Best Global Heating Science Videos, Books and Climate Fiction Reviews

The following are highly recommended runaway global heating (aka global warming, climate change,) educational free videos, podcasts and science books, and climate fiction. Some of them include humor to help make their points. Please read or watch as many as you can to quickly become more educated about the escalating global warming emergency.

Best Free Videos

The first four short videos will most quickly help you understand the honest but difficult news about global warming found on our website.

#1 Most Recommended:

We strongly recommend you watch this video by a respected climate researcher on our biggest global warming threat, runaway global heatingThis video has lots of clear and helpful illustrations.

#2 Most Recommended

Learn what amplifying climate feedback loops or climate tipping points are and their importance to your future in a new video called Earth Emergency. It takes you through the most dangerous climate feedbacks and tipping points in an easy-to-understand way. This public broadcasting (PBS) video also makes the key points that we are making on this website. Click here to see this "don't miss it" super simple video.

#3 Most Recommended:

Wake Up, Freak Out - Then Get a Grip         11 minutes

Description: It gives a basic yet detailed animated explanation of what is actually happening now with global warming. Pay particular attention to the animation's excellent explanation of the various critical global warming tipping points. This video has been viewed well over a million times and has been translated into 22 different languages.

Please note that this video gives temperature degrees in Celsius. For the temperatures used in the video, a very rough Fahrenheit temperature conversion is double the Celsius amount. The video also presents near its end a somewhat polarized viewpoint. Job One for Humanity does not support or forward polarized approaches or solutions.

#4 Most Recommended:

The Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See Version 2     10 minutes

Description: This video is an essential part of the reason for the existence of the Job One for Humanity Plan. With humor, it visually and dramatically reconfirms the urgency of action to fix global warming. It is a phenomenal video that examines the arguments of the climate destabilization deniers and critics, as well as those who believe climate destabilization has begun.

This video allows you to come to your own informed risk-rational global warming conclusions. At the end, it quickly and brilliantly concludes and summarizes what will happen to us if we do not fix the escalating Global warming issue, and rise to the greatest adaptive challenge and transformational, evolutionary adventure in human history. This video has been viewed over 1 million times.

#5 Most Recommended:

Are Humans Acting Like a Virus on Our Planet?   40 minutes

This video will help put our global warming emergency into a very helpful context with all of the other major global problems that we also face. Hugh Montgomery is the presenter in this video and is a respected physician and scientist who discovered the first gene related to fitness.

Although it is a longer video, it is worth it and the first 40 minutes are the best. Several of his many insightful comments stood out for our staff: "Even without global warming, we are in terrible trouble as a planet and global society... With global warming, our current situation is absolutely desperate.?

Click here to watch this well done professional easy to understand video with lots of illustrations.

Human Extinction and How To Prevent It  11 minutes

Please click here to watch a short video that brilliantly explains the final piece of the global warming extinction process once we start releasing methane clathrate from our coastal shelves from warming oceans. New research shows we actually begin this release process once we reach 5°C and by 6°C it is in full bloom.

Experts and scientists speak about global warming-related rising ocean waters, scorching temperatures, food scarcity, and disease. Here's how humans will ultimately be responsible for the end of the world. Click here for this great video.

Top Videos for runaway global warming extinction emergency activism

1. Watch this 37-minute motivating runaway global heating activist video by Roger Hallam, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion. Please be aware that the video presenter speaks of revolution at the beginning. They are not speaking of violent behavior of any kind. They are discussing the needed revolution in our behavior to solve the runaway global heating extinction emergency or what will happen naturally if we fail to solve this emergency. See

Please also read or article on civil disobedience and necessary disruption by clicking here.

A well-done video for businesses and the climate change emergency

The following video was created by Wilford Welch. Wilford Welch was a U.S. diplomat in Asia during the Johnson and Nixon administrations.

For decades he then studied the social, economic, technological, and other forces driving our world. For the past two decades, he has focused on the forces driving the climate crisis and the actions governments, corporations, and individual citizens need to take to be part of the solution.

Here is his video calling on the business community to act decisively to address the climate crisis

In this video, Wilford speaks to corporations about the risks the climate crisis poses not only to their physical facilities and supply chains but to their brands if their customers, employees, and investors turn on them once they conclude that their company is “green-washing”. 

Please click here:  Reinventing Business in a Time of Climate Change - Vimeo

Other Great Videos:

We strongly recommend you watch this video by Peter Carter a Job One Advisor which also covers the history of IPCC and conference global fossil fuel reduction failures.

Here are two other videos by Peter Carter explaining in detail how bad global warming and our situation really is:

What If All The Ice Melted On Earth? ft. Bill Nye     5:50 minutes

Has current information and is very basic and easy to understand. The presentation is much clearer than other videos and is in line with the financial costs & tipping points within Climageddon. 

