About Universe One and ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham

Last updated 4.16.23 


Welcome to the unique Universe One Bellingham CSV master model for everything you ever would want to know about this unique ClimateSafe Village (CSV), a climate-resilient eco-communities for the future. Of course, the ongoing discussion forums at CSV will continue to add to the factors found on this Universe One page and in the 6-page CSV master vision model found on the Job One website. 

The article below contains advanced CSV member information on the unique Universe One ClimateSafe Village in Bellingham, Washington, USA. If you are new to CSV, please click here to go to our newfar less complex ClimateSafe Village website to start exploring the many positive possibilities at a beginner's level.

If you have not yet read this summary of the ten current climate change condition facts, please do so before reading this page. You will then better understand why you should consider joining our Universe One Bellingham CSV community.


This is page 4 of our ClimateSave Villages (CSV) master vision online guide. This page is designed for those who are seriously interested in or want to learn more about:

a. Joining the Universe One Bellingham, Washington urban community and potentially the eventual ClimateSafe Villages headquarters (if the new management team of the independent CSV non-profit organization also decides to continue to make the Bellingham area their headquarters location for the future.)

b. The Universe One Bellingham rural community will eventually also become the new headquarters for the Job One for Humanity climate change think tank, the Universe Institute, the new version of the online Universe College, and, at a later date, the Universe Spirit organization and the Universe Day organization. 

c. How to create a local ClimateSafe Villages version of their own. (There will be significant foundational and advanced-level information here not found on other Job One CSV master vision pages.)


This page mostly concerns Universe One, a unique urban and rural ClimateSafe Village in Bellingham, Washington, USA. Both the Bellingham urban CSV and the Universe One Bellingham rural version of CSV, will be created in close ongoing collaboration and cooperation with the independent CSV headquarters nonprofit organization and the CSV network.

In many ways, the Universe One urban/rural community model embodies the best of the ClimateSafe Village model and vision, and it is also far more than only a ClimateSafe Village, as you will discover below.

Please feel free to skip directly to any linked section title below that most interests you. You can return to the other section titles later.

The section headings on this page are:

1. Important introduction to the unique Universe One  Bellingham CSV.

2. Launch Phases

3. Launch Steps

4. Membership Process

5. At Universe One Bellingham Rural, We Hold a New Worldview.

6. At Universe One Bellingham, We See Ourselves as Universe Citizens, Global Citizens, and Evolutioneers.

7. The Personal Spiritual Qualities and Values at Universe One Bellingham

8. The Universe Institute located at Universe One Bellingham

9. Additional Reading on the Principles of Progressive Evolution held at Universe One.

10. Universe College Online at Universe One Bellingham

11. Universe One and ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham Community Contributors

12. Other Pages in ClimateSafe Villages Community MasterModel Materials

13. Updates to our vision and recent news


1. Introduction to Universe One ClimateSafe Village Bellingham

Please do not think about the Universe One ClimateSafe Village in Bellingham as the same as the other CSV models described elsewhere. While it embraces the climate change resilience-building and many different values and goals found on our 6-page ClimateSafe Villages Master Model Overview, it also has many activities, values, and goals and a unique culture that will not typically be found in the other ClimateSafe Villages models or independent eco-community variations.

Part of what makes Universe One Bellingham unique as an urban/rural community is that, unlike any other ClimateSafe Villages community, it will also be the new headquarters for the Job One for Humanity climate change think tank, the Universe Institute, Universe College, and, at a later date, the Universe Spirit organization and the Universe Day organization. 

After years of searching and researching at Job One, we decided that the global warming-safe and academically friendly Bellingham, Washington, was the very best US area for these organizations' new headquarters. When this Universe One urban/rural village is fully established, the Bellingham area location holds the promise of surviving and thriving for many decades into an uncertain climate future.

As you read the following, we hope that you will come to see the Universe One community as a new way of life and a philosophy for better living based on rationality, science, and living in balance with nature. If this is how you want to live your life to help minimize the greater social, economic, and political dysfunctionality you see around you, we welcome your help. 

Quick Overview of What the Universe One Bellingham CSV Is and Does

The Bellingham headquarters will strive to embody the highest possible level of the complete CSV vision. It will strive to be the most: 

1. survivable, 

2. sustainable and eco-friendly, and

3. healthy (physically, emotionally, and spiritually if you are also of a spiritual nature.)

To understand what we mean by the three qualities described above, please be sure to click this link and read the whole page.

Like other CSVs, the Universe One Bellingham CSV will strive to be a necessary sanctuary and refuge from the world's escalating dangers and troubles during its rapid transition toward widespread ecological, economic, political, and social collapse. It will become a sanctuary and refuge to preserve the necessary peace and stability for a healthy body, mind, and spirit. It also will strive to preserve the best of our art, science, and civilization, not unlike the monasteries of the Dark Ages to seed the next Renaissance and Enlightenment eras. 

While doing all this, it will also be the place for creating, testing, refining, and proving new and better economic, social, political, and even religious models for the post-collapse world that will finally forward true justice, sustainability, and equality for ALL of humanity.  

Universe One Bellingham will actively work toward the many justice, equality, and sustainability benefits that will occur as we create the post-collapse Great Rebirth described on this page. If you are serious about joining Universe One Bellingham, be sure to read about the Great Rebirth described on this page to understand where we see our future going.

Universe One Bellingham will also be unique because if all goes as planned, it will have team members from the Job One for Humanity climate change think tank, the Universe Institute, Universe College, and at a later date, the Universe Spirit organization and the Universe Day organization living on site and contributing to the Great Great Rebirth culture and growth of CSVs in addition to their own mission work.

If you do not feel significantly aligned with the missions of the above-linked organizations, the Universe One Bellingham CSV is not the right fit for you. However, other CSV locations could work well as they would not have the activities of all of these organizations going on within the community.

Universe One Bellingham will eventually establish a highly developed sanctuary and refuge function for its members, along with the many other functions that CSVs perform. Universe One will also be where evolving new master model improvements for all CSV models (urban, rural, hybrid, and virtual) will be continually developed, tested, and refined.

Why Bellingham, Washington?

The Universe One Bellingham community is intentionally located in a predominantly progressive area where many climate safety and security factors converge. The area is also still reasonably affordable to middle-class and lower-middle-class individuals. It has a climate with colder winters and some snowfall alternating with warmer summers. It also has distinct rainy and growing seasons.  

It is off the significant earthquake faults common to Vancouver Island, the San Juan Islands, and the Seattle and Portland areas. While it is not perfect, its negative climate consequences, such as heat domes, rain bombs, and fires, can be managed by climate-resilient building design, drainage design, and fire mitigation design that will be constructed from the ground up in this rural village. 

Additionally, we intend to purchase land within 2 to 3 miles of the Pacific Ocean and at a level at least 25 feet above sea level or any flood plain. This land selection will allow village temperatures to be 10 to 15° warmer in the winter and 10 to 15° cooler in the summer and not be flooded by sea level rise or intense storms coming off the ocean.

Our Bellingham rural location will also be far enough away from the major highways that will transport climate migrants the significantly smaller number of climate migrants that will travel that far north especially in winters. 

Finally, because Bellingham is such a progressive area with a university branch, it will be considerably easier to build a CSV urban/rural community. Most progressives already know that the climate change emergency is accurate, and they need to start preparing and adapting to survive and thrive through it. Some of the best locations to create a CSV are progressive areas of the country, with a university or college located in a nearby town near the 45th parallel north or south.

There is a slight possibility that if we cannot secure an adequate amount of land for a large community within a 25-30-minute drive from Downtown Bellingham, we may move to our second choice location, Marquette, Michigan. It is similar to Bellingham, Washington, in many ways, for example, the university, a progressive environment, etc., but it is much colder and has much more snow.

mIt is even possible that Marquette, Michigan, would be selected as our emergency secondary backup and bug-out location if a crisis occurred in the Bellingham area that made our survival unsustainable. Survival of the most cooperative vs survival of the fittest.

It is survival of the most cooperative and reciprocating vs survival of the fittest

One of the things that's least understood about the CSV vision, notably the Bellingham headquarters, is that the more accurate evolutionary concept for long-term survival is "survival of the most cooperative and the most reciprocating."

