How to Know Where and When to Migrate because of Global Warming and Climate Change Part 1: The Overview

Last Updated 2.20.24.


This article contains information on climate change preparation, adaptation, disaster recovery, and climate change relocation and migration information. It has everything you want and need to find the safest places to live as climate change worsens.


This is part three of both the Job One For Humanity Plan and our Climate Change Disaster Preparation, Adaptation, Recovery, and Climate Change Relocation and Migration Guidebook.  To go to the area of your greatest immediate need, select from the options below:

1. If you have just experienced a climate change-related extreme weather event involving any heatwaves, droughts, wildfires, hurricanes and cyclones, flooding, rain bombs, wind storms (Derechos), dust storms, wildfire smoke events, unseasonable cold spells, and abnormal unseasonal weather and, you need immediate recovery information and guidance, please click here.

2. If you are looking for the essential emergency backup plans and actions needed to ride out future climate-related extreme weather and disasters, please click here.

3. If you need information on the best actions for how to adapt to coming climate change consequences, please click here.

4. If you are looking for our extensive climate change relocation migration evaluation and potential location information, please continue reading this page. It will help you find the safest places to live as climate change worsens.

5. If you think your government will save you from what is coming, please click here and read about all the climate change problems it will have to solve first to save and protect you.

Please do not relocate or migrate until you have read all the pages in our relocation and migration guide. There is information throughout its pages essential for a well-informed decision. This information can help you save hundreds of thousands of dollars in unworkable choices and save you and your loved ones' lives.


There are currently seven pages in our Climate Change Migration and Relocation manual to consider. Think of them as your personal climate change migration guide or manual containing all of the evaluation information, checksheets, etc, you will need. 

We strongly recommend carefully reviewing all climate change migration and relocation-related guide pages before deciding to relocate and migrate. It will save you a lot of needless worries, expenses, or "buyer's regret."

In these "how-to" pages, you will find many questions and current global warming prediction information that will help you decide if you should consider climate change migration or relocation, and if so, when and where. These pages will also outline and describe in detail a sequence of crucial action steps you can begin immediately.

Finally, this climate change relocation and migration manual also contains age-related migration information. How old you are will make a big difference in experiencing the worst consequences of the global warming emergency as they unfold.

Global Warming Migration and Relocation

Knowing when to migrate because of global warming and the other 11 escalating global crises is as important as knowing where to migrate! If you have chosen to remain where you are in an urban, suburban, or rural area and ride out what is coming for as long as possible before you migrate, or you have chosen to migrate, here is some additional information that should help you make the "when to move" decision.

1. If you have not done so already, please go to this page and copy both sets of the detailed catastrophes, extinction, and collapse warming signs and post them somewhere you can review them regularly. As you continue to watch your local, national, and international news, be aware of which warning signs are starting to occur. Be particularly aware of which warning signs are increasing in frequency, severity, or scale.

Depending upon your current location, at some point, while watching these many warning signs accelerate and occur, it will become apparent to you that you have entered your particular "must migrate soon" window of opportunity. Part of determining your personal migration window of opportunity is to estimate how long it will take you to:

a. Find the right location to move to. (As things worsen, more and more people will realize that if they do not move, they will suffer or die. Real estate prices also will drop faster and faster in unsafe global warming areas. Real estate prices will rise faster and faster in safer global warming areas.) 

b. have enough time to pack and move there.

c. have enough time to buy or build and set up your new home as described in Part 2 of the Job One Survive and Thrive Plan, i.e., garden, solar or wind systems, sewage, water collection, etc.

2. The following timeline chart, when used with the 47 warning signs lists and the other information on migration on this page and in the member's section, will also help you narrow it down for when it is the right time to move your family or business.


Climate change tipping point, feedbacks, and the exponential consequence growth factors will also affect your "when to move calculations"

When you are doing your "when to migrate calculations," do not forget that global warming consequences will continue to escalate in frequency, severity, and scale. At some point, this escalation will go from a linear and gradual progression to an exponential progression as more tipping points are crossed. Once this happens, migrating will be far more difficult and expensive.

To familiarize yourself with these timeframe accelerators, we recommend you review the following:

The four global warming extinction-level tipping points,

About global warming tipping points.

Your next crucial action step

If you have not already read Part 1 of the Job One Plan, which is about getting prepared for what is coming, please do so before you continue to read the rest of the materials in the Relocation and Migration evaluation sections by clicking here. Please also keep reading this manual as you work on the action steps in part one.

"There can be no margin for error whenever there is a real and imminent threat of total human extinction. Carefully considering if you will need to migrate to safer global warming areas must be a part of that calculation" Lawrence Wollersheim

Access to all climate change materials

Special Note: Up until 8.18.2022, we provided all critical timelines for preparing for the consequences of climate change and runaway global warming in one place as part of the thousands of pages of free climate information we provide. After 8.18.2022, we have moved these critical runaway global heating timeframes to the members-only section of our website. 

We were forced to do this to ensure that our self-funding, non-profit climate think tank has adequate income to continue doing unbiased, unpoliticized, and accurate climate analyses and predictions. We encourage you to become an annual member to access these critical timelines and other valuable climate change materials. Such as:

What is the most updated information about climate change migration, relocation, or managed retreat? 

How to Know Where and When to Migrate Because of Accelerating Global Warming and Climate Change? 

Before relocating, what must I know about climate change migration and relocation? 

What Climate Change Migration, Relocation, and Managed Retreat Evaluation Factors are the Most Important? 

What are the Climate Change Safer Zones Within the United States and Worldwide? 

Do you have a robust checklist for climate change safer, land and home purchasing, migration, relocation, or managed retreat? (This 6-page checklist will help keep you from making poor or inadequate land or home purchases that will not add to your climate safety and longevity.)

Why find, join, or create a ClimateSafe Village-like resilient eco-community to significantly improve my long-term climate change survive and thrive possibilities? Click here.

What are the worst migration challenges and difficult choices that I must face in a high-probability climate change-driven Great Global Collapse? Click here.

What are the most critical climate change consequence timeframes I will need to know to plan a safe future for myself, my family, and my business? 

What are the seven new climate change rules for real estate buying, selling, and investment in the age of accelerating climate change? 

What are the financial loss timeframes and percentages for the coming local, state, national, and global financial losses due to accelerating climate change consequences?  (Learn how climate change will destabilize the world economy to levels that will take decades to recover.)

How will Climate Change Create Stock Market Opportunities and Massive Future Market Losses and Instabilities? (What stocks will be the biggest winners and losers as climate change accelerates?)

How will Climate Change Cause Wild Fluctuations and Unpredictability in Future Commodity Prices? Click here. (What commodities will be the biggest winners and losers as climate change accelerates?)

The predictions for how climate change will affect political conflict or instability probabilities, particularly relating to a nation's regionalized specific global warming consequences.

What are the Basics for Recovery From Climate Change Losses and Related Disasters? 

How do I get All of the Free Climate Change-Related Ebooks available to all Members? Click here. 

What is the Climageddon Extinction Scenario and its Timetables for a Climate Change-Driven Global Collapse? Click here. 

Do you have Special Member-Only Briefings and Alerts On Climate Change? Click here. 

How will escalating climate change break down the strongest democracies, roll back existing human rights, and threaten worldwide political stability

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Here is a new article on climate migration that is well worth reading as it also includes the ideas of climate justice for those who migrate.

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If you want to understand the climate science and analysis procedures we used to present the above information, click here for a technical explanation of our climate research process.

For answers to all of your remaining questions about climate change and global warming, click here for our new climate change FAQ. It has over one hundred of the most asked questions and answers about climate change.


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