A Really Good US Election Story, Generation Z to the Rescue

More important than ever before, everyone must get out to vote in this US election. But the Covid-19 virus threatened the election — and US democracy.

Vice News reported that almost 21,000 Election Day polling places have been eliminated heading into the 2020 US election, a drastic dip in voting locations driven by the coronavirus, cost-cutting measures, and the shift to mail-in voting. Even still, there has been mounting concern that there would be a shortage of poll workers for November's federal election.

You see, the majority of poll workers are older people, and it’s older people who are most vulnerable to this novel corona virus. With the high rate of virus infections in the US, many older folks sensibly decided not to risk the poll work, which created a shortage of poll workers. Poll workers are essential as they help set up voting machines, check voters in, and assist voters who have trouble filling out their ballots.

Then Generation-Z came to the rescue, tackling this unique threat to US democracy.

A group of university and some high school students launched Poll Hero (https://www.pollhero.org/about). The idea — an instant success through social media — was to recruit thousands of university, college and high school students to fill the poll worker gap. Ten thousand students have joined to work at the polls!

Read these NPR quotes from the young Americans helping their democracy, even before they’re old enough vote in some cases.

Just in case you missed it: Every vote counts, so please vote, everyone. There will be help at your polling station. If you have voted by mail, please track your vote to ensure it has not been rejected by the voting machine. If it has, you can vote in person, but be sure to take all your ballot documentation with you.

Thank you, Gen-Z … and have a great election, America.



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