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  • An inspiring climate story about a concerned 103-year-old

    The link below is to an outside article about a climate concerned 103 year old that also speaks kindly about the uncensored climate analysis work we do at Job One for Humanity.

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  • What Will Finally Get Our Politicians to Act and Fix the Runaway Climate Change Emergency?

    Last Updated 1.31.23


    Our climate change think tank reviewed decades of failed climate strategies. The analysis produced a critical strategy update to save humanity and the future from climate change extinction.

    Because of our politicians' and governments' 60-year delay in taking any truly effective climate change action, two main remaining and practical ways could actually work to save humanity from near-total extinction in the little time we may have left to do so (2025-2031.) One is direct, the other less direct but still potentially workable.

    If possible, do both for maximum effectiveness with so little time left before the climate goes out of our control: 

    1. Engage in continuous, direct physical protest of our politicians everywhere they go until they act to fix the climate. Our politicians will need to create, vote in, and enforce all of the new climate laws required to successfully get close to the legitimate 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets needed to save us in time from near-total extinction. (Those laws and actions are described on this page.)

    2. Less directly, get to our politicians through educating and protesting (when needed) the world's billionaires, wealthiest individuals, and corporate executives. Get them to use their powerful influence on our politicians. (After you review this article, we have provided a link at the end with many tools and tips for individuals who can directly influence billionaires to convince politicians to act.)

    The rest of the article below contains many tools and tips for individuals who want to focus on item one above and immediately begin to directly influence their local, regional, state, and national politicians to act to immediately fix the climate change emergency.


    For over 60 years, our politicians and worldwide governments have entirely and utterly failed to manage the fossil fuel-caused accelerating climate change emergency to prevent rising global heating and mass human extinction by about mid-century. The single best way to determine the success or failure of our politicians and government's atmospheric fossil fuel reduction programs is to measure the total amount of fossil fuels in the atmosphere over decades.

    In case you still believe your politicians and governments have been protecting you from the accelerating consequences of climate change caused by burning more fossil fuel and putting greenhouse gases from that fossil fuel burning into our atmosphere, here is a shocking graph showing all of the three major fossil fuel-related, global heating-causing greenhouse gases, carbon (CO2), methane (CH4) and Nitrous Oxide (N2O) over the last 2,000 years.



    The exponentially accelerating graph above shows that our politicians and governments have grossly failed to fix the accelerating global warming emergency, particularly over the last six decades. The painful bill for this unconscionable long-term politician and governmental failure has now come due.

    Worse yet, over the last three decades, no United Nations, IPCC climate conference (including COP 27), no politician, no government action, and no mass educational movement by any climate or environmental group has done anything successful to even remotely slow down the rapid increase of carbon in the atmosphere. Global warming-causing carbon in the atmosphere has increased from rising at a gradual rate to rising exponentially. 

    This exponential atmospheric carbon increase again signals complete political failure and that the runaway global heating emergency is worsening faster than ever. (See the atmospheric carbon-reducing results of all UN climate change conferences below.)



    The above painful climate change failure facts and graphs also mean that what is currently being done in the climate and environmental education movements and by independent climate activists to fix the climate change emergency is also not working! Therefore, climate change educators and activists cannot keep doing the same thing repeatedly in 2023 and beyond and expect different results. 

    The climate and environmental movements have to radically and immediately shift their tactics to whatever will work within the extremely short time we have left to slow runaway global heating, or we will not only face mass unavoidable extinction by mid-century, we will also face near-total extinction by 2070-2089. (We only have from 2025 to 2031 if we are very lucky to make the currently required global fossil fuel reductions as described here.)

    The following article will describe the first of two radical shifts in tactics and strategy that all climate and environmental organizations and individual climate activists must immediately embrace to prevent near-total human extinction. At the bottom of this article, you will find information and a link to the second tactic and strategy that has a high probability of working in the time we have left to reach and influence our politicians.

    The accelerating runaway global heating extinction emergency and the tiny amount of time we have left to save humanity, demand that we focus only on effective strategies. Here's Why!

    Here is our current climate change emergency, plain and simple!

