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Today, no matter where you live in the world, you can start on and self-organize a meaningful and vital volunteer project at Job One for Humanity. Our volunteer projects below are based mostly upon our Job One for Humanity Plan to manage, reduce, or slow down our accelerating global warming consequences and, help lessen many of these other major global crises.

Here is how to start:

1. Before you pick your project(s) below, please read this brief overview of the Job One Plan. It will help you select a volunteer project best suited for your current interests and circumstances. Next,

2. Pick a project below to begin.

3. Once you feel comfortable then recruit other like-minded people in your areas to help support you and your new group, but most importantly, to expand the success of your chosen project area. This will help make these projects much easier to move forward. 

Here are our current projects:

Project 1: Part One of the Job One Plan. Emergency Adaptation, Preparation & Migration Survival Kit for Global Warming and Climate Change

This is primarily about getting you and your loved ones prepared for what is coming.

Project 2: Part Two of the Job One Plan. Individual Adaption Actions to Reduce Fossil Fuel Use & Survive and Thrive Through What is Coming

This is primarily about all of the actions you can take to reduce your fossil fuel use and the other things you can do to increase your sustainability.

Project 3: Part Three of the Job One Plan. Critical Government-Driven Actions Needed to Slow a Global Warming Triggered Extinction Event

This is for individuals with direct influence with politicians, ultra-wealthy individuals or corporations, or celebrities. You will use that influence to influence our current politicians to act. This urgency is because we have delayed effective action so long that only immediate radical government action can save us.

Project 4: Part Four of the Job One Plan Step 1. What will it take to get our governments to end the global warming-caused extinction emergency?

Project 4: Part Four of the Job One Plan Step 2. How to Get Our Governments to Act to Prevent Human, Animal, and Biological Extinction, Step 2 

This is for individuals without direct influence with politicians, ultra-wealthy individuals or corporations, or celebrities. Part Four offers indirect strategies to get governments to do the steps in Part Three of the Job One Plan.

Project 5: Get involved in our new Eco-communities project, described briefly below.

Enthusiastic volunteers worldwide are self-organizing new eco-communities. They will have a higher survival potential where you live now and in safer global warming areas, possibly in the future. These new eco-communities will become places where you and your family can survive global warming and these other 11 crises. 

They will also be places where you can thrive because these new eco-communities will be places working toward:

a. having sustainable gardens and farms (an agrihood

b. net-zero energy construction, 

c. individual growth and development, 

d. off-the-grid independence,

e. appropriate modern technology, and.

f. a new system of personalized democratic management. 

If you want to be involved in helping to co-create these new eco-community(s) by becoming a liaison, leader, or coordinator we suggest the following: 

1. Read this page first to get a quick general idea of what is happening with the global warming emergency.

2. Read this critical page next.

3. Then read this page for why it is necessary to get prepared NOW. 

4. Next, read this page to learn more about us. And,

5. Next, become a member here. Then read the members-only information on the Universe Communities and the global warming migration sections. After that, go to the "how to be a part of these self-organizing new eco-communities section at the end of the Universe community articles.

To see other current volunteer administrative, managerial, or supervisory positions within our organization, click here.

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