Genevieve Malone

  • commented on Job One Plan Member Successes and Tips 2019-08-16 05:26:14 -0700
    Hello all,

    I found this site yesterday and am focusing my efforts on Job One, Part One: building my emotional and psychological resilience.

    It sounds silly but I’m glad this is explicitly mentioned as a step, and the most important step. I have OCD (it’s not all funny quirks about organization like they depict in the movies) and one of my top obsessions is global warming. My therapist and I have talked at length about the distinction between what is OCD and what is prudence, because it’s a blurry line when we talk about it. Things that might seem completely unreasonable to most people (making a climate emergency plan, thinking about a migration, stocking up on commodities) are not completely unreasonable given the potential scenarios. So that’s been fun to work through ;)

    I felt like after reading this I had validation of how I have been proceeding. My husband and I have been out hiking more, which I love. I feel like I am renewing my focus to myself and my loved ones, which I have not always put at the forefront. It’s going to be a long process so having focus instead of a shotgun approach is helpful, especially to individuals like me.

    Here’s to upping resilience!