    We truly are in a runaway global heating extinction emergency and running out of time. Because we have squandered six decades in government inaction or ineffective actions, half of humanity will be dead by mid-century. All we have left is to do what is absolutely necessary to prevent a global heating-driven near-total extinction event!

    If we are very, very fortunate, we have only 3-8 years (2025-2031) to make the needed global radical fossil fuel cuts to maintain control of our global heating future and prevent our near-total extinction. (If you still have doubts that this last 3-8 year last window of opportunity is real, click here.

    In a state of genuine emergency, one has very little time left to act and fix the crisis. Therefore, we must now operate at levels of true urgency. This means direct, peaceful, and legal protests of our politicians commensurate in intensity with the global climate-driven extinction dangers we face. We must do this only to ensure that the climate change extinction emergency and its related consequences will be slowed and resolved in time.

    We can still prevent near-total human extinctionbut only if we act immediately and get close to these 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. If we fail to act in time, there is no collective or individual escape for anyone (even the billionaires and the 1% wealthiest individuals.) 

    (Click here if you do not believe that it is possible that half of humanity will be dead by mid-century or that near-total extinction beginning by 2070 is an exaggeration and not possible.)

    Click here to read about the four extinction-triggering climate change tipping points and the five phases of runaway global warming, four of which are irreversible for centuries to millennia.

    (Click here to discover the slim good news on why total human extinction is not realistic or probable, and the worst humanity will experience is near-total extinction (about 50 to 90+% of humanity going extinct.) 

    Here is the First Updated Strategy for Directly and Continuously Protesting the World's Politicians

    Make your wise protest voice known directly and creatively to your local, regional, and national politicians and all government agencies protecting or forwarding any type of global warming-causing action or inaction. 

    The world's politicians have not listened to the many polite warnings or the loud and repeated voices of respected climate scientists and educators for 60 years. Therefore, it is NOW time to legally and ethically protest to them directly to protect the future of humanity and all living things. Nothing could be more effective than directly protesting the politician's willful ignorance, inaction, or conflicts of interest. 

    Do this peaceful protesting at their offices, homes, country clubs, golf courses, favorite restaurants, gymnasiums, grocery stores, and everywhere they go, even when picking up their kids from school. Do not be angry. Just be kind and persistent like Greta Thunberg, the humble teen who sat quietly day after day in the nordic cold near her school with her stop climate change protest signs. Make your creative and blunt protest signs tell the story of these politicians' unique ignorance, incompetence, or conflicts of interest on this the greatest accelerating threat of our time. 

    Wherever these politicians go, persistently and patiently protest and shame them in front of their peers, friends, neighbors, business associates, strangers, children, and relatives without hesitation until they finally get the message that if they do not act immediately to radically reduce local, state, national, and global fossil fuel use, their inaction will be the primary cause of the climate-driven suffering and deaths of their own loved ones --- not to mention most of the rest of humanity as well. 

    Hold them personally both morally and legally responsible for their continued inaction when their sworn duty is to protect us from grave harms of such imminent nature. They are the only ones with the direct power to make our governments enact and enforce the necessary fossil fuel reductions to reach the 2025 survival-critical global goals in time to make any real difference. 

    Always make this your primary and most effective targeted protest action because we are out of time. We only have from 2025-2031 to prevent our near total extinction, and the fossil fuel use reductions needed to do that are enormous! Politicians must realize their 60 years of inaction has already doomed half of humanity to unimaginable suffering and death by mid-century. 

    They have no time left to delay immediate action on getting close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. If they fail again, they will doom humanity to a climate change-driven near-total extinction by 2070-2080.

    You may need to recruit or find a group of similarly committed individuals to help ensure that no matter where this politician goes or what they do, there is always one or more protestors with powerful, clever, and creative protest signs telling the public the climate change extinction emergency story, and wherever needed, shaming this politician until they act.

    Trust that the media will give your clever, continuous, and highly controversial politician protests lots of regular coverage because politicians worldwide are some of the least-trusted and most disliked individuals on earth. The media-viewing public will become enthralled by how with patience, persistence, and creativity, these politicians will be unable to escape your continuous protesting everywhere they go. The media-viewing public will marvel at watching how, one by one, these ignorant, incompetent, or conflict-of-interest-ridden greedy politicians take new positions. These new positions will be to vote for everything our governments must do to get close to the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets before it is too late.