Survival of the fittest is an old evolutionary perspective. While valid at a smaller scale, it has only limited applicability when facing widespread global climate change catastrophe and the global collapse the CSV communities will face.

Recently, at Job One For Humanity, we had to do our annual update and forecast for future climate change conditions. We once again had to face the climate change emergency not being honestly addressed or fixed by our governments. We also had to face that once humanity had crossed the carbon 425 ppm threshold (which occurred on February 3, 2024), climate consequences would worsen dramatically and continue worsening. 

This update forced us to re-examine certain assumptions that the projected Bellingham community (about 150 people to 500 people) would have enough community members to provide adequate security for at least 20 to 30 years. Based on Job One for Humanity's newest climate conditions and forecasts worsening faster than they had predicted, we no longer believe that 150-500 people is a large enough community to survive even the next 30 years, much less than 50 or more.

We now firmly believe that we must eventually create a greater Bellingham climate-resilient community of thousands of people to establish a more adequate, secure, and safe zone during the worst phases of the climate change emergency occurring 20-40 years from now. The Bellingham CSV must make it through the coming primary and secondary climate change consequences described here.

Making sure Bellingham expands into many local communities will be part of my (Lawrence Wollersheim's) long-term, top recruiting goals when I return to Bellingham with my wife. We will first establish the local rural CSV and then reach out to the many residents in the Bellingham area to join us. From there, we will continue reaching out to other surrounding communities, helping them become climate resilient.

The urban/rural Bellingham community will and must be well integrated with the Bellingham urban and the greater Bellingham local communities. Over time, it will become heavily involved in helping the local Bellingham communities build all the necessary levels of climate resilience, including managing climate refugees and building surpluses. (Click here to see what building local community climate change resilience-building process looks like.)

The Bellingham leadership from the multiple organizations that will be headquartered there will focus on and provide a persistent driving force for continually expanding reciprocal cooperation and collaboration to greater and greater numbers of communities in the Bellingham area and never stop that process. Eventually, we must aim to encompass cooperation and collaboration on climate resiliency issues within the whole state of Washington.

The reason why Bellingham and other CSV communities must adopt this "survival of the most cooperative" procedure is that unless they create larger and larger circles of cooperation and reciprocality, no matter how well their smaller local community is prepared, it will not likely survive long-term (30 to 50+ years or more.) 

This detailed description of what's coming is so powerful and intense that only having a large number of cooperating and collaborating individuals and communities who are highly climate resilient will give that area the highest probability of long-term survival. Single small communities will simply be unable to survive the continual onslaught of the many consequences described on this page.

When we first looked at the Bellingham location, we estimated that it could survive 20 or 30 years as a single, isolated, and well-prepared community. Afterward, we realized that only by taking our climate-resilient skill set out to cooperate and collaborate with more and more outside local communities could we build something that would last 30- 50 years and beyond.

With the cooperation, defensibility, and reciprocation that is possible with many communities or even a whole state-linked together to solve the challenges we will be facing, the probability and likelihood of the CSV community's long-term survival are increased exponentially beyond any isolated CSV community.

Suppose you're joining or creating a CSV community and want your group to survive 50 years or longer. In that case, you must ensure that you have a group of persistent, dedicated people inside that community dedicated to expanding cooperation, collaboration, and reciprocality with outside nearby communities to build mutual climate resilience and prepare for what's coming. Otherwise, no matter how isolated you are, sooner or later, your small community will be overrun or robbed, and you too will become a migrant yourself, whether it's to your second bug-out location or something else.

With the leadership of the various organizations to be headquartered there, the Universe One Bellingham CSV will have that survival-critical, complete dedication, understanding, and commitment to expanding climate resilience cooperation with more and more surrounding communities until, ideally, the whole state of Washington becomes the US's first climate resilient state. That is the type of perspective and action plan it will take to survive the unprecedented intensity of the many accelerating problems we now face.

One last thing: when we talk about cooperation and collaboration, we are talking about wise cooperation, which includes, at some point, reciprocality in some form. If you cooperate unwisely, you will be drained of all your resources, and you will not survive well.

If you doubt the survival of the most cooperative concept, we recommend that you read our emergency preparations and emergency adaptations fully, which begin on this page for emergency preparations and on this page for emergency adaptations.

Universe One Bellingham has the potential to be one of the longest-surviving CSVs. One of its most important goals is to help turn the city of Bellingham and its surrounding area into one of the world's most climate-resilient and climate-change-prepared areas. With this large, northerly region well-prepared for any eventuality as climate change consequences and other global crises unfold, it should become one of the safest places in the world to ride out the Great Collapse and Great Rebirth.

Long-term survival is impossible without extensive collaboration and climate resilience-building support to the largest possible areas surrounding CSVs.

Bellingham location future security and emergency bug-out location concerns

Like every other wisely planned CSV, the Bellingham rural CSV will also provide a carefully planned number of secure emergency storage facilities and possibly even additional vacant housing facilities for members of the Bellingham urban community who have chosen to create bug-out emergency backups within the rural Bellingham community.

If all goes really bad and far beyond the local Bellingham government's or Washington's state capacity to manage the masses of desperate and starving climate migrants that make it that far north, the Bellingham, Washington rural CSV (like every other wise CSV) will also create multiple backup locations fully stocked for member escape if and when needed. In general, CSVs follow the emergency backup principle that one backup is none, two backups are one, and three backups are actually two emergency backups if you want to be safe.

These locations will most likely be in other isolated and massive acreage CSVs with which Bellingham Rural has built a long-term relationship and has pre-stocked everything needed or required.

No individual isolated CSV could take in ALL the members of another CSV. Therefore, any additional bug-out backup rural location for an existing rural CSV must be carefully planned with multiple very isolated rural CSVs. This will ensure the more isolated CSV will remain sustainable in an emergency if a group of members from another CSV relocates there. This advance planning and stocking must ensure the relocating CSV members do not create internal population overshoot-related problems for the more isolated backup CSVs.

More Bellingham Community Security Issues
To help you understand the extensive preparation and adaptation challenges for the Bellingham community at a profound tactical and psychological level, we strongly recommend everyone wanting to be part of Bellingham, or any other CSV for that matter, get and read a book called Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values Leadership and Change by Don Edward Beck and Christopher See Cowan published by Blackwell publishing. This book will become part of the required reading for advanced-level membership in the Bellingham community. 
This must-read book is an accessible summary of 50 years of research by a Syracuse University professor, Claire Graves. This professor spent 50 years of his life focused on answering one question. Why do people change?
His powerful layered answer is simplified in Spiral Dynamics
Understanding his answer is essential because it will help every CSV member realize what will happen as things worsen and how we as a community will have to be willing to adapt and evolve to the changing Bellingham situation while still maintaining our humanity. 
If you are worried about how we defend the Bellingham community, this book will help you understand what we must deal with level by level as things worsen. And, even if you're not concerned about climate change or future security issues, this is a must-read book for everyone trying to live the best life they can right now.
(Please note that if we do not find adequate land in the Bellingham area that meets all our requirements, we have several other climate-safer locations as backups for the headquarters for Job One for Humanity and all of the Universe organizations.)

Universe One and CSVs are not trying to create a utopia, but we are doing something urgently needed.

While we do not see ourselves working to create a rigid utopia-like structure, nor do we use utopia language, many of us do see ourselves as experimenting visionaries, aka Evolutioneers.

In addition to our goals of building climate resilience through preparation and adaptation and ending the climate emergency through promoting immediate government climate action, CSVs have other potential goals besides promoting their members' long-term safety, security, and overall well-being.  

Some CSVs, like the new CSV Bellingham headquarters, will, by member choice, also be working on discovering and testing new possibilities for better models for our social, economic, political, and religious systems and interactions. They will be engaged in designing, testing, and proving new evolutionary iterations for those systems. 

They will do this so that after the widespread global collapse driven by the primary and secondary consequences of climate change, there will be better solutions and proven examples available for future generations. We believe that because of the horrendous shared post-global collapse trauma, new generations will be more open to new solutions for sustainably living together.

