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Last updated 3.29.24

Welcome to the table of contents for our CSV online guide and the original CSV master model for everything you ever would want to know about ClimateSafe Villages (CSV), the climate-resilient eco-communities of the future. Of course, the ongoing forums at CSV will continue to add to the factors found in our 6-page CSV master model. 


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Here Are the Major Pages of Our Online ClimateSafe Villages Guide

Page 1: Introduction, Overview, and Goals


Page 2: Climate Safe Village Qualities, Processes, Income Sources, and Safeguards


Page 3: The Four ClimateSafe Village Models and Their Operations


Page 4: Our New Personal Democracy ClimateSafer Village Management Model


Page 5: About ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham, a Unique Rural ClimateSafe Village


Page 6: Our The Universe One ClimateSafe Village Application Process


Here are Additional ClimateSafe Villages Materials for Informed Decision-Making

The ClimateSafe Villages Social Contract Page


Online Rules for Our Virtual ClimateSafe Villages


Procedures and Policies for Exiting Our ClimateSafe Villages or Applying for Membership 


Personal Democracy White Paper


The ClimateSafe Villages Issues FAQ of frequently asked questions for only issues directly relating to ClimateSafe Villages issues


The ClimateSafe Villages Climate FAQ of frequently asked questions for every question you have about climate change


If you want to donate directly to the nonprofit ClimateSave Villages, click here. 

Please note that the ClimateSafe Village illustrations below explore just a few possibilities for rural villages. 


Here Are Our Climate Change Migration, Relocation, and Managed Retreat Pages

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What are the Recommended SAFER Climate Change Relocation Areas Within the US and the World? Click here.

How to Know Where and When to Migrate Because of Global Warming and Climate Change? Click here.

What do I need to know about climate change migration and relocation? Click here.

What are the Climate Change Migration, Relocation, and Managed Retreat Evaluation Factors? Click here.

What are the Recommended Climate Change Safer Zones Within the United States and Worldwide? Click here.

Do you have a checklist for climate change-safer land, and home purchasing, for migration, relocation, or managed retreat? Click here.

Should I find, join, or create a ClimateSafe Village and eco-community to improve my climate change survive and thrive possibilities? (Click here.

Are there other migration challenges and difficult choices I must face in a high-probability climate change-driven Great Global Collapse? Click here.


Here is Critical Additional Climate Change Emergency Information that Could Affect Your Decision to Join the ClimateSafe Villages Models

To see the special pages in the list below, you must sign into the website and be a member. Becoming a member is easy, affordable, and you get great gifts when you join:

What are the most critical climate change consequence timeframes I will need to know to plan a safe future? Click here.

What are the seven new rules for successful real estate buying, selling, and investment in the age of accelerating climate change? Click here.

What are the coming catastrophic global financial losses of our climate change future? Click here.

Will Climate Change Create Stock Market Opportunities and Massive Future Market Instability? Click here.

Will Climate Change Cause Wild Fluctuations and Unpredictability in Future Commodity Prices? Click here.

Will escalating climate change break down democracies and worldwide political stability? Click here.

What are the Basics for How to Recover From Climate Change Related Disasters? Click here.

How do I get All the Free Climate Related Ebooks available to all Members? (B, 1) Click here. 

What is the Climageddon Extinction Scenario and the Timetables of a Climate Change-Driven Global Collapse? (A, 3) Click here. 

Do you have Special Member Only Briefings On Climate Change? (B, 1) Click here. 


Here are two essential videos to watch for why you many want to join us or create a CSV of your own.


1. Click on the image below for a short introduction on why CSVs are needed. This CSV introductory video below has been viewed more than 5,000 times in its first several weeks online.



2. Click here to learn more about why the CSV movement exists, and to watch another powerful video created by ABC TV on the Climate change challenges in front of all of us. It is called Earth 2100.



Page 1: Introduction, Overview, and Goals

To immediately go to any of this page's subtitles found below, click on the Page link above.

  1. What are ClimateSafe Villages
  2. Seven Powerful Reasons to Join or Build Your Own Urban, Rural, Hybrid, or Virtual ClimateSafe Village Model at this Unique Transitional Tine
  3. A Quick  Overview of Our Basic Design Goals and Qualities
  4. The Core Purposes of Our Four Models 
  5. Features of the Rural Model
  6. Additional Goals of Our Four Models
  7. Principles for How We Will Achieve Our Goals
  8. What New Members Will Start Doing When They Join
  9. The Motivations Behind the Creation of These Four ClimateSafe Village Models
  10. What Organization is Behind the Four ClimateSafe Village Models
  11. How to Get Started and Join Any One of Our Four Models



image.pngPage 2: Qualities, Processes, Income Sources, and Safeguards

To immediately go to any of this page's subtitles below, click on the Page 2 link at the top of this section.