    Do not hesitate to publicly shame any politician who has done their climate change homework so poorly that they still believe the fossil fuel-funded disinformation on climate change fossil fuel reduction targets and climate change consequence timeframes!

    There is the second strategy to effectively and directly reach politicians in the very little time we have left, but it is also difficult

    We also need to directly influence our politicians through protesting billionaires and the world's 1% wealthiest individuals and corporate executives to get them to use their powerful influence on our politicians. To do this, we must also convince the world's wealthiest individuals what will happen to them if we do not come close to the 2025 targets. If you also want to protest the world's wealthiest individuals to do their civic climate change duty using the same protest tactics above, click here for all the details you need.

    We have to make sure the world's wealthiest individuals, corporate executives, and politicians clearly understand the unthinkable, climate change primary and secondary consequences, and how the climate change emergency is the ultimate no-win/no-escape game for them, their children, their assets, and their legacies. If we reach the politicians (and those 1% wealthy individuals and executives that influence and control them) with the real no-win/no-escape message, we have an excellent chance to be successful! 

    Click here to learn more about our Billionaires influence project. 

    Additional Important Information

    1. Please quickly share this protest strategy with other worldwide climate activists and all climate and environmental organizations if you and your loved ones hope to survive the climate change consequence-driven suffering and death that will engulf us all. (But only if we do not radically reduce global fossil fuel use to get close to the 2025 global targets).

    We ARE out of time for indirect methods of influencing our politicians.

    2. Please see this page with many additional critical tips and procedures for effective protesting of our politicians and others. 

    3. Please see this page for a quick update on the current climate change condition and emergency done at our climate change think tank.

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  • A Video Overview of Climate Change for 2023 and Beyond by Peter Carter

    Peter Carter was an expert reviewer for the United Nation's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) fifth climate change assessment (AR5, 2014) and the IPCC’s 2018 Special Report on 1.5ºC. His video is kind and enlightening. 

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  • Our last Climate Change monthly newsletter: COP 27, Climate Change Insurance Crisis, Cool Videos, Our Partnership, and ...

    After 10 years this is our last climate change monthly newsletter and climate issue update, but we will not be going silent. 

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    We will check out your video and if it aligns with the current climate science we will reference it on our best climate videos page.
    The Job One support team

  • Join A Hub Alliance Information Page

    Job One for Humanity understands and feels a critical need for on-the-ground, person-to-person local climate education and activism and preparation for the many now unavoidable climate consequences This is because our exclusive role as a non-profit climate change think tank is to provide unpoliticized, uncensored, accurate climate research and analysis. 

    We are not information marketing people, in-the-street climate protestors, or for-profit business managers. We are only climate change researchers and analysts.

    Our think tank research and analysis role also infers that ALL website visitors, members, and volunteers are considered as partners with us in fixing the climate change emergency. 

    We depend entirely upon you to share the climate information and analysis you discover on our website. If you do not, our uncensored climate analysis will not reach enough people to make a difference before it is too late.  

    But beyond the climate information-sharing role for ALL website visitors, members, and volunteers, we also seek to establish alliances with other mission-compatible organizations that could benefit our website visitors, members, and volunteers in the locations where they live now.

    Accordingly, Job One for Humanity is thrilled to announce a qualified new alliance with the new Join-A-Hub organization. One role is to bring about an international community of organizations that work with young leaders to fight for climate justice and prepare for the climate change consequences that we can no longer avoid. 



    Join-A-Hub survival and security hubs are set up in local areas to prepare for the runaway Global Heating Extinction Emergency, loosely known as climate change. They also are anticipating the worsening of several other global crises.

    The Join-A-Hub organization exclusively uses the climate research and analysis found on the Job One for Humanity website. 

    We have created this qualified alliance to help support our visitors, subscribers, and members in building or having local networks to advance climate education and activism. We believe this new organization has the long-term promise of creating and supporting authentic local climate educator activist actions. 

    To make this local support happen, you will need to raise your hand and be a key person helping birth this new organization in your local area. 