The preceding means that individuals participating in CSVs are far more than survivalists or progressive preppers with a detailed knowledge of climate change consequence timeframes. They also can be, by choice, future activists and Evolutioneers working to create a more sustainable, just, and equitable future for ALL of humanity despite the worsening global crises we all now face.

The Universe One Bellingham CSV is an evolving climate change-resilient, ecological, social, economic, and democratic new model created to be shared.

A key Universe One Bellingham community goal is to strive to reflect the highest application of the ideas, values, and principles described on the other CSV community design pages. In addition to that goal, Universe One Bellingham is also to become a model for preparing the future survivors of the chain of climate change and 11 other related global crises and catastrophes. This new model is being designed to create a more sustainable, just, and equitable post-catastrophe world for ALL of surviving humanity. 

Preparing for the post-catastrophe world means experimenting and innovating new solutions now for today's most prominent ecological, social, economic, and political problems, then refining, testing, and adapting those new solutions until our ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham community becomes the model and living successful example, and a "beacon of light" for the future we must create. 

"Only a crisis—actual or perceived—produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around. That, I believe, is our basic function: to develop alternatives to existing policies, to keep them alive and available until the politically impossible becomes the politically inevitable." Surprisingly, a quote from Milton Friedman, the economist.

At Universe One Bellingham, we will create better ideas and proven new success models and, more importantly, keep them alive, available, and "lying around" until the post-catastrophe politically impossible becomes politically inevitable.

We will also use an evolutionary new form of Personal Democracy (PD). It will play a significant role in managing the ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham community. Based on PD principles, ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham will not have traditional leaders. 

Instead, it will have a group of coordinators knowledgeable in different crucial areas the eco-community needs. These knowledgeable coordinators will direct essential activities based on current science and the continual input of every member who could be affected by those decisions or actions. (Click here for a quick overview of the new Personal Democracy and its many benefits. Also, see the expanded Personal Democracy White Pape here.) 

Universe One is committed to living and creating Sustainable Prosperity within and eventually outside of the CSV community

Sustainable Prosperity is a series of principles that everyone in the Universe One Bellingham community must agree to live by. These principles also make any CSV community considerably more sustainable and survivable.

Of course, it will take time to implement all of these vital sustainability principles in this new community. Click here to read the principles of Sustainable Prosperity.

Here are some of the qualities and types of individuals we are seeking to join us at the urban/rural Universe One Bellingham 

The Universe One Bellingham community members must be a good fit for our many community values and goals. CSV Bellingham is also a place for futurist thinkers, activists, artists, and educators who agree with most of our "we need to build and live the master models for a better future society now" ideas and new science-grounded evolutionary worldview expressed further down this page.

Universe One Bellingham is a near-ideal place to flourish for those who already see themselves as active and creative global citizens or universe citizens. (More about global and universe citizenship is found in the links further down this page.)

If you choose to be a part of Universe One Bellingham, you will also be a co-creative part of the ongoing evolutionary search for the ecological, social, economic, political, and even spiritual optimal models needed for the post-collapse future.

Initially Bellingham members must be generally healthy and emotionally and psychologically strong and stable. They will face many challenges in creating and maintaining this community as the outside environment worsens because of the climate emergency and our 11 other major global crises.

We seek a senior project manager/leader and a deputy project manager/leader as the most critical additional individuals for the Universe One rural community project. The current Universe One project manager is elderly and will need to be replaced sometime during 2024.

The other critical Universe One rural members we are looking for are in the areas of fund-raising, finance, online and offline education, sustainable and energy-efficient general contracting, construction, plumbing, electrical, administrative management, recruiting, and human resources, medical services, wellness services, therapeutic psychological services, internet security, software design, interpersonal conflict resolution, and peace facilitation, think tank analysts, and public relations.

In collaboration with CSV, we will get most of our information on the following subjects from CSV's current work on eco-friendly architecture, community design, permaculture, aquaponics, vertical hydroponics, organic gardening, and animal husbandry.

If you want to be one of the above Universe One individuals, please fill in the following survey by clicking here. Next, please email [email protected] and let us know:

a. you want to join either the Bellingham urban or rural community,

b. you want access to the private CSV group and Bellingham urban/rural discussion forums, and

c. let us know about about your skills and experience. (More about the Bellingham formal application process is found further down this page.)

d. If you are already living in the Bellingham area and interested in getting involved in the Bellingham Urban CSV model before we begin the rural model, please also email Lawrence directly at [email protected] with your skills and experience.

Who will be the temporary lead coordinator helping to launch Universe One Bellingham rural community?

The ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham community project will initially be coordinated and facilitated by Lawrence Wollersheim, a board member of the organizations listed above. Lawrence's move to the Bellingham area will take place soon after Lawrence sells his home in Northern California. Lawrence's wife will join him and, hopefully, his adult children and their families someday once ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham is fully operational. 

The Job One for Humanity San Francisco office will move to the Bellingham area when Lawrence Wollersheim moves to Bellingham or as soon as essential volunteer staff members complete the sale of their SF Bay area homes. ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham will also likely become the relocated home of other willing ClimateSafe Villages members, Job One for Humanity members, Universe Institute, Universe College, and Universe Spirit members, volunteers, and website subscribers, some of whom have been following our climate education and social advocacy work for decades.

The Universe One Bellingham will continue exploring, refining, and testing the master model and template that will be shared with all other ClimateSafe Villages and other individuals starting independent communities.

Our primary focus is building the Universe One Bellingham ClimateSafe Village while we also help support others in creating ClimateSafe Villages in other locations. The Bellingham, Washington, USA, location is also designed to do many things besides being the master model for other ClimatesSafe Villages locations like CSV Upper Peninsula Michigan, CSV British Columbia, Canada, CSV Inverness Scotland, ClimatesSafe Villages Berlin, etc.

In an open-access manner, we will continue sharing the Bellingham community's climate-resilient architectural layout, net-zero home and building designs, legal structure, land leasing contracts, and member contracts, as well as all other design information we have gathered over the years to create a thriving long-term climate-resilient community. Other ClimateSafe Village locations may choose to use as much of the Bellingham master model or as little as they like.

Accordingly, Universe One Bellingham will continuously gather additional information to create and demonstrate the best master model that can be rapidly duplicated worldwide. Having almost every piece of the master model together, done, and easily transferable to other locations will significantly expedite other locations' building and growth process and prevent costly and time-consuming delays or mistakes.

At some point, while reading about the Universe One Bellingham CSV, we believe you will come to realize that Bellingham has also been designed to do what our politicians, governments, and other environmental leaders are either denying or not doing regarding the climate change emergency and its escalating consequence interactions with our 11 other global crises. 

Our politicians, governments, and nearly all environmental leaders are doing essentially nothing to directly prepare and adapt humanity and the world to the cataclysmic climate change and other consequences we can no longer avoid. 

Because of this gross and negligent inaction by our politicians, governments, and environmental leaders, ClimateSafe Villages, particularly the new Bellingham village, are bypassing the inactive (or incompetent) and addressing the many dangers and solutions ourselves. 

This critical bypassing inaction or incompetence action is no different than many other nonprofit organizations often do when their local politicians, governments, and related organizations fail to act or are incompetent in the face of real danger.

If you feel that you are well-aligned with ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham's ideas, values, and principles and are interested in joining the ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham community, please continue reading the rest of this page and then begin the application instructions found on this page. The requirements for joining this unique CSV community will be considerably more demanding than other CSV communities due to its additional focus on CSV model building, experimentation, model testing, and education to create a better future. 

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2. Universe One Bellingham Launch Phases

No one can completely predict how something is going to grow. That being said, here is our best understanding of how the Universe One Bellingham community will steadily grow and why it will be necessary to eventually and over time bring many thousands of people into the Bellingham urban/rural climate-resilient community by both local recruiting and actively promoting migrating to that area.
We see Bellingham growing on two tracks simultaneously:

Track One involves people simply moving to the Bellingham area and working with Bellingham locals to create an urban/rural climate change-resilient community. In this vision, people are also independently moving to Bellingham, buying or renting homes in the city, or buying non-adjacent or noncontiguous acreage outside the city. 
Those individuals buying non-adjacent or noncontiguous acreage outside of the city would help support the urban CSV residents by setting up community gardens and providing secure storage for emergency supplies. In this first track, you have lots of near or adjacent homes and properties connecting and working together for CSV community cooperation and success. This is a very organic way to grow, and it will probably initially grow far faster than track two.
If Track Two below is not well underway by the time my wife and I (Lawrence Wollersheim and Karen Cruz have sold our home sometime in early 2024,) we will be part of Track One and buy several acres of land for personal and urban/rural CSV community use. (Please note that in Track One, we do not see thousands of people living together in one community and on a very large contiguous piece of land, although, at some point in Track Two, as many as 500 might live together on about 200-plus acres.)

