence.

Step 1. Complete initial fundraising and future member financial commitments to raise finances for the rural land purchase and infrastructure costs.

For our first land-based eco-community, this would include the following:

a. complete overall architectural design for the eco-community layout, i.e., roads, community center, home locations, gardening areas, agricultural areas, open space, business, and art spaces.

b. complete the best legal structure for the new eco-community model (non-profit corporation, a social benefit corporation, land trust, etc.)

c. complete eco-community rural land acquisition, soil, environmental, and water testing, etc. 

d. Complete climate and safety design standards for individually-owned net-zero homes.

e. Complete the initial eco-community organic garden and agricultural plan.

f. Complete the first eco-community member screening criteria and begin screenings.

g. Complete the all-community new democratic voting vision.

h. Select which new or offline barter system might work best within the eco-community between members and the community and with other Universe model eco-communities.

i. Complete potential ongoing income plans for both the eco-community and community members. (Please note that some community members already have income sources to sustain themselves that are eco-community compatible and can be continued within the eco-community.)

j. Recruit first volunteer educator teachers to help create member educational materials and teach online courses.

k. Begin eco-community infrastructure construction. Our newly purchased land site will be prepared for several RV or tiny home sites to be used for the eco-community infrastructure building team's housing during construction. These Rv and tiny home sites can later be used by visiting members for retreats or new members wanting to experience the community before joining and building their own net-zero homes. (If we raise enough funding, as a community, we may pre-build all net-zero homes and long-term lease them to members or exchange their leasing fees for services rendered to the eco-community.)

l. While the macro-culture is still relatively stable, once community infrastructure has been installed, those ready members could begin building their net-zero homes on our new land.

m. Recruit other key member positions.

n. Establish initial eco-community food, water, and energy security while working on community income source security. 

o. Help launch introductory online or offline eco-community member education and training courses.

p. Continue to refine new eco-community economic/barter, social and political systems.

q. Enhance eco-community reserves, resilience, and community defensibility to protect against coming emergencies.

r. Eventually, initiate outreach to help other new eco-communities form with or use parts of our developing community model. 



Step 2. Once we have successfully established Universe One and it has reached its growth limit by buying adjacent lands (of about 150-500 people), we will ask qualified members to help establish a network of other Universe One-like eco-communities in other safer locations worldwide. (These closely affiliated new eco-communities could be known as Universe One Berlin, Universe One Koyoto, etc., to distinguish them from the founding flagship Universe One community outside Bellingham, Washington.

Step 3. To be determined.

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4. Universe One Membership Process

At this time, Universe One is connecting to potential new members primarily through the following:

a.) peer-to-peer word-of-mouth connections.
b.) individuals who are finding us and using our application process below.

If you are applying for membership in the Bellingham Washington Universe One eco-community variation, initial members should be able to fully self-fund their own net-zero homes and personal startup living expenses. However, if you have the skills urgently needed by the eco-community, we may waive all or part of the self-funding requirement in a work exchange arrangement.

In general, initial founding members will need additional funding to contribute a fair share of the startup eco-community legal costs, community-level land purchase, community center building, and other necessary shared community infrastructure. In addition, once the community is functioning, there will be a reasonable monthly membership fee for group health and additional insurance and ongoing services that we must initially purchase from outside the community. 

The Universe One eco-community is seeking new members and is accepting applications. The application process is here.

Here are the exceptions to the above self-funding requirements:

1. If you have a critical skill level needed to physically build, manage, or maintain the community, such as a skilled teacher, professional carpenter, plumber, electrician, master gardener, human resource administrator, emergency preparation expert, etc., you may be able to exchange your professional skills and time for almost everything you will need to live in the community, and you need not be fully self-funding.

2. If you are applying for membership to one of the other three eco-community models that do not require self-funding for their startup phase.

The volunteer staff and management team at Job One for Humanity and Universe Spirit currently manages the Universe One eco-community project. The Universe One eco-community model is the farthest along in its creation. It also has several seed liaisons/organizers willing to help others in vital areas.

