Large-scale changes to our atmosphere and environment that normally happen over thousands of years are now happening over decades...

As our global atmosphere heats up and becomes warmer and more turbulent from fossil fuel burning and its greenhouse gas effect, our personal, business, and national lives will soon become more turbulent in many new ways as described below.

The following graphic contains an overview of many of the worst consequences of global warming. Most of the consequences below are already occurring around the world at various levels. A few will soon be occurring as global warming continues to increase our average global temperature.

Further down this page, you will find detailed explanations for each of these consequences, beginning with the ever-worsening financial consequences we will continue to face.

This list of unfolding consequences above will also provide critical early warning signals that every prudent person should be monitoring.

Month-by-month and year-by-year, the consequences of escalating global warming will increasingly:

  • cut into your personal, business, and national budgets,

  • change your normal day-to-day personal and work life in increasingly negative ways,

  • significantly affect the plans you are making for your future, and eventually

  • cause you to consider migrating above or below the 45 parallel north or south to reduce your suffering and survive longer.


Although the list of global warming consequences below is scary, there is still hope to slow and lessen the effect of these consequences. The unhappy vision of future consequences you will see unfolding below occurs only if we fail to act immediately using effective strategies like those offered in the Job One For Humanity Plan.

The financial costs consequences of the escalating global warming emergency

We are starting out the list of worst global warming consequences with the personal, business, and national financial costs of global warming. This is because financial loss and preventing financial disasters are something that most people are concerned about and monitor constantly for their future wellbeing...

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by Lawrence Wollersheim


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