Track two is a well-organized Bellingham rural community purchase of a large tract of land, 100 to several hundred acres, where many community members (ideally about 150-500 max) will live in climate-resilient, self or community-purchased homes. There will be dormitories for singles and housing for individuals on work/share programs who do not have enough financing to build their own homes.

Community gardens and emergency storage facilities will be provided for the on-site community and the local urban CSV. As this will be a true multigenerational community, assisted living and hospice care for older adults will also be available.

Track Two will probably take at least 3 to 7 years to complete one the land is purchased. Track Two will also take far more team members, organization, and funding than Track one, but it also has considerably more social and other resilience advantages:

a. The Universe One vision described on this page is most likely to become a reality in the Track Two vision of the larger CSV Rural community of about 150 to 500 individuals and families.

b. In the Track Two vision, the many physical, social, and cultural characteristics and qualities of a model CSV also have the highest probability of being realized.

c. In the Track Two vision, the rural Universe One community will be able to achieve many of the goals of creating the new sustainable "survive and thrive" prosperity as described here.

Once the Track Two Universe One rural community is finally established in the Bellingham area, it will connect with other Bellingham-area Track Two rural communities to create ever-larger circles of cooperation and safety.

Here are our launch steps as of 3.10.24

Here are the four major phases for developing the Universe One Bellingham urban/rural community in the Bellingham, Washington, area. (The four phases described below will eventually be incorporated in the detailed launch steps in the next section below.)

Step 1: Get the urban model of CSV going in the Bellingham area with people already living in the area. CSV and Lawrence Wollersheim have already begun working with individuals already living in the Bellingham area to help start the Urban version of ClimateSafe Villages before the Track Two rural version. When the time comes, Urban Bellingham CSV members can also help physically build the needed infrastructure for the new rural version.

If you are in the Bellingham area already and interested in getting involved in the Bellingham urban CSV model before we begin the rural model, please fill out this survey and email Leonora at [email protected] and let her know. She will get you into the online Bellingham advisory group. 

The Bellingham Urban ClimateSafe Village will be an essential resource, creating cooperation and collaboration in the area promoting CSV's climate change resilience-building mission.

Step 2: Lawrence Wollersheim moves the current Job One headquarters from San Francisco to Bellingham, Washington. Some Job One and volunteers or members will probably join us either at the same time or shortly afterward. Together, with CSV we will get the new CSV urban village expanding. Until we have made the Track Two rural land purchase and have started infrastructure construction, everyone joining us will temporarily buy or rent homes in the Bellingham area, start local organic gardens and other emergency-related preparations, etc. 

The earliest Lawrence Wollersheim estimates his home in Northern California will be sold, and he can move up to the Bellingham area to build the urban CSV and search for and help purchase the needed rural Track Two land is June or July 2024 (if his home sells quickly.)  

Step 3: After the CSV urban community is well established the next activity will be to finalize a rural land purchase of the proper size 100-200+acres, soil quality, and other required factors on the land purchase checklist in the Job One members area here. Next we will complete rural CSV infrastructure, buildings, and critical equipment funding. We will use the best possible designs to complete our climate-resilient infrastructure construction for the required community spaces, homes, dorms, gardens, four-season greenhouses, business, art, and online educational production and classroom areas.

Step 4: After the urban/rural Universe One Bellingham CSV community and cooperative is nearly fully operational, we will invite others to join us in the Bellingham area. Our first invitations will go to Job One, CSV, Universe Institute, Universe College, and Universe Spirit members to join us in the Bellingham rural or urban communities. They can temporarily buy or rent homes in the Bellingham area or join the rural CSV version when the home is ready for occupancy. 

Special Software Team Building and Project Management Tool Now Available Online for the Universe One Bellingham CSV Launch

We are now using an amazing project and team collaboration online software tool called Basecamp to launch the Universe One Bellingham Urban/rural CSV. If you want to be involved in this Bellingham urban/rural online collaboration and launch, email Leonora at ([email protected]) and tell her you want to join the Bellingham Urban/rural CSV project team and advisory group.

There are now hundreds of people in the CSV master discussion forum in Basecamp and large groups of people in the various CSV advisory groups making it all happen.


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3. Universe One Bellingham Rural Version Launch Steps

One sould think of the Universe One Bellingham rural CSV as a new type of optimized sustainable sanctuary designed to ride out the worst of the climate and other 11 global crisis collapse processes while preparing for the needs of the post-collapse world.

Each step below will likely become a separate sub-project with a project manager coordinator and a volunteer team. They will use our new project management and team-building software, Basecamp. As more competent, climate crisis-aware individuals show up to help; the full rural ClimateSafe Village Bellingham community will accelerate into existence.

Step 1. 

Continue initial funding through donations, grant funding, government loan guarantee acquisition, large-scale "angel" fundraising, and CSV member land lease and personal building financial commitments or deposits to raise adequate Bellingham rural launch finances for:

a. the salary for the full-time community coordinator/manager who will oversee all CSV Bellingham and international CSV growth activities. (This is a large-scale and time-consuming project. We can no longer rely exclusively on volunteers.)

b. the Bellingham headquarters rural land purchase of 100 to 200 acres or more, depending on costs.

c. infrastructure costs, including the overall climate change-resilient architectural design for the community and all buildings. This infrastructure also includes roads, a net-zero community center, a community event kitchen, staff family homes, dorms for singles, independently owned homes of members on leased community land, gardening areas, greenhouses, agricultural and animal areas, open areas, educational, business, and art buildings, and integrated water, septic, green power systems (solar/wind/hydro) and community integrated high-speed internet.

d. costs for all net-zero climate change-resilient community buildings, dorms, sheds, greenhouses, etc.

Here is the new cost estimator we are continuing to develop for the Bellingham Rural CSV. This cost estimator can be easily adapted to other CSVs.

Step 2.

There is much to be done until the needed phased funding is in place. Individuals in various advisory groups must complete the many planning and research tasks listed below using the following principles of successful project execution.

1. Determine your in-house resources and determine obtainable out-of-house resources such as net-zero open-source architectural designs, volunteer knowledge contributions, etc.
2. Select the first most crucial sequential project that matches those resources.
3. Choose the project managers.
4. Draft a preliminary proposal and goals for a specific area, such as land acquisition quality, needed infrastructure, etc. (Proposal here means a substantial project PLAN - i.e., VILLAGE PLAN.)
5. Find a preliminary sponsor if funding is already not in place.
6. Begin critical development efforts.
7. Specify performance, time, and cost to achieve the goal.
8. Obtain additional funding commitments to complete.
9. Organize for the implementation long haul.

