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    Sign Up Below to Volunteer to Help Humanity Survive Climate Change and Runaway Global Heating

    Sign up to volunteer at the bottom of the page, and let us know what you want to do in your local area. You will be immediately emailed everything you need to know about special volunteer projects or positions and how to get started volunteering at Job One for Humanity!

    Our volunteers are bright, independent, and self-organizing individuals who have a deep passion for fixing accelerating climate change before it is too late. 

    All volunteers work on self-chosen projects or positions locally or online. We do not manage, direct, or help you build your local group. You do that locally yourself using the information found on our website. So, if you are self-motivated, self-organizing, and self-managing, volunteer.


    If you still need to know more about current volunteer projects, positions, or volunteering at Job One before you volunteer, please see the three links below:

    a. our current suggested volunteer projects listings.

    b. our current volunteer administrative positions.

    c. our guide for all new volunteers to help get them started locally.

    Job One for Humanity is an all-volunteer, IRS-recognized non-profit educational organization, which is very rare nowadays. 



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    The Job One for Humanity Climate and Global Crises Relisience Plan guides you through 4 levels of personal and collective actions you can take to help slow, and lessen the climate change emergency. 

    You can make a real difference in helping to resolve escalating climate change and global warming!

    Please also select what interests you most about our climate change work from the list further below if you have not done so already! 


    The Job One Team

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