  1. Introduction to ClimateSafe Village and Member Qualities
  2. The Eco-community Physical Qualities, Processes, Income Sources, and Safeguards 
  3. Our Cultural and Social Qualities 
  4. Our Community Educational Qualities 
  5. The Community Potential Eco-Spiritual Qualities 
  6. Potential Income and Funding Sources for Our Eco-Communities and Their Members
  7. Our Internal Safety and Security Processes 
  8. Our External Safety and Security Processes 
  9. Our Key Individual Member Qualities


Page 3: The Four Models and Their Operations

To immediately go to any of this page's subtitles below, click on the Page 3 link above.

  1. Introduction to the Four ClimateSafe Village Models
  2. Urgency Factors for Choosing and Getting Started in One or More of the Four Village Model Variations
  3. The Four Village Structure Variations and Options

The four model options

a. CSV Variation 1: The "Stay Where You Are" Get Prepared and Resilient Urban, Suburban, or Rural Eco-Communities

b. CSV Variation 2: The Land-Based Rural Community Option  

c. CSV Variation 3: The Hybrid Community

d.  CSV Variation 4: The Worldwide Virtual Community

  1. What Services Will Make These ClimateSafe Villages Legitimate and Worthy of Membership Fees They Collect?
  2. Factors that Unite the Members of All Four Village Variations
  3. Common Similarities Between the Four Model Variations
  4. How Fast the New ClimateSafe Villages Will Come into Existence and Grow
  5. Where the First ClimateSafe Village is Being Launched, and What are Other Best Locations
  6. Our Projected Timeframes for When the Four Village Models Will Come into Existence,
  7. Regarding Joining or Helping to Build Any of Our New ClimateSafe Villages
  8. How to Get Started and Join Any One of Our Four Models



Page 4: Our New Personal Democracy Management Model



Page 5: About ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham, a Unique Rural Village

To immediately go to any of this page's subtitles below, click on the Page 5 link above.


  1. Introduction to ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham

  2. Launch Phases
  3. Launch Steps
  4. Membership Process
  5. The Eco-Spiritual and Related Qualities at the ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham Model
  6. Advanced ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham Material
  7. Additional Reading on Progressive Evolution Theory
  8. ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham Contributors
  9. Other Pages in Our ClimateSafe Village Materials



Page 6: The ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham Application Process

To immediately go to any of this page's subtitles below, click on the Page 6 link above.

  1. Introduction to the Membership Application Process
  2. Who We Are Looking for as New ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham and Other ClimateSafe Village Members
  3. Our Application Requirements for Only the ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham ClimateSafe Village Membership
  4. Here are the Steps for Applying for ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham Membership
  5. ClimateSafe Villages Bellingham Membership Disqualifying Issues 
  6. Other Pages in Our ClimateSafe Village Materials





What To Do Next

When we say we are creating survive and thrive new ClimateSafe Villages worldwide, people have many different ideas of what that means. They often think of similar communities like intentional communities, co-housing communities, sustainability communities, resilience communities, prepper communities, degrowth communities, ecovillages, conservation communities, simplicity communities, deep adaptation communities, evolutionary communities, agrihoods, eco-prepper, progressive prepper, farmers cooperatives, eco-spiritual, even survivalist communities. 



While our four new ClimateSafe Village models may include and combine the best elements from many of these kinds of communities, they are also something new and quite unique. Our four ClimateSafe Village models also strive to transcend what we perceive to be the limitations, missing parts, or flaws in these other types of communities, and they are what you could also call true climate survival communities.

Please Note: Nowhere on Earth will be 100% safe from all climate change consequences. But we can create climate-safer locations and communities using the practices of climate change preparation, adaptation, and resilience building. ClimateSafe Villages will help you make wherever you live as climate-safe as possible using these practices." 



Sign up here to learn more about ClimateSafe Villages

Sign up to learn more, start, or join a ClimateSafe Village. We will send you what you need to know for your next steps. 

Click here to go to our new ClimateSafe Villages website with our shortest public introduction.



Click here for the ClimateSafe Villages FAQ for additional questions not covered in our online index.

Click here only if you have remaining questions about any climate change issue.

The link above will take you to our comprehensive climate change frequently asked questions FAQ covering over 100 of the most commonly asked questions about the climate change emergency.

If you have any questions not answered in any of the links above, please email us at [email protected]

If you are browsing or want to get a general beginning sense of who we are and what we are doing, we strongly recommend you start exploring the new ClimateSafe Villages website here to more easily introduce you to the many benefits of these unique and necessary new sustainable and climate-resilient communities. Please click here to go to our newfar less complex ClimateSafe Village website to start exploring the many positive possibilities.


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