AARP, the organization representing Americans over 50, has a great slogan: “You think you know AARP? What we do might surprise you.” Well, AARP's recent sponsorship of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) was the worst kind of surprise!

ALEC is an extreme right-wing lobbying group with a history of spreading climate disinformation, blocking action on climate change, and attacking Medicare and Social Security. Which is why many were shocked to learn that AARP was a top sponsor of ALEC’s annual conference last week in Indianapolis.

That’s why ClimateTruth.org joined forces with our allies to send a letter to AARP demanding it drop ALEC immediately.

And...guess what?! We won!

AARP stated that “after hearing from many of you, we've decided not to renew our membership to ALEC.”

Thank AARP for standing against climate change denial and standing up for seniors.

This win is a testament to the power of ClimateTruth.org members and the broad coalition that opposes ALEC. In years past, ClimateTruth.org members forced Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yelp, Yahoo!, AOL, and eBay to leave ALEC. Now, we can add AARP, one of the most respected, broad-based advocacy groups in the country, to that list.

This is a huge victory with a loud and clear message: it is unacceptable to support groups that collaborate with the fossil fuel industry to incite runaway climate change. Climate change denial endangers seniors’ health, our children’s, and grandchildren’s future.

Make sure AARP understands that fighting against climate change denial and protecting America’s retirees are one and the same.

Truthfully yours, 

Emily, Daniela, Brandy, Amanda, and the rest of the ClimateTruth.org Action team


"AARP Drops ALEC Amidst Pressure Campaign," Talking Points Memo, 08-05-2016

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Letter to AARP from ClimateTruth.org and Allies, 08-04-2016

ClimateTruth.org fights the denial, distortion and disinformation that block bold action on climate change. You can follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook. Help us end climate denial once and for all by contributing here.

source: http://climatetruth.org/


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