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Last Updated 2.20.24.


As of 2023, hundreds of thousands of intelligent individuals worldwide are relocating due to intensifying climate change consequences. From 2025-2030 millions of intelligent individuals will be migrating. From 2030-2040 it will be hundreds of millions to as many as billion or more individuals migrating by 2050 as ever more people realize they live in climate change consequence "migrate or suffer and die" zones.

Below is essential information to avoid making serious relocation mistakes or wasting time and money. It is part of our online multi-page Climate Change Migration, Relocation, and Managed Retreat Guide. 

Some pages in our online migration/relocation guide require you to become a member for complete access. Still, membership is very reasonable and tax-deductible, and you get great additional gifts when you become a member. Your membership also helps our 100% publicly funded climate change think tank keep speaking uncensored climate change acts to power. Click here to see everything you will receive when you become a member.

This guide contains several parts with critical information on climate change migration, relocation, managed retreat, emergency preparations, adaptation strategies, and disaster recovery steps. To begin, go to the area of your greatest need, and select from the options below:

1. If you are looking for our extensive climate change-related migration, relocation, and managed retreat evaluation and location information, please continue reading this page and the rest of the following pages in our Member's section:

a. I need to know The most critical climate change consequence timeframes for when to migrate, relocate, or start my managed retreat plan for a safe future. Click here.

b. For more general climate change migration, relocation, or managed retreat information. Click here.

c. For the Recommended Climate Change Safer Relocation Areas Within the US and the World. Click here.

d. More Critical Information on Where and When to Migrate Because of Global Warming and Climate Change. Click here.

e. What everyone must know about climate change migration, relocation, and managed retreat before relocating. Click here.

f. Additional Critical Evaluation Factors for Climate Change Migration, Relocation, and Managed RetreatClick here.

g. The six-page master checklist for climate change-safer land and home purchasing for climate change-driven migration, relocation, or managed retreat. Click here.


2. If you are looking for the essential emergency backup plans needed to ride out future climate-related extreme weather and disasters (or recover from them more quickly), please click here.


3. If you need information on the best actions to adapt to coming climate change consequences, please continue reading this page.


4. If you need immediate climate disaster recovery information after having just experienced a climate change-related extreme weather event involving any of the following; heatwaves, droughts, wildfires, hurricanes ad cyclones, flooding, rain bombs, wind storms (Derechos), dust storms, wildfire smoke events, unseasonable cold spells, and abnormal unseasonal weather, please click here.




Our climate change-related migration, relocation, or managed retreat online guide was costly and time-consuming to create. Moving to a new location and getting it wrong will also be very costly.

Therefore, you want to be sure you have all the best and most current climate change-related migration, relocation, or managed retreat information before making that challenging decision. Accordingly, we strongly recommend using our website's extensive Members section to complete your climate change-related migration, relocation, or managed retreat evaluation. 

For example, our Member's migration evaluation pages will thoroughly explain the migration, relocation, and managed retreat map (just below). These pages have a six-page migration land and home purchase checklist. (It took us four years and 17 weeks of staff travel at great expense to visit the many global warming safer areas to create a migration plus or minus checklist, optimal migration timeframes, and the other related migration information found in our comprehensive online guide.)

Currently, hedge funds, ultra-wealthy individuals, and investment banks are buying large amounts of land in many global warming safer locations. Prices are already rising significantly in safer global warming areas as more people relocate after each new series of climate change-related catastrophes.

Worse yet, migration restrictions in many nations keep getting more restrictive as more people migrate. Therefore, it is critical to evaluate as quickly as possible if you, your family, or your business need to migrate, relocate or begin a managed retreat in the foreseeable future!

And finally, we know of numerous well-informed climate change researchers who have already moved their families to climate change safer areas. When climate change researchers are already moving their families to safer places, it is a powerful warning climate change consequences will get very bad quickly, and you need to make the required climate change-related migration, relocation or managed retreat evaluations soon.

The Principles of Managed Retreat

Climate change-driven migration and relocation are often connected to the concepts of Managed Retreat. There are many powerful reasons for understanding the principles of Managed Retreat, as discussed in the list of 10 questions on this page.

Although this article begins talking about effective climate educational activism, down the page in the handout for politicians and local emergency services directors, it covers seldom discussed critical areas and factors to consider that can also affect your migration and relocation evaluation. (If you migrate to a place unprepared for these contingencies, you may not be able to get critical supplies when you need them.)

You will hear much about climate change-related Managed Retreat in the news as the emergency worsens. 




This page and the climate migration and relocation section of our Migration, Relocation, and Managed Retreat Online Guide is essential reading, mainly if you doubt relocation or migration may be necessary for you, your family, or your businesses. 

Successful migration because of climate change-related consequences and accelerating environmental deterioration is complex and challenging! Before you decide to migrate, read the dozens of migration pros and cons and how-to tips in our online guidebook. 

Please don't get caught migrating to the wrong place. Educate yourself thoroughly on what we have learned after years of research, physically visiting many locations, and much cost. 

"The wise will always see the patterns of the destabilizing climate or the worsening of the world's other crises a long time before the rest of the population. The wise will prepare their emergency supplies and the relationships they will need ahead of time so they, their families, and their businesses won't have to endure the worst of what's coming by being unprepared. 

The wise understand that an emergency is the worst time to find critical supplies and help because supplies quickly disappear, prices soar, and dependable outside governmental or non-profit organizational support occurs less and less frequently as the disasters grow in size, severity, and frequency." Lawrence Wollersheim


You will need to become a member to see all pages and checksheets in our Climate Change Migration, Relocation, and Managed Retreat Online Guide.

Becoming a member is easy and inexpensive, and you will get $50 in climate ebooks and other valuable climate information. There is far more in the Members section than our online guide's migration, relocation, and managed retreat sections. There is additional information that will make any climate change-related migration, relocation, or managed retreat safer, easier, and more profitable! 

You also help keep our 100% publicly funded climate change think tank speaking climate truth to power and the world when you become a member.

To begin the many pages of our Online Guide and become a member, click here! It will take you to the membership sign-up page. After you become a member, you will need to be signed in and be able to see all of the pages in the member's only section. 

Are you still in doubt about why you should join Job One for Humanity and become a member? If you still have ANY doubts about our continuously worsening climate change future and why many will need to relocate or migrate, please read the following links in the order given:

1. Today's Key Climate Change Facts

2. The four climate change extinction-evoking tipping points.

3. Are we headed toward a global warming-triggered extinction and collapse?

4. Here is a new article on climate migration that is well worth reading as it also includes the ideas of climate justice for those who migrate.

(This page was previously Action Step 6 in the preparation area of our website.)


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