    Please be aware that Join-A-Hub works with other organizations that we have not reviewed or vetted and that may have different takes on society, economics, politics, philosophy, spirituality, etc. We do not endorse those other previously mentioned areas of the Join-A-Hub organization's alliances or actions. 

    We do endorse these aspects of Join-A-Hub:

    1. their concept of local readiness and preparation centers and the climate science that Join-A-Hub is using from our organization or linking to on their website. 
    2. their idea of the support necessity of local centers where people get together to cooperate in dealing with the many survival issues that the global heating extinction emergency presents.

    Other than our climate research and analysis, we disclaim endorsement of any other information area because we are either not experts in those areas or we have not evaluated those areas.

    When joining JAH (as we recommend you do) for local climate education and activism support before acting on it listen carefully to whatever is being proposed and why it is being proposed. (One thing you can always do to test some climate action or proposal is compare it with the activism principles on this page, ).



    Here are more details on the new Join-A-Hub organization

    How to get Started with Join-A-Hub

    • Go to
    • Form and join hubs using their Action Guide.
    • Promote links and articles over social media.
    • Join and the Facebook group to conduct community blogs for your local group.

    What Join-A-Hub Does

    Help plan community survival measures.

      • Contact local zoning boards on what we must do to prepare and adapt.
      • Build and work with localization groups for self-reliance.
      • Help communities to prepare to adapt.
      • Reference the formation of eco-sustainable communities or 'havens.'
      • Prepare survival strategies for food, water, shelter, income, and medicines.
      • Engage with local councils over survival-security measures.
      • Encourage collaboration with similar groups.
      • Call for meetings to formulate plans and bring about third-party symposiums.
      • Help develop solutions and models to address an emerging crisis.
      • Promote regenerative and sustainable economic units.
      • Discuss the formation of survival eco-communities.
      • Promote spiritual outlook.
      • Support existing climate action groups.
      • Educate about the Global Heating Extinction Emergency.
      • Promote cooperatives such as cooperative banks, farming cooperatives, service cooperatives, consumer coops. 

    Here are Join-A-Hub Key tools (They are described on the Join-A-Hub website.)

    Action Guide

    Link the Links

    Collaboration Form.

    Arrange meetings

    Letters To Authorities



    Join blogs


    Please explore soon.

    Join-A-Hub is primarily about taking action and registering that action through hub formation to build a network and interacts worldwide sharing local experiences.

    JAH is a catalyst and does not have a formal registration process that can be done by virtue of association with organizations such as Job One For Humanity.

    Last Updated 11.18.22

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  • Climate Change Activist Handout

    Use the information sheet below and send it email, snail mail or hand deliver it to your city, county, state, or national politicians, disaster emergency response agencies, and your zoning departments. 

    No matter what else you may do to manage the climate emergency there is an new urgency for personal climate educational activism. The staggering questions below will bring up many serious climate issues that politicians and other government leaders you depend upon may not have considered.

    Eventually we are going to be asked by our governments to make many difficult sacrifices to get our climate emergency under control. However, the most critical sacrifice everyone is being asked to make today as a volunteer is to get our governments in action, is to engage in some local level of climate educational activism at the minimum!

    If we all are not educating our politicians and peers about the accelerating global heating extinction emergency, there is little hope that our governments will enact and enforce the necessary global fossil fuel reductions.

    Yes, with things as bad as they are, you still need to enjoy your life while the climate remains relatively stable. But, at the same time, if you want any future life that you would like to live in, you also need to become an effective climate educational activist.

    How Job One for Humanity can help you become a better climate educational activist?

    We have been thinking about this issue and what new tools we could provide to help you educate many more politicians and government leaders about what is coming. As a result of that evaluation, we have created the following email and hand out information sheet and we are asking all Job One for Humanity visitors, subscribers, and members to start emailing, snail mailing, or handing it out.

    The information below should immediately go out to local zoning boards, city, county, state, and national politicians, and city, county, state, and national emergency preparation agencies. To open a climate dialog, you could even send it to your friends and neighbors and ask them what they think about the serious issues it raises.

