Who actually caused Climate Change and who is responsible for its damages?

Last updated 3.14.24.

There is one climate change fact that will change everything you currently believe about climate change consequences, timetables, progress, and solutions.



Let's face it. It is hard to hear uncensored, accurate climate change facts if one has been hearing distorted climate facts and falsehoods from the media (and others) for decades. Without uncovering and facing these past distortions and deceptions, the required openness to new information is difficult to attain. 

There is no easy, gradual way to do this other than to plunge you directly into an immense climate change fact hidden from you and why it was hidden. 

The climate change pre-fact needed to understand climate facts coming from any climate change research and analysis source is that: 

The global fossil fuel cartel IS the invisible, dominant hand that has distorted, underestimated, and unduly influenced the accuracy of almost all of the climate change information that you have been receiving for decades and currently are receiving from:

a. the media, 

b. your government,

c. the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (the IPCC,) the so-called world authority on climate change, and

d. almost all significant environmental and climate change educational groups. (These groups still use the IPCC's periodic climate change summary reports to educate their members despite the ever-growing scientific acknowledgment of gross underestimation, critical climate calculation errors, calculation integrity distortions, and other conflict-of-interest problems within the IPCC's summary reports. (Click here for a detailed history of IPCC summary report problems.)

The hidden global fossil fuel cartel's climate change disinformation, climate change censorship, and other coercive influence actions are the primary underlying reasons our governments and politicians have not fixed the climate change emergency over the last sixty-plus years. 

As shocking as it is to realize and accept, for decades, humanity has been subjected to a massive, multi-billion dollar global climate change disinformation campaign. This climate change disinformation has deceptively conditioned and qualified almost everything most people know about climate change today.

For humanity to ever be able to fix climate change, it must first strip away the distorted and false facts of the cartel's disinformation campaigns. It is helpful to recall some history everyone knows to be true to help you with this and open your mind to begin to see the profit-driven, hidden, and invisible global fossil fuel cartel's hand that censors and distorts almost all climate change information you are receiving. 

The global cigarette industry has a proven record of ten decades of successful misinformation, disinformation, false cigarette health risk studies, and funding of "independent" think tanks to produce questionable research saying smoking was not dangerous. The cigarette industry also has an extensive public record of engaging in many undue influence and government regulation delaying tactics. 

Like the cigarette industry's tactics, the far better-funded global fossil fuel cartel's disinformation, regulation-delaying practices, and other tactics have successfully kept uncensored climate change facts and accurate climate change consequence severity, timeframes, and climate change solutions from you, your government, and the media for over six decades! 

Does that statement seem not possible?

For decades, the global cigarette industry convinced the world's politicians and citizens that cigarettes did not cause lung cancer, health problems, or death with only a fraction of the global fossil fuel cartel's 28 trillion dollar-a-year income. 



The following are the continuous, super well-funded, and mostly hidden cartel climate change disinformation actions that have blinded the public and paralyzed our politicians over the last 40+ years:

1. Global disinformation campaigns to make the global public believe we are making regular or steady progress in fixing climate change in a way that prevents worldwide catastrophe when we are not! The cartel believes it can confuse you so much that you will not accept what your eyes see in the increasingly extreme weather. Worse yet, unless you stop the cartel, you will see far more cartel disinformation telling you the world is safe and is making the steady and necessary progress in fixing climate change, the worse climate change consequences get.

The graph below shows the story of the three primary toxic fossil fuel-burning atmospheric greenhouse gases: carbon (CO2), methane (CH4), and Nitrous Oxide (N2O). The numbers at the bottom of the illustration are the AD dates in history. The IPCC is the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. AR6 is the IPCC's climate summary report. NOAA is the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. PPB is parts per billion. PPM is parts per million.

Please notice how fast greenhouse gases have risen in the vertical rectangles on the right. Also, around 1800 AD, greenhouse gases began to increase far beyond any earlier levels in human history. About 1800 AD was the beginning of the fossil fuel-burning industrial revolution. Particularly, notice how, from about 1950 to 1980, the rates of toxic, poisonous greenhouse gases entering our atmosphere began rising exponentially. 


