Climate change damage evidence master list for litigation cases against the global fossil fuel cartel

Last Updated 3.25.24.

We launched this climate justice program in January 2024. As more anti-fossil fuel cartel organizations and allies continue to forward us this new information, more law firms, attorney generals, and evidence are regularly added to the existing lists.

The climate change damage evidence page below is part of the Climate Justice Now program described on this page. A critical element of the Climate Justice Now program is its online public trial of the global fossil fuel cartel. The online public trial of these global perpetrators of climate change is being used to:

a. Quickly educate lawyers, law firms, and government authorities on the scope, scale, and decades-long history of the illegal, immoral, and criminal activities of climate change perpetrators.

b. educate the general public about survival-critical climate change facts the perpetrators of climate change have hidden from the public for decades.

This page also contains links to organizations tracking or helping with anti-cartel litigation and to a climate change whistleblower support organizations. Please send us any other evidence you find from other climate change damage cases against the global fossil fuel cartel. 

Here is the evidence for the cartel's online public trial page and for other worldwide litigation against the cartel for climate change damages:

1. Click here for a study confirming the 10 million global deaths a year from the cartel's fossil fuel promoting and burning consequences. What can be said by the science is that climate change consequences increase air pollution and increase its effects - including cancers, upper and lower respiratory diseases, and cardiovascular diseases, neurological diseases, low birth weight, pregnancy complications. 

As climate change intensifies, the 10 million deaths/year will also increase. Here is the link to an additional World Health Organization (WHO) research paper talking about the 10 million fossil fuel-related deaths a year. Here is also a recent New York Times article discussing the 10 million deaths per year related to fossil fuel use.

Now, think back and do the math for 10 million deaths yearly at our current population level. Next, adjust that 10 million death number downward for lowered previous population levels and lower toxic greenhouse gas pollution levels in our atmosphere. Start your calculation estimation with the beginning of the cartel at the Industrial Revolution 220 years ago. If you then arrive at only 300 million lost lives over the last 220 years from the cartel's products, that number could easily be considered overly conservative.

2. Original Shell evidence documents showing they knew of climate change damages in 1970s and 1980s.

3. New Shell evidence documents showing they knew of climate change damages in 1970s and 1980s.

4. How attribution can fill the evidence ‘gap’ in climate litigation, click here for more.

5. Other resources:

a. The Economic Impacts of Climate Change: Evidence from Agricultural Profits and Random Fluctuations in Weather.


c. Research on the Record: How Your Expertise Can Hold Climate Polluters Accountable.

d. Research Priorities for Climate Litigation.

e. Yale Experts Explain Climate Lawsuits,

f. Attribution science and litigation: facilitating effective legal arguments and strategies to manage climate change damages.

g. How scientists are helping sue over climate change.

h. Filling the evidentiary gap in climate litigation

i. Held v. State: The court concluded that “[e]very additional ton” of greenhouse gas emissions exacerbated the plaintiffs' injuries.

5a. New evidence has just surfaced that the fossil fuel cartel knew about the damage its products would cause as early as 1954. Click here to get to this evidence.

6. The single most critical climate change number is known as the climate sensitivity constant. Yet the IPCC, strongly influenced by the global fossil fuel cartel and fossil fuel-producing nations, has kept this all-important climate sensitivity constant artificially low despite continual protests by recognized climate scientists. 



According to a new 2023 peer-reviewed study, the correct climate sensitivity constant is 4.8 degrees Celsius, not the 3 degrees Celsius constant used by the IPCC over the last decades in almost ALL foundational climate change calculations.

This nearly 60% difference in the correct climate sensitivity constant over the IPCC's incorrect constant is NOT a minor or low-impact matter for your future.

The confirming 2023 study that disclosed this massive climate sensitivity error is called Global Warming in the Pipeline. It is by James Hansen et al. (James Hansen is the renowned climate scientist who, while at NASA in the 1980s, was primarily responsible for bringing the climate change emergency globally into the public mind.)

This newly corrected 4.8 degrees Celsius climate sensitivity constant amount powerfully indicates climate consequences will be sooner and far beyond what our governments and the media are telling us.

It also means the fossil fuel reduction amounts that our governments have agreed to for reducing climate change (and that you hear continually in the media) are also grossly underestimated by as much as 60%. 

This corrected 4.8 degrees Celsius climate sensitivity constant also points to the fact that we are already in the worst-case climate change scenario that honest climate researchers have been warning about and for which humanity is not even remotely prepared. 