    Be especially sure to see that your most progressive and climate-friendly politicians get this document too. Many of them still do not understand the radical and real fossil fuel reduction amounts we must achieve to or the insane costs of not solving the climate emergency as our top priority.

    Most politicians, emergency response leaders, and zoning officials have a poor to outdated understanding of the current climate science and the current condition of the climate, as found in the regularly updated summary. Therefore, this document is designed to potentially sneak around the typical climate consequence ignorance or climate denial surrounding how bad the climate crisis will get.

    It is specifically designed to get politicians and others thinking about the insane costs and gigantic climate problems that are already here and will get far, far worse as we clean up after extreme weather climate emergencies and try to adapt to the next even worse climate event. 

    Because we are almost out of time to save a significant part of humanity from large-scale extinction, this document should go to every mayor, city or county council person, governor, and state and national senator, and representative for your nation. It should also go to all local, state, zoning and emergency preparedness agencies. 

    Please do your personal climate education activist part and get this handout in the hands of those with power to act. It will make a difference.

    The following is the handout:

    How will we recover from, adapt to, and pay for our accelerating climate catastrophes on a local, state, and national basis?

    Current and new climate change consequences directly harm our communities. The accelerating climate emergency will require the creation of many new zoning and building regulations. The increased climate risks will also significantly affect insurance rates for homes, businesses, and farms and require a radical increase in new local, state, and national taxes.

    This document is meant to bring into view many unforeseen climate costs and consequences so that local, state, and national politicians and agencies can begin ALL necessary actions relating to these present and soon-to-be worse climate issues.

    The following is a list of known and accelerating global warming consequences already occurring in many local, state, and national areas. In addition, reliable and uncensored predictions indicate that most global warming consequences listed below will accelerate radically in frequency, severity and scale from 2025 to 2031 and then worsen significantly beyond that.

    Therefore, as a citizen, I want to know how you and our local, state, and national emergency agencies and politicians plan to deal with the following accelerating climate consequences:

    What will you do to provide relief from accelerating heatwaves, droughts, and wildfires that will affect growing portions of the local, state, and national population?

    How will you do with the increase in frequency and severity of global heating-fueled extreme wind events like hurricanes, cyclones, tornados, and Derechos?

    How will you deal with the massive flooding as we experience more frequent, severe rain bombs of 30 inches or more of rain over short periods covering ever-larger areas? Specifically, how will you expand our sewer systems to handle those vast amounts of water? How will you protect our water purification, sewage, and electrical stations from the predicted ain bombs? How will you deal with ever-increasing emergencies at the lowest levels of our highways and neighborhoods, which will be flooded because of these escalating rain bombs?

    How will you and your zoning departments deal with current climate change acceleration making previous 100-year floodplain warning levels obsolete? Accelerating climate change consequences indicate that we must now use 1,000-year floodplain levels in all zoning codes and city planning to be safe. 

    How will you deal with the predicted sudden collapse of the Thwaites "Doomsday" glacier that will raise global sea level 2 to 3 feet shortly after its collapse? Thwaites could collapse as soon as 2025-2028. How will you manage this sudden massive sea level rise and disruption to the coastal areas, its highways, sewage treatment, water treatment, and electrical power facilities, all of which will be below water along the coastal areas where half of humanity now lives?

    How will you then deal with the additional 7-10 feet of coastal sea level rise over the following decades coming from the glaciers behind the Thwaites glacier sliding into the sea and the additional melting glaciers and snowpack from all over the rest of the world?

    How will you deal with the massive insurance cancellations, failures to renew, and exponential increases in home, mortgage, and crop failure insurance? This is occurring already as local, state, national, and international insurance and reinsurance companies rapidly quit all global warming high-risk areas and move those anticipated climate losses onto governments and nonprofit organizations. The world's insurance agencies are doing this already because of the anticipated hundreds of trillions of dollars in climate consequence losses worldwide. (Climate change consequences are predicted to soon cost nations 5% or more of their total GDP.) Smart insurance companies will not make themselves responsible for or expose themselves to out-of-control escalating climate risks because they know it will bankrupt all of them! (On renewal, many insurance companies are already adding new climate change exemption clauses to their existing policies. These new exemptions specifically deny climate change-related damages for most extreme weather events; such as heatwaves, droughts, wildfires, hurricanes, tornados, cyclones, flooding, rain bombs, wind storms [Derechos], dust storms, wildfire smoke events, unseasonable cold spells, and other abnormal unseasonal weather. The rising result of more insurance companies declining more high-risk climate change affected coverages will be many more homes, businesses, and farms suddenly losing all or most of their value because they could not be insured (or the rates for that insurance would be beyond affordability.)