2. Global disinformation campaigns by funding or covertly influencing generally recognized authorities, think tanks, and opinion leaders to continuously create and spread cleverly designed and well-hidden false climate change information, doubts, or confusion about the actual causes, consequences, progress, timetables, and correct solutions surrounding climate change and the damages the fossil fuel cartel's products produce. (And, of course, without looking like this false and misleading climate change information is coming directly from the global fossil fuel cartel-funded entities.)

The world's biggest, most compromised, and trusted climate change "authority" is the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). But it is not the thousands of honest climate scientists who submit their unaltered climate research that produces the IPCC's climate change summary report distortions, illusions, and gross underestimation of climate consequences, timetables, progress, and correct solutions. 

It is the senior IPCC administrators and bureaucrats who assemble and create the final climate change summary reports who are editing, changing, and twisting the climate change facts and calculations and what is allowed to be said about climate change in these reports that is the real problem. These politically appointed senior IPCC administrators and bureaucrats are easily swayed by UN politics and the UN's biggest funders to amend, censor, and falsify critical climate change information. 

These politically appointed senior IPCC administrators and bureaucrats are so compromised and without real power that they even allowed the UN's big International Climate Conference to be scheduled in 2023 in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (COP 28) so that one of the world's largest oil producers could put on a greenwashing show and better control and manipulate the final results and fossil fuel reduction recommendations of the conference. Click here for more information on the Dubai COP 28 fossil fuel cartel-dominated conference. Can you think of a more compromised situation, twisted joke, or farce than putting on a climate change conference in one of the world's largest fossil fuel producers?

It gets even worse. Because of the global fossil fuel cartel's highly successful disinformation and other undue influence tactics upon the IPCC, the United Nations globally accepted climate change summary reports created by its IPCC division have been continuously underestimated by about 30-60% or more. And yes, this means that our governments, the media, and most environmental groups are unknowingly relying almost entirely on these IPCC climate change summary reports for everything they tell you about climate change consequences, timeframes, progress, and required solutions. 

This aspect of cartel disinformation means that almost everything you have been hearing about climate change facts is about 30-60 % worse, our climate change consequences will be coming 30-60% sooner, and the IPCC's fossil fuel reduction targets will be 30-60% less than the honest now required global fossil fuel reduction targets. 



If you still do not believe what we are saying about the compromised IPCC and its decades of 30-60% underestimation, please read the indented climate science section in [ ] just below. Otherwise, continue to # 3 further below.

[When someone tells you that almost everything you've heard for decades in the media, from the IPCC, from your government, or nearly ALL environmental groups about climate change has been underestimated by about 30 to 60%, you may want to challenge that statement. Accordingly, we have provided this link, which will show you the many disgusting ways (not described in this article) in which the global fossil fuel cartel has grossly distorted and manipulated almost all of the information you are receiving about climate change from the IPCC. (This link will also take you to numerous linked sub-pages of details on how unbelievably deep, continuous, and clever the cartel's climate change information manipulation program has been.)

In this page's even deeper science links, you will see how critical climate change calculations (critical calculation constants) have been significantly lowered below where they should be. You will also see how other remedial climate change calculation factors have been cooked up and invented "out of thin air" and then dropped into the critical global fossil fuel reduction calculations to create grossly underestimated future global fossil fuel reduction targets that favor the fossil fuel cartel.

You will also see how the IPCC has adopted unproven and wildly speculative calculations for using new carbon capture technologies despite not working at scale or reasonable energy efficiency, and which could have even worse unknown side effects. Yet, despite no tangible proof of workability, these fossil fuel cartel-friendly, carbon capture technology calculations were magically used by the IPCC and "dropped into" estimating every update for determining the "correct" required future global fossil fuel reductions. 

These bogus new IPCC carbon technology calculations create the fossil fuel cartel-benefiting illusion that by about 2050, the "miracle carbon capture technology" will save us "just in time," and surprise, surprise, these new IPCC global fossil fuel reduction calculations for carbon capture conveniently do not require humanity to make the currently required survival-essential 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. The cartel wants you to wholeheartedly and falsely believe carbon capture technology will pull all that nasty, toxic carbon pollution out of the air around 2050 and beyond so you do not have to change your current fossil fuel usage in any meaningful way.] 