The worst outcome of having the climate sensitivity constant not being 3 degrees Celsius but 4.8 degrees Celsius (about 60% greater) is that almost all of the climate calculations provided by the IPCC upon which governments, media, and the whole world depend for accurate climate consequence severity estimates, consequence arrival timeframes, and the correct global fossil fuel reduction amounts are wildly not correct!

This new and corrected climate sensitivity constant of 4.8 degrees Celsius means that our worst fears have not only been confirmed. It also means that when you include all additional factors listed below in reasons 1-5 below, almost all of the IPCC's climate change consequence severity and timeframe predictions and their fossil fuel reduction amounts are not just wrong by a little bit.

Because of the hidden hand of the cartel, they are underestimated by up to 60%.

The illustration below helps to show that as climate conditions change or worsen, the climate sensitivity constant needs to be adjusted accordingly.


There are also other critical reasons to be very concerned about the severe cartel-influenced IPCC underestimation problem in what you are hearing from your governments and the media on climate change:

Reason 1: There are highly disruptive and potentially huge climate consequence amplification effects as we cross more significant climate change tipping points and feedbacks. Most of these tipping points and feedbacks are seldom included in IPCC climate change calculations.

Reason 2: The IPCC also includes "backed-in" phony phantom calculations into its predictions and projections for carbon capture technology's "successful" future results in about 2050. This technology is entirely unproven at scale or cost efficiency and could have even worse unknown side effects. We wrote about this other massive IPCC distortion of climate change calculations and predictions using "magical thinking carbon-sucking unicorns" and what this distortion does to harm humanity and for the profits of global fossil fuel cartel in this article.

Reason 3: Climate systems and subsystems include unknown non-linear climate change-related feedbacks common in complex adaptive systems like the climate system and many of its subsystems. The Precautionary Principle requires that some value be assigned to their occurrence probability in complex adaptive systems. Unfortunately, these non-linear climate change-related feedbacks are seldom included in IPCC climate change calculations. 

Reason 4: Even before the new 2023 climate sensitivity correction study by Hansen et al. came out, Job One had predicted the average global temperature in 2050 would be considerably warmer than the IPCC-predicted temperature of about 1.5- 1.8 degrees Celsius. We predicted it will be at least a 2 -2.7 degree Celsius increase over pre-industrial levels and probably more depending on additional crossed tipping points. (The Job One corrected temperature predictions for 2050 and beyond listed on this page; consider and include reasons 1-5.)

Reason 5: Unlike many climate change think tanks, at Job One, we include probable adverse dialectical interactions and consequence interdependencies both within a subsystem and between the many climate subsystems that comprise the overall climate system. These climate subsystems involve ocean temperatures, currents, and carbon uptake, atmosphere composition (methane, carbon, and nitrous dioxide levels) soils, and forest carbon sequestration efficiency, glacier melting, snow cover (Albedo), permafrost and tundra melting rates, increased rates of methane clathrate melting rates, etc.

Much of today's climate research and media and government reports come from single "siloed" climate areas and not from dialectical multi-climate system research or analysis perspectives. Dialectical multi-climate system research and analysis is different because it includes the possible tipping points, linear and nonlinear climate feedbacks, and other factors interacting within a particular climate system being studied and the potential or probable climate subsystem interactions outside that particular studied climate subsystem. Much can happen with a single climate subsystem interacting inter-dependently with and between all related other climate subsystems.

Because of all the cumulative, synergistic, and dialectically interacting factors in Hansen's 2023 peer-reviewed paper and 1-5 above, what most climate researchers and activists do not realize is that we are already in the worst-case climate change scenario! The ongoing climate change disaster has happened primarily because of fossil fuel cartel disinformation and their behind-the-scenes nefarious manipulations, causing long delays in executing the honest governmental regulations, which would have and could have reduced global fossil fuel emissions to what they should have been beginning more than four decades ago.

The IPCC does not use the balanced and wise Precautionary Principle for risk management to guide its climate summary reports and recommendations. If it did, it would not be able to protect the global fossil fuel cartel profits secretly.

The IPCC's climate calculations have far too many severe ongoing calculation problems, which have consistently underestimated the climate change emergency for years and what must be done to fix it. This consistent underestimation pattern now becomes one of the best proofs of the cartel's ongoing invisible hand distorting traditionally relied-upon global climate change information at its "trusted" source. 