While the above-phased fundraising is being completed and the CSV Urban Bellingham Villages is being launched, special CSV online advisory committees would work on the following with our new project management software:

a. Complete the best legal structure for the new community's land preservation (possibly a non-profit corporation, a social benefit corporation, a conservation land trust, etc.). Having a legal structure that wisely maintains the community's contagious land purchase integrity from all contingencies is critical and foundational. (Most past communities fail when their land is broken up or lost from various causes, like members failing to pay taxes on their individually owned and leased homes, inter-community disputes, lawsuits, etc.) 

b. Complete all legal contracts for member involvement, including equitable contracts for leasing homes or business spaces on community land. This contracts area will also include any other contracts or community exit procedures so that all required community agreements are clear and fair to all parties. Community-related contracts will have an equitable but mandatory binding arbitration clause to prevent costly, time-consuming, or frivolous litigation that could harm the community. 

c. Completing community rural land acquisition evaluation using our existing comprehensive soil, environmental, and water testing and quality standards checklists.

d. Complete all local zoning and building checks and approvals needed for a small educational climate change-resilient farm (an agrihood), a school, a community center for the school and staff, classrooms, dorms, private net-zero private homes, or tiny homes, greenhouses and related service and storage buildings, etc. This process will also include local zoning approval for temporary or permanent RV pads for construction workers, having educational retreats in the community using available housing and classroom and other spaces, septic systems, off-grid power systems, community roads, and drainage systems, and many other zoning and related checks as described in our six-page land purchase, home buying, and migration checklist found in the Members-only section of our website. We must also check to see if local zoning regulations will allow us to eventually build a sanctuary-like structure that would serve the community for interfaith services and individual or group meditations, reflections, etc. (To see this checklist, log into our website and join.)

e. Complete researching community-wide climate-resilience and safety design standards for individually-owned net-zero homes that would be on community land and leased to the owners who paid for their construction on something like a 99-year lease. This lease would specify that the owners or their heirs would be required to comply with common community regulations and standards and keep all related local tax assessments paid. These 99-year lease agreements would have equitable buy-back agreements for the community and homeowner/lessors if the owner/lessor had to leave the community for some reason.

f. Complete the initial community four-season food production organic garden, greenhouse, aquaponics, vertical hydroponics, and agricultural plan.

g. Complete the Bellingham community member screening criteria (found here) and begin new member screenings.

h. Complete the all-community new Personal Democracy vision.

i. Complete potential ongoing income sources and plans for both the community and community members. (Please note that some community members already have income sources to sustain themselves that are eco-community compatible and can be continued within the eco-community.)

j. Recruit first volunteer educator teachers to help design and begin creating member educational materials and teach online courses.

K. Complete all funding requirements for the next phase.

l. Begin eco-community infrastructure construction. Our newly purchased land site will be prepared for several RV or tiny home sites to be used for the community infrastructure building team's housing during construction. These RV and tiny home sites can later be used by visiting members for retreats or new members wanting to experience the community before joining and building their own net-zero homes. (As we raise enough funding, as a community, we may pre-build all net-zero homes and long-term lease them to members or exchange their leasing fees for services rendered to the eco-community.)

m. Select which new or offline barter system might work best within the eco-community between members and the community and with other Universe model eco-communities.

n. While the macro-culture is still relatively stable, once the community infrastructure (community kitchen, meeting rooms, etc.) has been installed, those ready members could begin building their net-zero homes on our new land.

o. Recruit other key member positions needed at the rural village.

p. Help launch introductory online or offline community member education and training courses in the new fully online Universe College software.

Once the Bellingham rural community has become fully operational, raise additional funds to:

a. Establish community food, water, and energy reserves and backup parts and systems. 

b. Enhance community community defensibility to protect against coming emergencies.

c. Initiate outreach to help other new CSV communities form using our community model, tools, forms, contracts, architectural plans, etc. 

d. Initiate outreach to help the greater Bellingham community build stronger climate change resilience as described in part on this page.

e. Initiate outreach to more isolated CSV communities to create an emergency backup and bug-out capacity for those members who have negotiated and established a special mutually beneficial prior relationship with those more isolated CSVs for shelter in a temporary or extended emergency that is facing their current CSV.

f. As needed, recruit and expand CSV, Universe Institute, Universe Spirit, and Universe Day team members. (Universe Institute, Universe Spirit, and Universe Day are described further down this page.)  



Step 3. 

Once we have successfully established ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham and it has reached its growth limit by buying adjacent lands (of about 150-500 people), we will ask qualified members to help establish a network of other ClimateSafe Villages-like eco-communities in other safer locations worldwide. (These closely affiliated new eco-communities could be known as ClimateSafe Villages Berlin, ClimateSafe Villages Tokyo, etc., to distinguish them from the founding flagship ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham community.

Step 4. To be determined.


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4. Universe One Bellingham Membership Process

At this time, Universe One Bellingham is connecting to potential new members primarily through the following:

a.) peer-to-peer word-of-mouth connections.
b.) individuals who are finding us and using our application process below.

In addition to all of the values found on this ClimateSafe Villages social and cultural characteristics master model page, members of the Universe One community should also hold the following Spiral Dynamics Green values:

  • Explore the inner beings of self and others
  • Promote a sense of community and unity
  • Share society's resources among all
  • Liberate humans from greed and dogma
  • Reach decisions through consensus
  • Refresh spirituality and bring harmony

If they also hold the Spiral Dynamics Yellow values even better:

  • Accept the inevitability of nature's flows and forms
  • Focus on functionality, competence, flexibility, and spontaneity
  • Find natural mix of conflicting "truths" and "uncertainties"
  • Discovering personal freedom without harm to others or excesses of self-interest
  • Experience fullness of living on an Earth of such diversity in multiple dimensions
  • Demand integrative and open systems

If they wish to work at and contribute to the missions at the Universe Institute, Universe College, Universe Spirit, or the Universe Day organizations, they should also hold the Spiral Dynamics Turquoise values:

  • Blending and harmonizing a strong collective of individuals
  • Focus on the good of all living entities as integrated systems
  • Expanded use of human brain/mind tools and competencies
  • Self is part of larger, conscious, spiritual whole that also serves self
  • Global networking seen as routine
  • Acts for minimalist living so less actually is more

If you are applying for membership in the Universe One Bellingham, Washington, CSV community variation, initial members should be able to fully self-fund their own net-zero homes and personal startup living expenses. However, if you have the skills urgently needed by the community, we may waive all or part of the self-funding requirement in a work exchange arrangement.

In general, initial founding members will need additional funding to contribute a fair share of the startup eco-community legal costs, community-level land purchase, community center building, and other necessary shared community infrastructure. In addition, once the community is functioning, there will be a reasonable monthly membership fee for group health and additional insurance and ongoing services that we must initially purchase from outside the community. 

Here are the exceptions to the above self-funding requirements:

1. If you have a critical skill level needed to physically build, manage, or maintain the community, such as a skilled teacher, professional carpenter, plumber, electrician, master gardener, human resource administrator, emergency preparation expert, etc., you may be able to exchange your professional skills and time for almost everything you will need to live in the community, and you need not be fully self-funding.

2. If you are applying for membership to one of the other three CSV community models that do not require self-funding for their startup phase.

The volunteer staff and management team at Job One for Humanity and Universe Spirit will manage the Universe One Bellingham rural community building project until construction is completed because it will also be the headquarters location for the organizations and the Universe Institute, Universe College and Universe Day.  

The Universe One Bellingham rural community is seeking new members and is now accepting applications. If you are interested in becoming a member of only the Universe One CSV rural community, be sure to also send a message to Lawrence Wollersheim at ([email protected]). He is temporarily coordinating the launch of the Universe One CSV rural community, and he will keep you informed of progress and developments.

The complete Universe One application process is here.

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5. At Universe One Bellingham, We Hold a New Worldview and a Vision for a More Sustainable and Equitable Future 

Universe One works toward achieving all of the above goals, but it also is much more!

(Humanity's closest evolutionary relative, the chimpanzee, has 98% of our DNA. As evolved chimpanzees and maybe something more, but at the minimum, nothing less than evolved chimpanzees, humanity has evolved many different worldviews.)

Why a New Worldview?

To make all of the many new systemic and structural improvements that humanity must make to survive the coming nightmare of all its bad collective decisions, humanity must now embrace a new, more inclusive, and transcending worldview.  (Please click here if you do not understand the powerful world-changing implications and the power that an invisible worldview has on the population that holds it.)

In a twist of the famous Albert Einstein quote, "The consciousness that created the problem is not the consciousness that will solve the problem." the same can be said for worldviews. This means that "the current worldview that has created our 12 major global crises will not be the worldview that can and will solve our 12 major global crises."



This quote requires the Universe One Bellingham community (and its think tank, the Universe Institute) also see the world from and with a new worldview to be effective in helping to solve the world's 12 major crises and survive what is coming. 