 3. Successfully delaying, diluting, or killing government-level fossil fuel regulations designed to reduce national or global fossil fuel usage and make the fossil fuel cartel pay for the deadly pollution and other dangerous climate change consequences its products cause. For the last 40 years, the cartel did everything within its power to stop, delay, or dilute any government-level regulations that would enforce government-mandated cuts in fossil fuel use. 

Also, hidden in the background, while publicly blaming the world's citizens for not conserving energy and causing climate change, the cartel vigorously worked behind the scenes to stop, dilute, or delay any new governmental conservation regulations that would directly or indirectly enforce energy conservation or create higher automobile and truck fuel efficiency ratings (in miles per gallon) all of which would reduce global fossil fuel demand and the cartel's global profits. 

The Machiavellian maliciousness of the acts of the cartel does not stop at only:

a. protecting its deadly products and profits,

b. covertly hindering effective conservation.

The cartel has also been engaged in 40 years of continuing global actions to sabotage or block all governmental subsidies for any green energy generation innovations or development. 

The cartel's disinformation campaigns have not spared green energy generation and new green technologies. At the same time, the cartel was also working to stop, delay, or dilute any new government regulations that could benefit or forward green energy development or deployment.

The brilliant maliciousness of cartel disinformation, censorship, and coercive actions leave no loose ends. Anywhere they could, they were also busy creating doubt about green energy generation and new green technologies. They kept busy creating false or misleading information that could slow or stop green energy subsidies or the transition to green energy generation and new green technologies. It appears like anything that could hinder humanity's survival-critical transition to green energy generation and use; they were all in and committed to seeing it done.

The above 40+ years of vile cartel acts clearly show the continuous and conscious intentionality and necessary careful planning behind the cartel's efforts to maintain their profits at any cost, even if it means the lives of millions of people and the destruction of our environment at a level never seen before in human history. But there is still more evil permeating the decades of the detailed orchestration behind the cartel's toxic pollution death machine.

There is another critical tactic needed to ensure the public and its politicians remain climate change stupid, and so disempowered that they won't even think anything is urgent about climate change or that any changes need to be made. This action may be the most insidious of all cartel's despicable tactics and strategies. 2050 and beyond, so you do not have to change your current fossil fuel usage in any meaningful way. 

 4. Continuously creating and promoting false climate change solutions or false progress illusion-building hopeful messages like "we are making progress," "we are safe for now," "the worst climate change consequences won't happen until about 2100," or "carbon capture or a new technology will save us in the future" in the global media. 

They want you and the world to believe that new technologies will be able to clean all of the toxic carbon pollution and poison out of the atmosphere in the distant future, so you don't have to reduce how much toxic fossil fuel-burning carbon you're putting in the atmosphere today or in the future. 

Because of the cartel's many nefarious actions, we have lost 40 -60 years when fossil fuel reductions could have been made gradually and easily managed by our governments. (Today's correct and adjusted global fossil fuel reduction target, which is now required to save the lives of about 1/2 of humanity, is a shocking 75% global fossil fuel usage reduction by 2025. This correct fossil fuel reduction target amount, which compensates for the 40+ lost years when we should have been making gradual fossil fuel reductions, is a target that almost no one believes we can meet with so little time left.)

Tactic 5: The cartel viciously attacks climate scientists, researchers, and qualified academics who dare to publish or speak accurate climate facts that disagree with the cartel's billions spent on climate disinformation. The cartel has a long history of using its financial influence on governments, universities, and corporations to attack or defund legitimate climate change academic research. 

Through proxies, they have engaged in unwarranted harassment and reputational attacks on those academics, climate scientists, and researchers who speak out. The cartel has even gone so far as to try to cancel the paid speaking events of academics and other adversaries. 

World-renowned climate scientists like James Hansen have experienced decades of unwarranted harassment actions to ruin his reputation, defund his research, and cut off his paid public speaking events. Hansen strongly warned (and continues to warn) the public about the dangers of mass human suffering and the threat of human extinction caused by climate change. But, not all climate change academics and scientists are as brave as James Hansen. Consequently, many climate scientists, researchers, and even some activists do and share their critical climate change work anonymously.