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5. At Universe One, We Hold a New Worldview and Vision for a More Sustainable and Equitable Future 



As evolved apes and maybe something more, humanity has evolved many different worldviews. Humanity must now embrace a new, more inclusive, and transcending worldview to make all of the many systemic and structural improvements that it must make to survive the coming nightmare of all its bad collective decisions. (Please click here if you do not understand the powerful world-changing implications and the power that an invisible worldview has on the population that holds it.)

In a twist of the famous Albert Einstein quote that "The consciousness that created the problem is not the consciousness that will solve the problem." the same can be said for worldviews. This means that "the current worldview that has created our 12 major global crises will not be the worldview that can and will solve our 12 major global crises."



This quote requires the Universe One eco-community (and its think tank, the UniverseInstitute.org) also see the world from and with a new worldview to be effective in helping to solve the world's 12 major crises and survive what is coming. 

Accordingly, we are building our first Universe One eco-community to incorporate the many highly adaptive elements and principles from what is called the New Universe Evolutionary Worldview

Not every eco-community model variation or location will adopt and use the New Universe Evolutionary Worldview or the ideas in the other links below, which is their choice. However, Universe One co-founders will use and teach it because they believe this new transcending worldview has the powerful potential to:

a. better solve many of the world's biggest crises,

b. bring the world together in many unique ways,

c. set the foundation of the needed solutions in the post-mass extinction and collapse world and 

d. offer many other practical advantages for building strong eco-communities with the best possibility of surviving what is coming. 

We are at a terrifying point and opportunity in humanity's collective evolution. Either we evolve a new worldview that will help to evolve our global systems intentionally and create a great transition to a more equitable, just, and sustainable world for All, or we evolve the hard way through widespread to near-total system collapse and mass extinction. This does not even include the painful, slow rebuilding process using the immense collective trauma of the extinction and collapse to motivate and compel us to make the required changes so it never happens again.

Here are advanced links related to the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and its useful evolutionary aspects of it for our eco-community models:

Click here to read about the many advantages to eco-communities that incorporate New Universe Evolutionary Worldview ideas and principles.

What is the great news and great evolutionary hope provided by the Universe Evolutionary Worldview?

What are the practical benefits of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview?

What are the evolutionary and practical art-of-living skills taught within the Universe Evolutionary Worldview essential for a meaningful, successful, and sustainable life?

How Does Progressive Evolution create a New Worldview: The Universe Worldview?

What is the summary overview of the Universe Worldview?

Why is the Universe Worldview so Important to Our Future?

What are the practical benefits of the Universe Worldview?

What is the Evolutionary Impulse and Evolution's Prime Directive? 

In What Ways is the Universe Worldview growing into a Second Enlightenment for Humanity?

What is the Highest Evolutionary Life Purpose of the Individual and Humanity?

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6. At Universe One, We See Ourselves as Evolutioneers, Global Citizens, and Universe Citizens

Individuals who are a part of co-founding Universe One not only see themselves as Evolutioneers and global citizens, but they often also see themselves as universe citizens.

What is a Universe Citizen, and what does universe citizenship entail?

What is the Universe Declaration of Responsibilities for Universe Citizens, Evolutioneers, Planetary Citizens, and Universe Community Members? 

What is the Universe Declaration of Rights for Universe Citizens, Planetary Evolutioneers, Evolutionaries, Planetary Citizens, and Universe Community Members?  

What is the Universe Charter for Universe Citizens, Planetary Evolutioneers, Evolutionaries, Planetary Citizens, and Universe Community Members?  

What are Evolutioneers?

What are the Four Basic Attitudes/Actions of Evolutioneers

What do individuals do that call themselves Evolutioneers?

How does an Evolutioneer and Universe Citizen see the creation of a global government for the Benefit of ALL of Earth's People?