Accordingly, we are building the Universe One Bellingham community to incorporate the many highly adaptive elements and principles from what is called the New Universe Evolutionary Worldview

Not every CSV community model variation or location will adopt and use the New Universe Evolutionary Worldview or the ideas in the other links below, which is their choice. However, Universe One Bellingham team members will use and teach it because they believe this new transcending worldview has the powerful potential to:

a. better solve many of the world's biggest crises,

b. bring the world together in many unique and transformative ways,

c. set the foundation of the needed solutions in the post-mass extinction and collapse world and 

d. offer many other practical advantages for building strong communities with the best possibility of surviving what is coming. 

We are at a terrifying point and opportunity in humanity's collective evolution. Either we evolve into a new and more adaptable worldview that will help to evolve our global systems intentionally and create a great transition to a more equitable, just, and sustainable world for All, or we evolve the hard way through widespread to near-total system collapse and mass extinction. This does not even include the painful, slow rebuilding process using the immense collective trauma of the extinction and collapse to motivate and compel us to make the required changes so it never happens again.

Here are advanced links related to the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and its useful evolutionary aspects for our eco-community models:

Click here to read about the many advantages to communities that incorporate New Universe Evolutionary Worldview ideas and principles.

What is the great news and great evolutionary hope provided by the Universe Evolutionary Worldview?

What are the practical benefits of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview?

What is the summary overview of the Universe Worldview?

Why is the Universe Worldview so Important to Our Future?

What are the evolutionary and practical art-of-living skills taught within the Universe Evolutionary Worldview essential for a meaningful, successful, and sustainable life?

How Does Progressive Evolution create a New Worldview: The Universe Worldview?

What is the Evolutionary Impulse and Evolution's Prime Directive? 

In What Ways is the Universe Worldview growing into a Second Enlightenment for Humanity?

Click here to see how the Universe Evolutionary Worldview can become a set of universal guiding principles for individual, community, and national day-to-day activities and right action.

Click here to see how the Universe Evolutionary Worldview can become a set of universal guiding principles for individual, community, and national day-to-day activities and right attitude.

What is the Highest Evolutionary Life Purpose of the Individual and Humanity?


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About the Universe One Bellingham Community Name

The Universe One name was chosen to reflect the additional goals of this new evolutionary community: to develop a universe-level awareness and citizenship that transcends yet still includes global awareness and citizenship. The Universe One name was also chosen to reflect and remind community members of the existential and inherent union and oneness within the universe of all beings and things found within the universe.


6. At Universe One Bellingham, We See Ourselves as Universe Citizens, Global Citizens, and Evolutioneers

Individuals who are a part of Universe One Bellingham not only see themselves as Evolutioneers and global citizens, but they often also see themselves as universe citizens. A major Universe One goal is to educate and create many more universe citizens that have developed what in the book called Spiral Dynamics is known as Turquoise consciousness. 

If you wish to work at and contribute to the missions at the Universe Institute, Universe College, Universe Spirit, or the Universe Day organizations, they should also hold the Spiral Dynamics Turquoise values:

  • Blending and harmonizing a strong collective of individuals
  • Focus on the good of all living entities as integrated systems
  • Expanded use of human brain/mind tools and competencies
  • Self is part of larger, conscious, spiritual whole that also serves self
  • Global networking seen as routine
  • Acts for minimalist living so less actually is more

(At Universe One Bellingham, we also will explore and help create the yet undefined Coral values and consciousness of Spiral Dynamics, which we believe transcends and includes all essential global values but also embraces universal values, universe consciousness, and a sense of universe citizenship.)

What is a Universe Citizen, and what does universe citizenship entail?

What is the Universe Declaration of Responsibilities for Universe Citizens, Evolutioneers, Planetary Citizens, and Universe Community Members? 

What is the Universe Declaration of Rights for Universe Citizens, Planetary Evolutioneers, Evolutionaries, Planetary Citizens, and Universe Community Members?  

What is the Universe Charter for Universe Citizens, Planetary Evolutioneers, Evolutionaries, Planetary Citizens, and Universe Community Members?  

What are Evolutioneers?

What are the Four Basic Attitudes/Actions of Evolutioneers

What do individuals do that call themselves Evolutioneers?

How does an Evolutioneer and Universe Citizen see the creation of a global government for the Benefit of ALL of Earth's People?

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7. The Spiritual Qualities and Values at Universe One Bellingham

Anyone at Universe One Bellingham can choose and practice any form of personal or personalized spirituality they value, or they can choose to have and practice no form of personal spirituality or religion. 

Universe One Bellingham holds or promotes no official religion. This is because of the many historical problems, abuses, and irrational, destructive, and conflict-generating behavior of many organized religions.

In general, you will be a good fit at Universe One, and you are of a spiritual nature, and if your individual spiritual practices and beliefs are found on the third or fourth level defined in Fowler's Four Levels of Religious or Spiritual Faith. If your beliefs and practices are within Fowler's Four Levels of Religious or Spiritual Faith you will most likely be very comfortable within our eco-community models. 

(Click here to learn about Fowler's third and fourth religious and spiritual development levels.)

In all forms of personal spirituality, potentially present at Universe One Bellingham, rationality and the facts of science will always override personal individual beliefs and opinions, whether spiritual or not. In other words, healthy and balanced spiritual beliefs should always naturally align with the realities of science and rationality.Or, as Saint Thomas Aquinas famously said, "If a faith belief contradicts reality, then that faith belief is wrong."

Some members of Universe One Bellingham have adopted the Evolution Spirituality philosophy, a new form of Neo-Scientism grounded in the new Universe Evolutionary WorldviewWithin the Evolution Spirituality philosophy, you will also find many secular, traditional, modern, and evolutionary spiritual values. Universe One Bellingham also supports the principles and practices of Eco-Spirituality because of its applicability to our rapidly deteriorating environment.

No one will be excluded from the Universe One Bellingham community for not holding the Neo-Scientism, Evolution Spirituality philosophy, or the principles of Eco-Spirituality. But, if your current religious or spiritual behaviors and actions strongly conflict with the liberal and progressive values of the Universe One Bellingham community model and our principles of healthy spiritual practices described here and on this page in a similarly titled section, the ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham community model will not be for you.

Furthermore, while the ClimateSafe Village models will protect an individual's right to have opinions and beliefs about anything, spiritual or otherwise, and without interference, behaviors springing from those opinions or beliefs are entirely subject to community examination and limitation.




In some ways, at Universe One Bellingham, one could say we support the principles of a new and emerging Neo-Scientism as the basis for our philosophy for acceptable spiritual beliefs and practices within the community.

Neo-Scientism holds that science and scientific methodology are the best ways to discover objective truth about the world and reality and must also be used as a rational grounding basis for any form of self-chosen personal spiritual inquiry and personal spiritual development. 

Science demonstrates through an independently repeatable and verifiable methodology, the reality of reality, or what can be widely agreed upon by rational individuals as reality. History has repeatedly shown us that things go horribly wrong whenever a spiritual or religious practice or group loses touch with reality. Instead of healthy personal and personalized spiritual practices, we get destructive cults and authoritarian crazy cult leaders.

Neo-Scientism is far more than the closed classical definition of Scientism found here. 

Neo-scientism includes the critical realism work of the philosopher Roy Baskar, particularly his critical realism concepts that science (and the social sciences) always needs to function in an open system. This new scientific open systems concept would even allow for undiscovered or yet-to-be-proven possibilities outside of science's standard scientific methodology and falsification processes. Neo-Scientism aligns with how Baskar sees current science as being an always incomplete and ongoing process of increasing probabilities versus absolute certainties.

Neo-scientism's open-system science principles allow for individual exploration of the many numinous possibilities of contemplating the mysteries of the universe and its origin, understanding the unknown Great Mystery, and all of the other great existential questions of existence and life while still using the best of science and rationality as grounding points.

Our Neo-scientism concepts are still being developed. Go to this description of Meta-Spirituality. You will get a sense of how Neo-Scientism can combine the best of Roy Baskar's work on Critical Realism with the new concepts of Meta-Spirituality. In a few months, we hope to have more details about the core concepts of Neo-Scientism.

The good news of Neo-Scientism is that Neo-Scientism and rationality, when applied to a personally chosen spiritual or religious setting, help to prevent the group from being harmed by dangerous or harmful beliefs, faith revelations, beliefs, and practices.