This "trusted" source-level distortion of correct climate risks also condemns the world's population to be unable to think about the climate change emergency correctly. Worse yet, it also prevents our politicians from being adequately informed so that they act on climate change appropriately.

7. If you still think what we say about the cartel distorting, censoring, and unduly influencing our governments, the media, and the climate summary work and climate solutions of the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel On Climate Change (IPCC) is untrue, click here. You will discover hundreds of well-documented professional investigative reporting articles about the many ways and tactics the global fossil fuel cartel uses to ensure that our governments, the media, and the world's citizens do not ever demand reducing global fossil fuel use to anything close to the now-required levels even to save their own lives and the lives of their children. 

Click here for these scores of professional news articles on how the global fossil fuel cartel has made it impossible to resolve climate change over decades.

8. Here is the abstract from a recent Harvard Environmental Law Review exploring many of the same issues explored in this first page leading to this page.

Prosecutors regularly bring homicide charges against individuals and corporations whose reckless or negligent acts or omissions cause unintentional deaths and those whose misdemeanors or felonies cause unintentional deaths. Fossil fuel companies learned decades ago that what they produced, marketed, and sold would generate "globally catastrophic" climate change. Rather than alert the public and curtail their operations, they worked to deceive the public about these harms and to prevent regulation of their lethal conduct. They funded efforts to call sound science into doubt and to confuse their shareholders, consumers, and regulators. And they poured money into political campaigns to elect or install judges, legislators, and executive officials hostile to any litigation, regulation, or competition that might limit their profits. Today, the climate change that they forecast has already killed thousands of people in the United States, and it is expected to become increasingly lethal for the foreseeable future. Given the extreme lethality of the conduct and the awareness of the catastrophic risk on the part of fossil fuel companies, should they be charged with homicide? Could they be convicted? In answering these questions, this article makes several contributions to our understanding of criminal law and the role it could play in combating crimes committed at a massive scale. It describes the doctrinal and social predicates of homicide prosecutions where corporate conduct endangers much or all of the public. It also identifies important advantages of homicide prosecutions relative to civil and regulatory remedies, and it details how and why prosecution for homicide may be the most effective legal remedy available in cases like this. Finally, it argues that, if our criminal legal system cannot focus more intently on climate crimes—and soon—we may leave future generations with significantly less for the law to protect.

9. If you are a science person, click here for an even deeper dive into how the global fossil fuel cartel has corrupted, manipulated, and censored most of what you hear today about climate change from the UN's IPCC periodic Climate Change summary reports. These summary reports are, unfortunately, the most trusted source for climate change information and planning by governments, media, and environmental groups worldwide. You will see how the global fossil fuel cartel has grossly underestimated climate change consequences, consequence timetables, and solutions by as much as 20 to 40%.

10. Scientists first began to worry about climate change toward the end of the 1950s. See this article for a detailed discovery of the very long history of warnings about the dangers of climate change.

11. Click here to understand why the very painful 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets are the honest, last-chance targets that we must make before it is too late to prevent near-total extinction. In addition, it has detailed technical notes on the many factors behind the correctly adjusted 2025 target calculations.

12. Click here for the four extinction-driving climate tipping points, the first being crossed starting about 2025. This page will explain precisely why we only have about 2-9 years left to maintain some level of effective control over their climate future before the immutable laws of climate and atmospheric greenhouse gas physics take over. 

13. Click here to see the eleven central runaway global heating tipping points that have been all but excluded from the IPCC calculations on how much fossil fuel use the 1% must cause to be reduced each year globally. It also contains the tipping point theory and why crossing these climate tipping points is so dangerous to all aspects of our globalized society. 

14. Click here for the climate-driven processes of global collapse and mass to near-total extinction. Here, you will see the cascade of almost 80 primary and secondary climate change consequences unfolding and interacting with humanity's 11 other current major global crises. After reading this page, you will understand why the extinction of half of humanity by 2050 is already an unavoidable reality and all that remains now is to fight to prevent our near-total extinction. 

15. Click here to see the four key reasons why the IPCC's 27 global climate change conferences have failed to produce results or legitimate global fossil fuel reduction targets.

16. Click here to see the surprising reasons why, although much of humanity will perish by 2050, ALL will not die from 2060-2070. This article is a robust dialectical meta-systemic analysis that many climate change doomers have failed to understand or take into proper account. 