Climate Change: What Happens If The World Warms Up By Just 2°C?     2:35 minutes

"Two degrees is the target for limiting the global temperature increase. But even that limit will have a dramatic effect on the world's climate." Very good, covers ice melt, rising temperatures, tipping points, storm severity, and has great visualization.

Earth's Long-Term Warming Trend, 1880-2015     0:30 seconds

"This visualization illustrates Earth’s long-term warming trend, showing temperature changes from 1880 to 2015 as a rolling five-year average. Orange colors represent temperatures that are warmer than the 1951-80 baseline average, and blues represent temperatures cooler than the baseline." Short and very simple to understand.

These Animals Will Go First Due To Global Warming      5:18 minutes

"Global warming is happening, whether you believe it or not, and will cause major changes to the environment, hitting hard first in areas in the southern half of the earth. According to research published in the journal Science, there are a few species that are in the most danger of extinction or low numbers, due to their biomes being altered and having nowhere else to live."

Al Gore's new video: The case for optimism on climate change    25 minutes

The following video was released on Feb 23, 2016, by Al Gore, the former vice president of the United States. It was created on the 10th anniversary of Al Gore's global warming movie, An Inconvenient Truth. We are recommending it for its many strengths—not its many weaknesses as described below.

Its greatest strengths are the key current facts and consequences concerning the escalating global warming emergency in easy-to-understand videos, animations, and charts. It also shares a lot of good news and optimism about what is possible in an almost mythic, pep-talk fashion.

The film’s weaknesses are that it does not explain how crossing critical global warming tipping points will immediately change everything drastically for the worse! It implies that there will be rapid, miraculous advances in technology that will save us, while hiding the deeper fact that to fully implement the technology solutions suggested will take another 20-40 years of infrastructure building. We have a decade at most to make the radical, difficult, and costly changes needed to save the future of humanity.

This film fails horribly at showing the true scale, scope, and urgency of the total global mobilization needed to reverse global warming to carbon neutral in less than 10 years. (Carbon neutrality, or having a net-zero carbon footprint, refers to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by balancing a measured amount of carbon released through burning and use of fossil fuels with an equivalent amount sequestered or offset, or buying enough carbon credits to make up the difference.)

Finally and most importantly, it fails to clearly state we are already in a global warming State of Emergency and provides concrete, prioritized, and specific solutions to prevent us from going over the global warming tipping points and getting to carbon-neutral within the critical 10-year window. (We provide those specific solutions in the Job One For Humanity Plan found on this website.) However, in spite of its serious shortcomings, we still recommend this video for its strengths to help individuals new to the global warming issue quickly get the basic facts they will need to understand where we are now and that we are already in a serious State of Emergency—even if Al Gore forgets to say it.

Best Climate Podcasts

Our volunteers are just starting to create this section.

1. Click here for, Accelerating climate change and the seven new rules for buying, selling, or investing in real estate.

Best Climate Books

When you purchase any books on our website you can help support our nonprofit mission

When you purchase any books on our website from Amazon, you can help support our nonprofit mission. Our nonprofit organization will receive a commission of a few percent on your purchase that will help support our critical mission. Setting up our organization to receive a commission on your purchase from Amazon is fast and easy.

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The Best Cli-Fi (climate science fiction) Books Educating about the global warming extinction emergency

Although the Job One for Humanity website and our new book Climageddon both express a broad and useful overview of the many factual and severe consequences global warming will bring into our lives, these science-oriented materials do not adequately portray the immense emotional and physical suffering that people will go through every day as they live in or migrate through the worsening global warming danger zones. Luckily, there are several must-read Cli_fi fiction books (2 by an award-winning writer,) that will humanize the intimate details of the approaching climagee (climate refugee) social, economic, and political meltdown.

1. Here is another scientifically accurate climate fiction (CliFi) book we strongly recommend. For those of you who do not like reading a lot of science and want to be entertained about this difficult subject. Get On Vestige Way by David Spielberg at Amazon.

It is an emotion-packed novel about how global warming affects the future and fate of the world’s Millennials, generation Z, corporations, and the political alliances we take for granted. It is the most scientifically accurate of all of the climate fiction books. 

Get it for anyone you know who doesn’t like to struggle through global warming science as in books like Climageddon and, who would rather be entertained and educated without ever even knowing that they are being educated. It is so hard to put down you will be missing work and sleep wondering what happens next to the story’s heroes and heroines struggling with the very real future climate challenges the younger generations will face most of all.

Not only is it exceptionally well-written with compelling characters and elegant descriptions that seamlessly take you in and through every fast-changing scene, quite surprisingly, it also follows real global warming science more honestly than you will find almost anywhere else except in the newest global warming science books such as Climageddon.  

2. The two spellbinding fiction books on the effects of global warming migration after it is too late by an award-winning writer are:

Butler, Octavia E. Parable of the Sower. Four Walls Eight Windows, 1993. This is part one of the two sequential novels. It is set in 2024.