Here are some additional factors to consider on this religion and spirituality topic:

1. Unfortunately, many beliefs and practices in today's religions harm or impede the creation of a sustainable, just, and equitable world for ALL. Therefore, self-selecting spiritual members should continually explore how to include the safe and healthy values and ideas of existing religions for their personal spirituality use while also transcending the no longer applicable, unjust, or unworkable religious practices, values, and beliefs from humanity's vast spiritual heritage.

2. We allow any individual of any spiritual denomination to join our community. Likewise, any humanist, agnostic, or atheist may join the eco-community. But, if their current religious or spiritual behaviors and actions strongly conflict with the values of our community model, it will not work out well. For example, if a potential member's spirituality/religion is intolerant, authoritarian, or "is the only true religion" or requires them to recruit and preach to others aggressively, the four eco-community models will not be a good fit. 

3. While there are many dangers in forming a community around a particular religious or spiritual belief system, there is one crucial benefit if the religious or spiritual belief system is healthy and non-coercive. As things get worse in the outside macro-culture, members within the community will witness unthinkable suffering and death. A healthy faith can provide deep value roots that will give additional psychological and emotional resilience that will be dearly needed to survive. 

4. We always educate every community member about actions of members or community managers that could harm individuals or the community by introducing or using these manipulative and harmful religious or spiritual practices within the community. We also proactively educate our members about the long-established principles of healthy spiritual practices, which apply to all religions and spiritual practices.

5. Small communities with religious or spiritual affiliations frequently adopt one or more destructive cultish behaviors. To safeguard against this, educate every community member about actions of members or community managers that could harm individuals or the community by having all members understand these fundamental tactics of destructive cults

6. Furthermore, while the Universe One and ClimateSafe Village models will protect an individual's right to have opinions and beliefs about anything, spiritual or otherwise, and without interference, behaviors springing from those opinions or beliefs are entirely subject to community examination and limitation.

Click here for what is meant by Eco-Spirituality.

Click here to learn more about the concepts of Meta-Spirituality.

Click here for a detailed explanation of the Evolution Spirituality philosophy. (Please note that Universe Spirit is moving to an improved new website here. The old Universe Spirit website is here. Universe Spirt may also change its name in the near future to either Universe Community or something else.)

One of the most important spirtual/religions goals for the Universe One community is to help evolve a new universal form of healthy meta-spirituality that does not separate people from each and foment religious conflicts between different peoples. That has been the main goal of the Universe Spirit organization for decades. 

There is much work to be done to fully refine a workable and tested vision of universal meta-spirituality that would be hugely beneficial to our post climate change collapse world. All Universe One members will be invited to volunteer to help coreate, test, and refine this new vision. (The Universe Spirit organization will have its headquarters at Universe One.)

The Biggest Problem CSVs Have to Resolve to Be Fully Successful

In the later stages of the widespread global collapse (2035-2050), conditions will become unbearable for billions of people who have not prepared for the endless stream of accelerating severe climate and other related consequences. This means billions of desperate, hungry individuals will migrate to survive. 

How will CSVs and their members react to these worsening conditions while remaining rational kind and still maintaining their human dignity? This ongoing discussion must be resolved long before CSV communities face this new challenge. 


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Sign up for our eco-community information and alert mailing list by clicking here or by clicking on the image or link below.

Receive Free Eco-community Info!

(Please note: Once the following non-profit organizations have been relocated to Bellingham, individuals can join them and work remotely with the Bellingham headquarters of Universe Institute, Universe College, Job One for Humanity, or ClimateSafe Villages. They do not need to be on-site in the Bellingham rural community.)

8. The Universe Institute located at Universe One Bellingham

ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham is focused on education because lifelong education is one of our most essential values, along with honoring the critical role of teachers. Ongoing education for all will be vital to creating safe and sustainable villages and a safe and sustainable future once climate change and other 11 major global crises have been resolved.

At the center of CSV Bellingham will be two educational organizations. One is the Universe Institute think tank, and the other is the online school we call Universe College, described further below.

These two research and educational organizations exist for the following purposes:

1. to discover and educate individuals and groups on how to become more climate change-resilient so that more people will survive the worsening climate change emergency, which is multiplying and amplifying humanity's 11 other global crises. 
(This climate change resilience-building education includes every area that needs to be managed, particularly climate change-resilient small farm organic and sustainable food production necessary to counteract the coming food crises.)

2. To discover and educate about the reasons for how and way our economic, social, religious, and political systems have created the worsening climate change emergency, multiplying and amplifying humanity's 11 other global crises.

3. To discover and educate about the new economic, social, religious, and political models that will be needed for the future survivors of the climate change emergency and humanity's 11 other global crises to prevent these 12 global crises from ever happening again. (We will share these new or upgraded models with all other ClimateSafe Villages and other outside groups and organizations that need and want them in an open access and Creative Commons manner.)

We actively engage in climate change resilience-building and the other actions described in 1, 2, and 3 above because they will reduce unnecessary suffering and death and save more lives. They also will support the evolution of our economic, social, religious, and political models based on painful lessons learned, which will help us to create a more sustainable, equitable, and just future for ALL.

The Universe Institute information below is only for ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham advanced members, advanced evaluator training, Universe Institute training, or individuals starting independent new eco-communities that wish to align closely with ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham. 

We will teach advanced students joining our Universe Institute think tank logic, scientific method, systems theory, and dialectical meta-systemic theory. We will also teach advanced students the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview, (which also incorporates many of the best elements from the Integral Philosophy Movement without this movement's less desirable qualities.



At ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham, we may also sell our climate change think tank consulting services to large corporations and expand the think tank into researching new models of economics, global governance, and other solutions needed in the post-mass-extinction and post-collapse world.              Return to Section Index


9. Additional Reading on The Principles of Progressive Evolution Held at Universe One

The links below contain materials for ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham advanced members, leadership training, Universe Institute think tank training, or individuals starting independent new eco-communities that wish to align with ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham closely. 

John Stewart is an Australian-based evolutionary scientist and member of the Evolution, Complexity, and Cognition (ECCO) Research Group of the Free University of Brussels. Much of his work on the directionality of evolution and its implications for humanity has been published in peer-reviewed papers in international science journals.

Several of his recent papers have focused on psychological development, including the future evolution of consciousness.

He is the author of the internationally acclaimed book 'Evolution's Arrow: the Direction of Evolution and the Future of Humanity.' More recently, he has finalized The Evolutionary Manifesto, which outlines an evolutionary worldview and explores its relevance to humanity. It demonstrates the potential of a new evolutionary worldview to provide meaning and purpose for human existence.

His recent work also focuses on the evolutionary imperative for humanity to organize itself into a cooperative and evolvable planetary society that is underpinned by appropriate global governance.

His latest paper on these issues is The Self-Organizing Society: A Grower’s Guide, which is freely available at http://www.evolutionarymanifesto.com/SelfOrgSoc.pdf.

More about his work is at http://www.evolutionarymanifesto.com/about.html

Click here for the most updated and current evolutionary theory for organizing billionaires (and the 1%) to save us from the climate extinction emergency and other global existential threats. (This link also discusses the pros and cons of getting billionaires to work together from an evolutionary perspective. We do not hide the many negatives that can be anticipated when you try to get billionaires working together on a worthwhile project.)

If you want to see the original evolutionary theory behind the principles of How ‘The One Percent’ of Billionaires can be Organized to Fix Climate Change, click this link.<nbsp;                       

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(Please note: Once the following non-profit organizations have been relocated to Bellingham, individuals can join them and work remotely with the Bellingham headquarters of Universe Institute, Universe College, Job One for Humanity, or ClimateSafe Villages. They do not need to be on-site in the Bellingham rural community.)

10. Universe College Online at Universe One Bellingham

We will restart the Universe College (UniverseCollege.org) in Bellingham to do much of the preceding. It was online for almost eight years before we closed it. We plan to reopen it with new, far more effective online educational software. Here is the link to the original Universe College information.

The online educational courses and services provided by Universe College will be invaluable to effective educational efforts and processes going on within other ClimateSafe Villages.