    What is your current "managed retreat" plan for purchasing ALL of the homes, businesses, and farms that will soon be uninsurable in the new 1,000-year global warming high-risk zones and being in high risk zones for the other climate change consequences?

    How will you deal with the climate justice needs and costs of the hundreds of millions (and eventually billions) of climate refugees migrating out of the areas between the northern and southern 35th parallel to the safer northern regions? If these peoples don't migrate, they die because of climate change's many escalating primary and secondary consequences. (Unlike northern developed nations, these climate migrants come primarily from the nations that had little to do with causing our current fossil fuel-caused global warming extinction emergency.) 

    How much will you levy new taxes on the local, state, and national citizens and businesses to cover all of the accelerating recovery costs from escalating climate disasters? (These tax increases would, at the minimum, also have to cover all "managed retreat" home and business purchasing costs and the costs to move or raise affected highways, expand sewer systems, move or upgrade sewage and water treatment facilities (to make them climate consequence-safe,) and move electrical equipment threatened by flooding, rain bombs, and other climate consequences.)

    Please send your and your organization's answer and position on the above issues and what you will do about them and their costs to (your email address here.)


    What is Managed Climate Retreat:
    The Primary and Secondary Consequences of Climate Change: 
    The Thwaites Doomsday Glacier:
    The Four Extinction-triggering Climate Change Tipping Points: 
    The "Big Climate Change Picture" on Every Climate Change-Related or Interconnected Consequence We Are Now Facing: 
    Today's Key Climate Change Facts that will Most Affect Your Lives and Life Plans
    The Uncensored Global Fossil Fuel Reduction Targets Needed to Save Humanity and the Future: 

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    Dear Peter,

    You will need to contact someone else in a recognized financial firm to answer your financial questions. We are a climate change think tank and we do not have or give out advice on how to deal with financial institutions. The Job One support team

  • Climate Change Does Cause Extreme Weather

    Last Updated 10.19.22

    Whatever extreme weather you are experiencing now, climate change and global warming is the likely underlying cause.

    Extreme weather events including: heatwaves, droughts, wildfires, hurricanes, flooding, rain bombs, wind storms (Derechos), dust storms, wildfire smoke events, unseasonable cold spells, and abnormal unseasonal weather are being caused by or made worse in frequency, severity, or scale by climate change.

    You can take action to protect yourself and recover your loss and damages from those most responsible in the links just below! 



    Learn how to better protect yourself & your family, and avoid extreme weather event damage and losses

    The most important thing you can depend upon most government officials avoid telling you is that because of climate change; settled climate science predicts extreme weather events will become more severe, more frequent, and cover larger and larger areas. Worse yet, these extreme weather events are predicted to increase radically beyond their current level between 2025-2031.

    1. Learn how to protect yourself and your family from extreme weather and climate change. See our free: 

    Climate Change Disaster Preparation, Adaptation, Recovery and Migration Guidebook

    2. What are the most important facts everyone should know about extreme weather events and climate change.

    3. The 20 Worst Climate Change and Global Warming Consequences

    4. What are the Other Primary and Secondary Consequences of Climate Change?

    5. What are the most dangerous things people do not understand about the climate change emergency?

    6. Get Our Free Climate Change and Global Warming Blog so you can stay up-to-date on the latest climate research. 


    Click one of the links above to learn more or start your extreme weather protection plan!


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    Please see this page and this page for your answers:

    For the deep cause of global warming on economic and political levels see

    The Job One support team

  • What is Your Climate Educational Activism Responsibility and Some Critical Climate Questions

    No matter what else you may do to manage the climate emergency there is an new urgency for personal climate educational activism. The staggering questions below will bring up many serious climate issues you may not have considered.


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