Butler, Octavia E. Parable of the Talents. Seven Stories Press, 1998. This is part of two of the Parable duology. It is set in 2032

Octavia Butler is a fabulous fiction writer and these two books are absolute must-reads to see the day-to-day ordinary and extraordinary suffering that irreversible global warming will impose upon our future. These two books are emergency preparation must-reads. They will educate you in detailed ways we have not yet been able to due to our lack of powerful phase-by-phase emotional and character insight into what happens to people and families in deep crisis.

Franky, we are baffled as to how Octavia Butler was able to so accurately depict the tortuous lives of individuals who waited too long to migrate because of global warming and suffered the horrible consequences. She skillfully compels the reader scene by scene with a brilliantly written cast of families migrates up the California coast through crisis after crisis. It is impossible not to be drawn into the painful personal details of what happens to these decent, regular families when societies break down at every level because of the consequences of late-stage global warming.

3. Rich, Nathaniel. Odds Against Tomorrow. Farrah, Strauss and Giroux, 2013. This is a fictional novel based on a global warming catastrophe in New York City. An entertaining and easy read. Not as detailed as Olivia E. Butler's books, but a definite contribution to humanizing and emotionalizing the effects of global warming.

4. We also strongly recommend reading the book Overshoot: The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary Change by William Catton. This is the book that explains the deepest root causes of almost all of our current global crises. This is the one book that everyone seeking a more sustainable life must have in their library!

5. EAT THE MOON: A Climatic Love Story To Save The World, by Portia D Sykes is a new Cli-Fi book our staff absolutely loved! One of our team dedicated their weekend to reading it all because they could not put it down. It is not only scientifically very accurate, but it also has wonderful characters. It also is the most erotic Cli-Fi book we have reviewed so you have been warned. 

Here is a little bit about the story. 

Colton James Miller, a young virgin cowboy, finds it hard to ignore his anxiety about the future while his family's oil and gas business struggles. Free-spirited yet jaded, Saffron Jolie LeMay seeks inner peace from her fears in a commune, praying for spiritual guidance. Their "opposite" worlds collide in a fateful superstorm on Navajo Lake. Facing life changes, increased chaos, and the knowledge that the climate is destabilizing, they divinely envision the best way to survive and thrive.

Together, they dare to ask, "How will the world come back from the brink."

Set in the near-future in Aztec, New Mexico, this provocative first book of The Hot Mess Series blends scientific facts, spirituality, humor, and music with real-life solutions, inspiration, and Tantric sex. Like alchemy, EAT THE MOON weaves a balance of Light and Dark into a pattern that is informative and transformative, thoughtful and playful, as well as poetic and erotic.

If you've been avoiding the subject of climate change, this vivid love story intentionally aims to make it more palatable. Bon Appétit!

Get EAT THE MOON at Amazon. (Special Disclosure: the author read our global warming science book Climageddon and was partially inspired by it to write the Eat the Moon book.)

NonFiction Global Warming-Related Books

1. Newitz, Annalee. Scatter, Adapt, and Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction. Doubleday, 2013. If you have any doubts about the need to migrate as things get worse, this well-written easy to read book will get you back to basics quickly.

2. LaConte, Ellen. Life Rules: Nature's Blueprint for Surviving Economic & Environmental Collapse. New Society Publishers, 2012. This book goes a little deeper into the general principles of surviving what is coming.

Best Global Warming Science Books:

1. Climageddon, The Global Warming Emergency and How to Survive it

What you are not being told or that is being kept secret from you about our escalating global warming emergency will eventually either bankrupt or kill (or both,) most of the human population within his little as the next 30 to 50 years. National intelligence agencies in developed countries, well-funded think tanks, and the richest investment bankers and hedge funds already have access to this information. Why don't you also have this privileged information? 



The new Climageddon book honestly tells you how bad global warming is really going to get and, even more importantly, how soon those bad consequences are going to happen to you, your family, your business, and your nation.

Climageddon is a virtual encyclopedia of global warming and climate change consequences and tipping points. Its 80 simple illustrations, 450 pages, and original straight talk analysis make all of the latest global warming research understandable --- even if the global warming issue is new to you!

The information in this book is absolutely critical for use for future planning for individuals, businesses, investment firms, and governments. Climageddon describes in spellbinding detail the 20 most dangerous global warming consequences and how soon these consequences will arrive. Having that information shows you how to stay ahead of the coming global warming-related financial market unpredictability and the huge losses, which will occur naturally because of the consequences of continually rising temperatures on food crops and businesses and political stability. 

Climageddon also lays out the eleven most critical global warming tipping points that should strike an appropriate and an action-redirecting fear in the minds of everyone involved in short-term, mid-range, and long-range planning. Understanding these key 11 global warming tipping points is critical because crossing just a few more of these will signal the true beginning of the end of humanity and civilization. 