17. Click here for the type of "save and salvage" program our governments must now adopt with so little time left in the climate change extinction emergency.

17. Click here to see the surprising reasons why it is improbable that humanity will go totally extinct from climate change. 

18. Click here for more information on why insurance and reinsurance companies worldwide are aggressively canceling all climate change-exposed medium to high-risk policies.

19. Click here for climate change consequence predictions for this year and the following decades.

20. This page contains a list of law firms that may be able to help the many victims of climate change. Simply because it directly and immediately removes all profit from wrongdoing, successful court judgments and big damage awards against the global fossil fuel cartel, related companies, senior executives, and enablers may prove to become more effective in ending the climate change emergency than all previous public protests, the previous 27 international climate conferences, and current climate educational efforts.

21. Here is a new video on the global fossil fuel cartel's Crimes Against Humanity.

Please email us any additional climate change damage evidence not listed above that you find to ([email protected]). This way, everyone can use them, and we can get climate justice and restitution for victims of the global fossil fuel cartel everywhere!


Relevant New Evidence and Information as it Comes in

The following are weekly updates for relevant evidence or litigation developments against the cartel from the information we get forwarded to us from around the world. Please keep your updates like those below coming to us. The most recent updates are at the end of this list:

1. Feb 1, 2024, From the Union of Concerned Scientists: Climate Litigation: Reflection and Anticipation for 2024.

2. Feb, 7, 2024, From the Desmog Blog: This is another huge loss for the global fossil fuel cartel and their agents and minions.

This week, Michael Mann’s (the renowned climate change scientist) defamation lawsuit came to a conclusion. A jury found in Mann’s favor and awarded him $1 million in punitive damages!

The defamation lawsuit 12 years in the making, brought by climate scientist Michael Mann, opened on January 18th in Washington, D.C. Superior Court. Mann sued two conservative commentators — Mark Steyn and Rand Simberg, who is an analyst at the Competitive Enterprise Institute — for defamation, alleging that their attempts to discredit his climate change educational work in print and online had damaged his reputation and led to a decline in his ability to secure research funding.

The defendants doubled down on climate denial as Mann took the stand and as it went to the jury earlier this week. The jury’s finding in Mann’s favor is not only a personal win but sends a strong message in defense of other climate scientists and scientists who have been attacked by the agents and minions of the cartel.

3. Feb 11.24: Thank you, Greenpeace supporter, for your master list of global fossil fuel cartel crimes found here. The article is called THE FOSSIL FUEL CRIME FILE: PROVEN CRIMES AND CREDIBLE ALLEGATIONS.

4. Feb 14.24, The Guardian Newspaper did a series of articles on fossil fuel cartel crimes, including information from whistleblowers. Click here to begin this series.

5. Feb 14.24, Helpful article called, It’s Time to Try Fossil-Fuel Executives for Crimes Against Humanity. Click here for this article.

6. Feb 14.24, article called, Fossil Fuel Executives: Prosecution in the International Criminal Court for Crimes Against Humanity. Click here for this article.

7. Feb 14.24, New files shed light on ExxonMobil’s efforts to undermine climate science. Click here for this article.

8. Crimes that Affect the Environment and Climate Change. Click here for this article.

9. Climate crimes must be brought to justice. Click here for this article.

10. The tide has turned. The U.N. Wants to Criminalize Climate Change. Click here for this article.

11. Click here for a video that discusses climate change-caused ecocide and other causes of ecocide as crimes against humanity.

12. (2.26.24) Exxon modeled climate change accurately more than 40 years ago: This was general knowledge among major oil companies: They responded by lying to us about it: Which they continue to do today:

13. (3.25.24) There is new evidence and strategy for the additional charges of reckless endangerment and manslaughter against the global fossil fuel cartel found in a powerful recent article from the Guardian here.


You are not alone! There are Hero and Heroine Climate Change Whistleblowers and support organizations for them

There are now several worldwide Climate Change WhistleBlower support organizations helping to surface and protect old and new witnesses willing to speak to the media and in trial courts about the many past and ongoing crimes of the global fossil fuel cartel. 

1. The Climate Whistleblowers are an NGO dedicated to the protection of climate whistleblowers. CW protects individuals who expose climate-related wrongdoing and ensures that their disclosures are impactful.