Tactic 6. It appears the global fossil fuel cartel is also paying freelance Internet posters or using AI comments to attack anti-cartel information or criticism of the cartel's toxic, deadly products and actions. Their paid or AI role is to be nasty trolls and write personal attack posts to discredit the climate change information and whoever posted it. The attacks against accurate climate science and climate scientists are generally wild pseudo-science counter-opinions or sometimes even efforts to associate the posting or poster with extreme or despicable social or political ideas or organizations.

These attack posts seldom engage in an authentic discussion of legitimate climate science issues or show a qualified understanding of climate science. (These paid cartel internet or AI trolls are most likely being run out of the cartel's highly paid marketing, public relations, or lobbyist firms.)



What may be one of the most vicious and cruel outcomes of the total cumulative and synergetic effects of the cartel's massive global disinformation (lying) campaigns is that humanity has now lost almost six decades of critical:

1. time where we could have gradually reduced global fossil fuel use over the last six decades. If we had started and done what was needed six decades ago, we would not be in an accelerating global climate change emergency today with many now unavoidable catastrophic consequences.

2. time for essential and adequate climate change emergency preparation, adaptation, and resilience-building to manage and survive the many cartel-created and now unavoidable climate change consequences.

The global fossil fuel cartel is using the above tactics for one primary reason: trillions of dollars in profits are at stake. Additionally, they are doing it because if the world's citizens knew the actual climate change facts (found on this website) and understood that the global fossil fuel cartel had deliberately deceived them for decades, they would angrily demand that their politicians radically cut global fossil fuel use immediately. 

It is bitterly painful when someone finally realizes that the global fossil fuel cartel is entirely willing to sacrifice the assets (and lives) of billions of people and your children to satisfy their unquenchable greed for more profit (more super-yachts, more lavish palaces, and more ridiculously luxurious lifestyles for key fossil fuel cartel owners, executives, and investors, enablers, facilitators, etc.)

As you read the link to the other ten climate change facts the cartel never wants you to see at the bottom of this page, it will help to ease the shock most experience by being aware that the powerful hidden influence of the global fossil fuel cartel's disinformation and censorship actions have also caused almost everything that you hear from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC) in their globally accepted climate change summary reports is also underestimated by about 30-60% or more. (The IPCC is unfortunately considered by the cartel-disinformation uninformed to be the world's leading and trusted authority on climate change.)

Our governments, the global media, and most environmental groups entirely rely on the IPCC's climate change summary reports for everything they tell you about climate change consequences, timeframes, and solutions. This hidden IPCC gross 30-60% underestimation problem caused directly and indirectly by the global fossil fuel cartel's disinformation, censorship, and coercive influence programs also means explicitly that:

a. everything the media, your governments, or the most prominent environmental groups say about climate change consequence severity will be 30-60% worse than they tell you.

b. everything they say about climate change consequence timetables --- will occur 30-60% sooner than they tell you. And,

c. every fossil fuel reduction target date and target amount, they tell you that is the correct required amount for global fossil fuel use reduction will be 30-60% too little and have a deadline at least 30-60% too late to keep humanity safe and not facing mass extinction.

If you still think what we say about the global fossil fuel cartel distorting, censoring, and coercively influencing our governments, the media, environmental groups, and the climate summaries and solutions of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC), or is, in any way, exaggerated, or that the cartel is not continuously spending billions on climate disinformation to protect it trillions in income, or the cartel is not working tirelessly to make you "climate change stupid, and our politicians paralyzed" then keep exploring 1-5 below. Otherwise, move to the ten climate change facts the cartel never wants you to see linked at the bottom of this page.  

1. If needed, click here for a peer-reviewed 2023 climate change research article that supports the IPCC summary report underestimation calculation range of 30-60%. It is but another shocking exposure of the decades-long gross underestimation of critical climate change data by the UN IPCC.

2. Click here to read a shocking article by a trusted investigative global media newspaper that vigorously documents what we are saying about the global fossil fuel cartel in stunning black and white with painful proof examples. After reading this, you will never doubt that you have been systematically lied to about our actual climate change condition and its real risk and urgency. The obscene amount of money that the cartel is willing to spend to make you and your politicians "climate change stupid" makes the cigarette company's expenditures look like a child's piggy bank.

3. Click here to see the hundreds of well-documented articles about the many ways and tactics the global fossil fuel cartel uses to ensure that our governments, the media, the United Nations, and the world's citizens do not ever demand reduced global fossil fuel use to the required levels to save their own lives and the lives of their children. 