It is not just us telling you how important the information in this book is to your future. Climageddon is getting 4 and five-star reviews on Amazon for candidly describing the difficult truth of the escalating global warming emergency that we all now face.

Additionally, Climageddon provides a complete plan of workable new solutions to the global warming emergency called the Job One for Humanity Plan. This plan will help you prepare for, adapt to, and hopefully survive many of the 20 worst consequences of global warming. For those facing a rebuilding a relocation question after surviving a global warming-related disaster, Climageddon even provides information on how, where, and when to migrate and relocate successfully to one of the few remaining global warming safe zones. 

The new research and the meta-systemic analysis presented in Climageddon clearly proves that for all intents and purposes, global warming is already out of meaningful control for at least the next 50 years and that the key calculations behind most of our previously trusted global warming consequence timetable predictions have been grossly underestimated

Climageddon's comprehensive research analysis lays out a rational case for believing that if something extreme does not happen to immediately correct our grossly ineffective governmental actions to radically cut back on fossil fuel use, as much as 70-90% of humanity will suffer and/or die from starvation (or from the nineteen other major global warming consequences,) within as little as the next 30-50 years in what the book calls the 6 phases of the Climageddon Scenario.

The debate on if global warming is real or who is responsible no longer matters in light of the bitter reality of our escalating global warming emergency. Irreversible global warming is already here and it is going to last at least another 50 years. The question is now what are we going to do to prepare, adapt and survive its now unavoidable catastrophic consequences

Do not get caught unaware, unprepared or unable to adapt to what is coming!

Get the book that is being read by think tanks, hedge funds, investment firms, intelligence agencies, and government and non-governmental short-range, mid-range, and long-range planners all over the world.

Get Climageddon today. (Special Bonus: All book owners also will have electronic access to special web support pages that present additional new research as well as any and all necessary updates that this newer research might require to the original Climageddon book release.)

To get and purchase the printed version of Climageddon at Amazon, click here. Each purchase of Climageddon helps support the Job One for Humanity nonprofit organization and promote our new Job One Plan to help both you and the world survive global warming.) 
To get and purchase the e-book version of Climageddon at Amazon, click here. 

To read the many positive reviews already at Amazon on this new book (or to write your own review,) go to the following link. Once there, look for the Customer Reviews link right next to the current 4 1/2star Amazon rating.

2. In our Hands


The 2021 edition of In Our Hands is the result of extensive research into climate science and the use of systems thinking and driving forces analysis. Using these methods, the author Wilford Welch makes sense of the climate crisis and what we all need to do to address it. He lays out two futures, one looking back from 2050 and the actions we took to save ourselves; the other, entitled “The Road to Ruin”, shows how the world collapsed into chaos by mid-century due to our failure to take effective actions. 

Wilford Welch was a U.S. diplomat in Asia during the Johnson and Nixon administrations. For decades he then studied the social, economic, technological, and other forces driving our world. For the past two decades, he has focused on the forces driving the climate crisis and the actions governments, corporations, and individual citizens need to take to be part of the solution.

Best Free Science Ebooks on Global Warming:

Delusions and Contradictions D&C explains and elaborates five major areas of Humanity’s looming breakdowns, and basically how they interacted and interconnected.  These were (a) climate, (b) plastics, (c) biodiversity (with an emphasis on bio, or the life part of biodiversity), (d) Profound Overshoot illustrated by the Ecological Footprint Analysis, (e) humanity exploding Planetary Boundaries and accelerating breakdown through “the Great Acceleration.  The major conclusions of D&C were that humanity collectively, particularly in developed nations like the US, needs completely new and transformed operating systems. 

Our operating systems, i.e., the social, political, and moral systems (ESPMs) by which we live and “lifestyle,” will lead inevitably to breakdown, disasters, and collapse.  Moreover, multiple and varied disasters are coming, many of these exaggerated by our unworkable operating systems, particularly related to how we are breaking our climate system, and the question is not “how to avoid them,” but more “how to manage cooperatively in the face of these inevitable disasters.”In essence, D&C is explicit about the need to inform and galvanize the public, with emphasis on the US, because massive collective interventions to transform our operating systems, the (ESPMs) will be necessary in order to salvage some livable parts of humans’ futures. 
To avoid human extinction, a quick reduction of the human enterprise would be required since varied excessive human enterprises are driving humanity and much of Life into extinction processes. Collective reductions in the human enterprise, at whatever scale contemplated would not occur without the knowledge and involvement of the representative human communities, regions, or nations. Meanwhile, humanity is deluded or confused (contradictions in operating systems perhaps) about the factors that will determine our collective future.  Earth Systems’ analysis, starting with the five factors elaborated demonstrates the delusions and contradictions.   

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