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7. The Spiritual and Related Qualities at Universe One

Universe One follows the religious and spiritual advice and warnings discussed previously on this principles of spatial beliefs and practices within the ClimatSafe villages page in a similarly titled section. In all forms of spirituality potentially present at Universe One, rationality and the facts of science will always override individual beliefs and opinions. In other words, healthy and balanced spiritual beliefs should always naturally align with the realities of science and rationality. In some ways, one could say we support the principles of Scientism as our base philosophy for acceptable spiritual beliefs and practices within the community.



Scientism, is the position that science and the scientific method are the best or only way to render truth about the world and reality and must also be the basis of any form of personal spiritual inquiry and development. Scientism and rationality, when applied to a spiritual or religious setting, help to prevent the group from being harmed by dangerous or irrational beliefs, faith revelations, and practices.

Some members of Universe One have also adopted the Evolution Spirituality philosophy, a new form of Scientism grounded in the new Universe Evolutionary WorldviewWithin the Evolution Spirituality philosophy, you will also find many secular, traditional, modern, and evolutionary spiritual values. Universe One also allows for the principles and practices of Eco-Spirituality because of its applicability to our rapidly deteriorating environment. 

No one will be excluded from the Universe One eco-community for not holding either the Evolution Spirituality philosophy or the principles of Eco-Spirituality. But, if your current religious or spiritual behaviors and actions strongly conflict with the liberal and progressive values of the Universe One eco-community model and our principles of healthy spiritual practices described here and on this page in a similarly titled section, the Universe One eco-community model will not be for you.

Furthermore, while the ClimateSafe Village models will protect an individual's right to have opinions and beliefs about anything, spiritual or otherwise and without interference, behaviors springing from those opinions or beliefs are entirely subject to community examination and limitation.

Click here for a detailed explanation of the Evolution Spirituality philosophy. (Please note that Universe Spirit is moving to an improved new website here. The old Universe Spirit website is here. Universe Spirt may also change its name in the near future to either Universe Community or something else.)

Click here for what is meant by Eco-Spirituality.


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8. The Universe Institute located at Universe One

The information below is only for Universe One advanced members, advanced evaluator training, Universe Institute training, or individuals starting independent new eco-communities that wish to align closely with Universe One. 

We will teach advanced students joining our Universe Institute think tank logic, scientific method, systems theory, and dialectical meta-systemic theory. We will also teach advanced students the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview, (which also incorporates many of the best elements from the Integral Philosophy Movement without this movement's less desirable qualities.



At Universe One, we may also sell our climate change think tank consulting services to large corporations and expand the think tank into researching new models of economics, global governance, and other solutions needed in the post-mass-extinction and post-collapse world.              Return to Section Index


9. Additional Reading on Progressive Evolution Theory

The links below contain materials for Universe One advanced members, leadership training, Universe Institute think tank training, or individuals starting independent new eco-communities that wish to align with Universe One closely. 

John Stewart is an Australian-based evolutionary scientist and member of the Evolution, Complexity, and Cognition (ECCO) Research Group of the Free University of Brussels. Much of his work on the directionality of evolution and its implications for humanity has been published in peer-reviewed papers in international science journals.

Several of his recent papers have focused on psychological development, including the future evolution of consciousness.

He is the author of the internationally acclaimed book 'Evolution's Arrow: the Direction of Evolution and the Future of Humanity.' More recently, he has finalized The Evolutionary Manifesto, which outlines an evolutionary worldview and explores its relevance to humanity. It demonstrates the potential of a new evolutionary worldview to provide meaning and purpose for human existence.

His recent work also focuses on the evolutionary imperative for humanity to organize itself into a cooperative and evolvable planetary society that is underpinned by appropriate global governance.

His latest paper on these issues is The Self-Organizing Society: A Grower’s Guide, which is freely available at http://www.evolutionarymanifesto.com/SelfOrgSoc.pdf.

More about his work is at http://www.evolutionarymanifesto.com/about.html

Click here for the most updated and current evolutionary theory for organizing billionaires (and the 1%) to save us from the climate extinction emergency and other global existential threats. (This link also discusses the pros and cons of getting billionaires to work together from an evolutionary perspective. We do not hide the many negatives that can be anticipated when you try to get billionaires working together on a worthwhile project.)