One of the most important courses we will offer is on dialectical meta-systemic thinking, which creates very advanced dialectical multi-system-level thinking. This type of dialectical meta-systemic thinking is the critical new thinking that is needed for survival in the collapsing and post-collapse world. If you want to work at the climate change thing tank Job One for Humanity, in addition to the usual climate research credentials you will also need to develop the skills of dialectical meta-systemic thinking.

(Click here to learn more about the major thinking analysis and problem-solving breakthrough of dialectical meta-systemic thinking.)

The new Universe College, when it reopens, will educate about many things online relevant to ClimateSafe Village life. Using the Information from the Universe Institute and other sources, Universe College will exist for the following additional purposes:

1. To educate about the reasons for how and way our economic, social, religious, and political systems have created the worsening climate change emergency, multiplying and amplifying humanity's 11 other global crises.

2. To educate about the new economic, social, religious, and political models that will be needed for the future survivors of the climate change emergency and humanity's 11 other global crises to prevent these 12 global crises from ever happening again.  (We will share these new or upgraded models with all other ClimateSafe Villages and other outside groups and organizations that need and want them in an open access and Creative Commons manner.)

3. to continue to educate individuals and groups on how to become more climate change-resilient so that more people will survive the worsening change emergency, multiplying and amplifying humanity's 11 other global crises. (This climate change resilience-building education includes every area that needs to be managed, particularly climate change-resilient small farm organic and sustainable food production necessary to counteract the coming food crises.)

We actively engage in climate change resilience-building and the other actions described in 1, 2, and 3 above because they will reduce unnecessary suffering and death and save more lives. They also will support the evolution of our economic, social, religious, and political models based on painful lessons learned, which will help us to create a more sustainable, equitable, and just future for ALL.





In addition to the above, it will also teach the critical needed dialectical meta-systemic thinking and analysis, described in detail here. Dialectical meta-systemic thinking and analysis is currently the most advanced analysis system, far beyond systems thinking and logic alone. But unfortunately, worldwide, only a minimal number of people have mastered it, and that needs to be remedied.

We believe the time is ripe for teaching the 28 forms of dialectical thinking. Here is just a tiny part of the reason why.

Organizations are fixated on currently applied capability (performance) alone and neglect or deny the existence of the current potential and the emergent potential capabilities of human agents, and since recent ‘breakthroughs’ such as chatbots are used mainly to strengthen instrumentalist thinking and de-agentify work, the teaching the new dialectical meta-systemic thinking and analysis processes could bring together what people COULD DO if given the right advanced dialectical thinking tools to address what is obviously a slow or fast system breakdown our current economic, ecological, and political systems.

Teaching these new thinking skills could help remedy what Zachary Stein called the “cognitive fallacy” – the assumption that everybody operates at a peak level of cognitive maturity and has nothing more to learn about thinking except to be ‘critical’ -- has become a fallacy that is about to engulf us. It is time to teach those who are at least 25-27 years old the advanced dialectical thinking systems that will help save the world.

When the teachers, staff, and funding are in place, we will reopen the Universe College to teach and share everything we have learned or offer at ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham.

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11. Universe One Bellingham CSV Contributors

The Job One for Humanity and, to a significantly smaller part, the Universe Spirit organizations focus on educating individuals and businesses about what is avoidable and what is unavoidable in the face of many rapidly unfolding environmental and social global collapse processes. Its primary mission is to help individuals, as a society, prepare for and optimally adapt to survive the coming levels of extinction and collapse.

These nonprofit organizations will help individuals form groups and communities to evolve and create sustainable lifestyles and livelihoods in global warming-safer locations. Job One for Humanity will also continue to educate governments and support government-driven migration, infrastructure transfer, and emergency backup programs to deal with the accelerating global warming extinction emergency. 

Universe Spirit provides a broad science-based knowledge base, focusing on biological evolution, to explain what is developing in society and the physical world. This "fact-based" foundation is then used to create remedial "survive and thrive" strategies. 

(Please note that at the Universe Institute, individuals will work on better solutions to many of the world's biggest problems. Universe College operated online for about eight years and will reopen at the new ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham site. Universe Spirit is moving to an improved new website here and may even change its name to possibly the Universe Community or Neo-Scientism. The old Universe Spirit website is here. Many pages on the Universe Spirit website are decades old and a bit outdated in some areas. They are slowly being upgraded as they are transferred to the new Universe Spirit website.

The new and independent ClimateSafe Villages continue to be a vital part of the Universe One Bellingham project. The following history of their creation will help you understand CSV's ongoing and past contributions to Universe One Bellingham.

The Job One for Humanity team spent many years anticipating the need to build climate-resilient communities. During those years, we designed a master plan for what we hoped would become climate-resilient communities that could simultaneously survive the climate change emergency and other global crises.

Originally, we called these climate-resilient communities eco-communities or the Universe One community. 

In May 2023, with the new leadership of CSV, we helped create a new non-profit organization called ClimateSafe Villages. We sponsored it until December 31, 2023, just after it received its non-profit status from the US government.

We co-created ClimateSafe Villages so people would have the critical individual and community support needed to overcome the challenging tasks necessary to prepare for and adapt to the coming climate change emergency and other global crises. We also created it to collect and share all the information that anyone anywhere in the world would need to develop a climate-safe village in their location.

In March 2024, one of the lead Job One team members resigned from the ClimateSafe Villages board of directors because ClimateSafe Villages had the necessary skilled management team in place and that Job One team member needed to return to their research and analysis work at Job One.

Today, Job One, Universe Spirit, Universe Institute, and Universe College team members are active ClimateSafe Villages members for the survival of themselves and their families. 

Almost everything on the Job One website describing ClimateSafe Villages is from our original master model research for creating individual and community climate resilience.

The current management of ClimateSafe Villages has full access to all Job One materials for their work. Job One for Humanity continues to collaborate with and regularly promotes ClimateSafe Villages' work.

Click here to visit the new and fully independent Climatesafe Villages organization and website

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12. Other Pages in the Job One, ClimateSafe Village Master Model 

Page 1: Introduction, Overview, and Goals

Page 2: Climate Safe Village Qualities, Processes, Income Sources, and Safeguards

Page 3: The Four ClimateSafe Village Models and Their Operations

Page 4: Our New Personal Democracy ClimateSafer Village Management Model

Page 5: About ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham, a Unique Rural ClimateSafe Village

Page 6: Our The ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham ClimateSafe Village Application Process


13. Updates to our vision and other recent news

A. (4.16.24) The Bellignham Universe One CSV vision now includes partial veganism as a qualification for new members of the Universe One CSV vision. What we mean by this is that we will try to be mostly vegan, but may allow eating some of the fish when they reach maturity from our aquaponics facility. The movement towards near or complete veganism and away from large scale animal consumption aligns well with re-balancing our world's ecosystems and away from the mono-cultures that have taken over so much of the world.

It is also my feeling that in general, vegans or near-vegans will align more easily with many of the other goals, purposes, and directions of the Universe One version of a CSV in Bellingham Washington.

Appendix Materials

The ClimateSafe Village Social Contract Page

Online Rules for Our Virtual ClimateSafe Village

Procedures and Policies for Exiting Our ClimateSafe Villages or Applying for Membership 

Personal Democracy White Paper

The ClimateSafe Villages Issues FAQ of frequently asked questions for only issues directly relating to ClimateSafe Villages issues

The ClimateSafe Villages Climate FAQ of frequently asked questions for every question you have about climate change

Click here for our ClimateSafe Village online guide master table of contents


Sign up here to learn more about ClimateSafe Villages

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Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the nonprofit ClimateSafe Villages organization by clicking here. Every donation helps us expand and assist everyone coming to us for climate change resilience-building information and support.

Your tax-deductible donation also helps pay for all CSV models' ongoing research and development. This funding allows us to add more knowledge, tools, forms, contracts, and architectural net-zero and climate change-resilient building, home, and community designs for all worldwide ClimateSafe Villages, other eco-villages, and intentional communities. Our information is always shared with everyone trying to manage the climate change emergency in an open-access manner.

For answers to all of your questions about climate change and global warming, click here for our new climate change FAQ. It has over one hundred of the most asked questions and answers about climate change.



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