4. Here is another late 2023 peer-reviewed climate change research paper by James Hansen et al., which highlights the growing concerns about IPCC climate information accuracy and underscores the under-reported accelerating severity of coming climate change consequences as discussed in the ten facts below.

5. If you are a science person, click here for a deep dive into how the global fossil fuel cartel has corrupted and censored most of what you hear today about climate change.

"For six decades, we have been lied to by the global fossil fuel cartel about the climate change risks, consequences, solutions, and time frames, solely to maintain their profits. They are spending billions on sophisticated global climate change disinformation campaigns to protect trillions in income." Dan Hardy, climate researcher

6. If you still have ANY doubts that the world's largest business cartel that rivals the power and income of our most powerful countries has been crushing you with climate change disinformation and other coercive actions so that the governments and citizens of the world cannot interfere with their 28 trillion dollars a year in income, please click here are read the details about the many crimes against the future of humanity this greed-driven cartel has committed over the decades.

Special Global Fossil Fuel Cartel Dirty Tricks Latest Update

As of 3.14.24, it appears that the global fossil fuel cartel is pouring more and more money into the following focused avenues of disinformation:

1. To create a false sense of security, the cartel is getting lots of new articles and media coverage out around the world that are designed to convince humanity that carbon capture technology is working and will be able to save us from climate change catastrophe. Watch for these glowing fictional stories on the future of carbon capture, but be sure to read this article for why carbon capture is "far too little, far too late" to save us from the worst extinction consequences of climate change.

These stories will have "experts" telling you that it's far too late to fix climate change with fossil fuel use reductions, and we are now forced to use carbon capture technology. They certainly won't tell you this is just another clever cartel excuse, so you do not have to feel that we or our governments need to reduce our current fossil fuel use. They also will not tell you the reason why it's too late, which is overwhelmingly because the fossil fuel cartel made sure it was too late by using all of the dirty tactics described in this article.

2. The cartel is pushing very hard on the media and in articles cleverly designed to invisibly make individuals around the world feel that they (and not the cartel) are fully responsible for the current climate change emergency and its consequences. They are doing this because the cartel is currently fighting more than 2,000 lawsuits worldwide, making the cartel pay for climate damage.


3. To create another form of false security, the cartel is pushing media and articles designed to make individuals worldwide believe that the average global temperature will only rise by 2°c by sometime around or after 2100. The 2°C rise by 2100 is complete nonsense.

We are already at a 1.7°C rise. If humanity is lucky enough to still be around after 2060 to 2070, the temperatures by 2100 will be much, much higher than 2°C. Click here to see the honest estimated temperature rise and timeframes and the unlivable future the cartel is creating for humanity.

Never forget that the single biggest reason that the climate change emergency is not getting solved is that for decades, the global fossil fuel cartel has been directly and consistently preventing climate change from being solved simply because they don't want anything lowering their profits. Never forget that the global fossil fuel cartel is the real target and problem, not our governments, politicians, or you. Until we stop the cartel's disinformation and other illegal activities, climate change will keep getting worse!

Do not be fooled by false targets for the cause of climate change or the many minor targets set up to distract you. Focus on real, effective solutions once the cartel has been entirely stopped from destroying humanity's future.

Are you curious about what climate change facts are so damaging to the cartel's future that the cartel had to hide these facts from you for decades using massive, decades-long disinformation campaigns?

1. Now that you understand you have received decades of climate change disinformation from the global fossil fuel cartel, it's time to review ten essential climate change facts the global fossil fuel cartel NEVER wants you to see. Click here for those ten essential climate change facts.

If you thought those ten facts above were terrible, you are just beginning to learn how the cartel has harmed you, your family, and your business's future. You will soon discover in number 2 below that the cartel has done far more than you read about in number 1 above.

2. Please click here to read the ugly facts about the many horrendous crimes against humanity and the future of humankind this greed-driven cartel has committed over the decades. Click here to read our online trial of the global fossil fuel cartel.

Your Call to Action

What can you do about the cartel's billions of dollars of climate change disinformation?

