Joy DiCantio

  • signed Your Personal Global Warming and Climate Chance Action Pledge 2021-05-02 07:52:44 -0700
    I watched a documentary about the rain forests and it really depressed me. People will destroy nature for money. They should be jailed. I have 2 children 15 and 16 and in another 30 years they are not going to have sustainable planet. Our children will suffer.

    My personal pledge to help resolve global warming & climate change!

    Because I understand the urgency of resolving the global warming and climate change emergency, I make this four-point pledge:

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    • I will reduce my greenhouse gas emissions by half or more within 5 years.

    • I will learn more about the global warming emergency and support organizations like Job One for Humanity to spread the word.

    • I will educate my friends and others about the global warming & climate change emergency to help them to understand its consequences and solutions and ask them to sign this pledge.

    • I will stay the course until we end the global warming and climate change emergency by helping to pass new global laws and policies so that it never occurs again!

    Please sign your pledge now!

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