From a banker denouncing a fossil financing project to a government scientist being silenced, from an employee denouncing greenwashing practices to an engineer revealing mass deforestation, many can turn into climate whistleblowers. CW is the first organization to focus on climate whistleblowers, which will help protect people from climate crime and, more generally, foster sustainable development.

CW acts as a shield for these climate sentinels. Through their work as lawyers, journalists, and activists, experienced whistleblowers’ advocates behind CW have learnt to protect them and ensure their disclosures are impactful. It empowers climate whistleblowers through its legal, scientific, and human network. The whistleblowing policy is governed by whistleblowers protection acts.

For the Climate WhistleBlowers Website, click here.

Laura Paquemar is a Project officer at Climate Whistleblowers.

2. The National Whistleblower Center (NWC) was founded in 1988 by three experienced whistleblower attorneys – Stephen M. Kohn, Michael D. Kohn, and David K. Colapinto – to educate the public about the plight of whistleblowers at the Comanche Peak nuclear power plant.

The first high-impact case that NWC supported challenged an industry-wide practice of coercing employees to sign non-disclosure agreements prohibiting them from raising safety concerns to federal regulators. NWC garnered support in Congress, the U.S. Court of Appeals, the Department of Labor and before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) despite well-financed opposition in the nuclear industry and one of its prime construction contractors.

The precedents set were groundbreaking. All the “hush money” agreements, industry-wide, were voided. Years later, these precedents were relied on by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in its historic ruling banning restrictive non-disclosure agreements in corporate America.

NWC has remained dedicated to protecting all whistleblowers – regardless of industry, nationality, or type of wrongdoing. With the help of our hundreds of thousands of grassroots supporters, we have achieved successes like establishing National Whistleblower Day and adding key whistleblower protections into the Dodd-Frank Act, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act, and numerous other federal laws.

For the National Whistleblower Center, click here.

Organizations and their hero and heroine staff tracking new lawsuits against the fossil fuel cartel in the US and Worldwide 

Please do not forget that the following organizations and their staff heroes and heroines are also aggressively pushing forward climate change justice and indirectly helping to ending climate change.

For the US

The United States Climate Litigation Database, maintained by the Sabin Center for Climate

Sabin Center for Climate Change Law
Columbia Law School
435 West 116th Street
New York, NY 10027

Sabin Center Program Coordinator

Kemi Adetayo
Email: [email protected]

Non-law firms heroes and heroines supportive of climate change legal accountability against the cartel toxic polluters.

Please do not forget that the following organization(s) and their staff heroes and heroines are also aggressively pushing forward climate change justice and indirectly helping to ending climate change.

Corey Riday-White,

managing attorney

The Center for Climate Integrity
5614 Connecticut Ave. NW, #314
Washington, DC 20015
Media questions: [email protected]

Below are links to the other parts of the Climate Justice Now program

The Climate Justice Now Program Overview Page:

Click here for this quick overview of the 3 parts of the Climate Justice Now program. It covers the gold of the program and why the program is critical at this moment in climate change history.

The Climate Justice Action Page 1: 

Click here for Part 1 which is an online public trial of the perpetrators of climate change and their shocking crimes against humanity over the last 4-6 decades.

It is a must-read for even hardened climate change activists and researchers because it lays out the full spectrum of serious crimes committed by the perpetrators of climate change, many of which have never been seen before.

The Climate Justice Corrective Actions Page 2:

Click here for the critical actions needed to stop the ongoing crimes of the global fossil fuel cartel from destroying humanity and achieve climate change justice.

The Climate Change Trial Evidence Page 2a:

Click here for the master list of evidence and documentation for the global fossil fuel cartel jury trial found on the page above.

The Climate Change Law Firm Listing and Law Suit Tips Page 3:

Click here for a list of law firms that may be able to help the many worldwide victims of climate change. Simply because it directly and immediately starts removing all profit from cartel wrongdoing. Eventually and hopefully soon, successful court judgments and big damage awards against the global fossil fuel cartel, related companies, senior executives, and associated enablers may prove to become more effective in ending the climate change extinction emergency than previous public protests, the previous 27 international climate conferences, and current climate educational efforts.


We are actively recruiting new volunteers worldwide to work specifically on promoting the Climate Justice Now program and its actions. Click here to become a volunteer in the Climate Justice Now program and help forward the justice actions described on this page and throughout the Climate Justice Now pages.


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The above opinion page provided by the Job One Research and Analysis team.

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