If you want to see the original evolutionary theory behind the principles of How ‘The One Percent’ of Billionaires can be Organized to Fix Climate Change, click this link.<nbsp;                       Return to Section Index


10. Universe College Online at Universe One

We will restart our Universe College (UniverseCollege.org) to do much of the preceding. It was online for almost eight years before we closed it planning to reopen it with new far more effective online educational software. Here is the link to the original Universe College information.

The new Universe College, when it reopens, will educate about many things online relevant to ClimateSafe Village life.



It will also teach the critical needed dialectical meta-systemic thinking and analysis, described in detail here. Dialectical meta-systemic thinking and analysis is currently the most advanced analysis system, far beyond systems thinking and logic alone. But, unfortunately, worldwide, only a minimal number of people have mastered it, and that needs to be remedied.

We believe the time is ripe for teaching the 28 forms of dialectical thinking. Here is just a tiny part of the reason why.

Organization's are fixated on current applied capability (performance) alone and neglect or deny the existence of the current potential and the emergent potential capabilities of human agents and since recent ‘breakthroughs’ such as chatbots are used mainly to strengthen instrumentalist thinking and de-agentify work, the teaching the new dialectical meta-systemic thinking and analysis processes could bring together what people COULD DO if given the right advanced dialectical thinking tools to address what is obviously a slow or fast system breakdown our our current economic, ecological, and political systems.

Teaching of these new thinking skills could help remedy what Zachary Stein called the “cognitive fallacy” – the assumption that everybody operates at a peak level of cognitive maturity and had nothing more to learn about thinking except to be ‘critical’ -- has become a fallacy that is about to engulf us. It is time to teach those who are at least 25-27 years olds the advanced new dialectical thinking systems that will help save the world.

When the teachers, staff, and funding are in place, we will reopen the Universe College to teach and share everything we have learned or offer at Universe One.

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11. Universe One Contributors

The Job One for Humanity and to a significantly smaller part the Universe Spirit organizations focus on educating individuals and businesses about what is avoidable and what is unavoidable in the face of many rapidly unfolding environmental and social global collapse processes. Its primary mission is to help individuals, as a society, prepare for and optimally adapt to survive the coming levels of extinction and collapse.

These nonprofit organizations will help individuals form groups and communities to evolve and create sustainable lifestyles and livelihoods in global warming-safer locations. Job One for Humanity will also continue to educate governments and support government-driven migration, infrastructure transfer, and emergency backup programs to deal with the accelerating global warming extinction emergency. 

Universe Spirit provides a broad science-based knowledge base, focusing on biological evolution, to explain what is developing in society and the physical world. This "fact-based" foundation is then used to create remedial "survive and thrive" strategies. 

(Please note that at the Universe Institute, individuals will work on better solutions to many of the world's biggest problems. Universe College operated online for about eight years and will reopen at the new Universe One site. Universe Spirit is moving to an improved new website here and may even change its name to possibly the Universe Community or Universe Scientism. The old Universe Spirit website is here. Many pages on the Universe Spirit website are decades old and a bit outdated in some areas. They are slowly being upgraded as they are transferred to the new Universe Spirit website.)

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12. Other Pages in the ClimateSafe Village Guide

Page 1: Introduction, Overview, and Goals

Page 2: Climate Safe Village Qualities, Processes, Income Sources, and Safeguards

Page 3: The Four ClimateSafe Village Models and Their Operations

Page 4: Our New Personal Democracy ClimateSafer Village Management Model

Page 5: About Universe One, a Unique Rural ClimateSafe Village

Page 6: Our The Universe One ClimateSafe Village Application Process

Appendix Materials

The ClimateSafe Village Social Contract Page

Online Rules for Our Virtual ClimateSafe Village

Procedures and Policies for Exiting Our ClimateSafe Villages or Applying for Membership 

Personal Democracy White Paper

Click here for our ClimateSafe Village topic index guide.

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