1. It is easy, fast, and simple. Share this cartel disinformation article with everyone you know who currently believes the grossly underestimated climate change consequences, timeframes, progress, and solution information from the media and our governments.

If we do not break billions of people out of the cartel's induced global climate change disinformation illusions, there will be little chance we will avoid unthinkable climate catastrophes and eventual near-total human extinction. (Click here for details on how a climate change-driven near-total human extinction would occur.)

2 You can volunteer to help fight climate change disinformation and bring more lawsuits against the fossil fuel cartel for its toxic pollution and the loss and damage climate change produces by clicking here.

3. If you know someone who has experienced financial losses because of climate change consequence damage, Go to this link to learn how to get climate change damage financial restitution.

4. Click Here Now if You Are Ready to Vote if the Global Fossil fuel Cartel is Guilty of Causing Climate change and Financially Responsible for all Climate change Loss and Damage.


Last Thoughts

The decades-long evil cleverness of the global fossil fuel cartel leaders to control both the information and the climate change framing that you receive from worldwide trusted sources is a tactic right out of classic propaganda manuals. But with this and similar articles, this tactic is steadily being defeated.

This article also means that you or our governments did not cause climate change, nor are you continuing it or responsible for climate change consequences, loss, and damage. Because of their decades-long global disinformation campaigns, the global fossil fuel cartel is both the primary and the ongoing cause of the accelerating climate change emergency, and it is they who must pay for all climate change consequence loss and damage.

You now know that the media, our governments, the UN's IPPC, and even many of our most prominent environmental groups have been unknowingly compromised by billions of dollars spent on decades-long cartel climate change disinformation campaigns. Will you do your part to help combat this highly dangerous climate change disinformation by sharing this article?

The global fossil fuel cartels' disinformation campaigns do a great disservice and are also causing extreme danger and risk to the world's population. Because of decades of the cartel's climate change disinformation campaigns and their other criminal activity, the world's population will be unnecessarily blindsided and utterly unprepared for the many escalating, severe, and unavoidable climate change catastrophes soon to hit them.

There is a lot more than the global fossil fuel cartel is doing to harm the future of humanity that was not covered in this article. Please click here to read a new public trial summary on the many obscene crimes against humanity and criminal actions the cartel is still actively engaged in. (This article has become part of the evidence presented to jury members by climate change experts in this new public trial of the global fossil fuel cartel.)


1. Big Anti-Cartel Disinformation Litigation Success 

Feb 7, 2024, From the Desmog Blog: This is another huge loss for the global fossil fuel cartel and their agents and minions.

This week, Michael Mann's (the renowned climate change scientist) defamation lawsuit concluded with a jury finding in Mann's favor and awarding him $1 million in punitive damages!

The defamation lawsuit, brought by climate scientist Michael Mann, 12 years in the making, opened Jan 18 in Washington, D.C. Superior Court. Mann sued two conservative commentators — Mark Steyn and Rand Simberg, who is an analyst at the Competitive Enterprise Institute — for defamation, alleging that their attempts to discredit his climate change educational work in print and online had damaged his reputation and led to a decline in his ability to secure research funding.

The defendants doubled down on climate denial as Mann took the stand and as it went to the jury earlier this week. The jury's finding in Mann's favor is not only a personal win but sends a strong message in defense of other climate scientists and scientists whom the agents and minions of the cartel have attacked.

If you want to learn more about the escalating amount of litigation against the global fossil fuel cartel, click here.

2. 2.28.24: As part of its invisible to the general public defensive legal strategy, the fossil fuel cartel has just begun a new advertising program to convince people it is THEIR responsibility to conserve energy to reduce climate change. The cartel wants you to believe that the blame and guilt for all of the escalating climate change consequences is entirely on you, the individual, and not the fossil fuel cartel. 

Watch for these clever ads with celebrities or academics who will tell you all how to cut your fossil fuel use to help control climate change. They sound entirely reasonable, and they offer accurate advice on cutting fossil fuel use, but it is usually the global fossil fuel cartel that is funding them. 



Dan Hardy

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Watch the video below if you still need more information on who is the real cause of the past and ongoing climate change emergency. Click the image below. In just its first few months online, it had almost 6,000 views.



If you want to learn more about getting financial restitution and justice for any climate change loss and damage you have suffered, click here.)

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