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    The Job One for Humanity Plan guides you through 4 levels of personal and collective actions you can take to help slow, and lessen the global warming emergency. 

    You can make a difference in resolving escalating global warming!

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    I am a descendant of a long line of farmers, cattlemen, and landowners. I currently reside on inherited large acreage in North Mississippi. My father instilled in me a longing for nature and its inhabitants to survive and thrive. He made sure he worked with nature around us to take what we needed while leaving what was needed by nature to thrive. I am very proud of his love for the natural world around him and especially proud that he taught me to do the same. Although I’m just one, I still want to make a difference in any way I can. I don’t understand how Christians can tout Christianity while ignoring the damage our Earth is undergoing. The Bible teaches us to love nature, so I think it’s hypocritical to ignore climate change while touting Christianity.

    My personal pledge to help resolve global warming & climate change!

    Because I understand the urgency of resolving the global warming and climate change emergency, I make this four-point pledge:

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    • I will reduce my greenhouse gas emissions by half or more within 5 years.

    • I will learn more about the global warming emergency and support organizations like Job One for Humanity to spread the word.

    • I will educate my friends and others about the global warming & climate change emergency to help them to understand its consequences and solutions and ask them to sign this pledge.

    • I will stay the course until we end the global warming and climate change emergency by helping to pass new global laws and policies so that it never occurs again!

    Please sign your pledge now!

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