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    To: The 83-year old’s April letter: Here is the better future I see:

    Subject: A Better Future: A Strategic Approach to Tackling Climate Change

    Dear 83-year-olds and all others,

    I write to you today regarding the unprecedented global crisis we are facing – human-induced climate change. Our situation may seem daunting, and indeed, the scientific consensus affirms the gravity of our predicament. Nevertheless, it is essential to look beyond this immediacy of despair and strive for a better future. Here’s how we can rise to the challenge:

    Collective Action, Not Just Individual Choices: While individual eco-friendly actions are important, they are not sufficient to address the scale of the crisis at hand. Climate change is a systemic issue requiring collective action, systemic reforms, and bold policies on a global scale.

    Focus on Solutions, Not Debating the Problem: The scientific consensus on climate change is clear and robust. Rather than spending energy on trying to convince skeptics, our attention should be devoted to finding and implementing solutions.

    Declare a State of Emergency: We need to treat the climate crisis with the urgency it demands. Nations worldwide should declare a climate emergency, enabling us to bypass time-consuming constraints and focus all available resources on tackling the problem.

    Embrace the Inevitability of Energy Demand: With the global population pushing 8 billion, the demand for electricity is only going to grow. We should focus on meeting this demand in the most sustainable and eco-friendly way possible.

    Invest in Nuclear Energy: The key to meeting global energy demands lies in diversifying our energy sources. Among these, nuclear power stands out as an effective, although not without challenges, solution. With proper waste management systems, nuclear energy could be a significant part of our sustainable energy future.

    Redefine Defense Budgets: Global defense budgets amount to approximately two trillion dollars annually. We need to rethink our priorities – is our main enemy to each other, or is it the climate crisis that threatens all of humanity? A substantial reallocation of these funds towards combating climate change could make a considerable difference.

    Leadership and Tenacity: Our leaders must rise to the occasion and address the climate crisis head-on. If they fail to act decisively, they should be held accountable and replaced by individuals ready to lead us towards a sustainable future. The power of human tenacity should not be underestimated – it is through persistent collective action that change is made.

    In this context, your role can be pivotal. By acknowledging the enormity of the challenge and supporting these strategic measures, you can contribute to creating a better, sustainable future for all.

    Let’s work together and change the course of our planet’s future. It is not just about us; it is about the generations to come.

    Best, Jon Fogelberg
    [email protected]

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