A Grab Bag of Uplifting News on Global Warming

Time for a few short-shorts on what's going on from the positive side of the global warming crisis and Climageddon.

Snow pack in the Sierra Mountains is at depths not seen in those parts in a couple of decades. That means that millions of Californians who've been laboring under severe drought conditions have re-built most of their reserves, which bodes well for the entire world since California's Central Valley is the "salad basket of the world." Check out this article from the New York Times for some great graphics depicting the 2017 situation.

Several major U.S. corporations have signaled or outright told the Trump Regime that it's wrong on climate change and indicated plans to pursue climate-protecting activities in the absence of government regulations requiring them to do so. Tech giants Google, Microsoft, Apple and Amazon are among those companies, as are Nestle & General Electric.

In New York, a couple of neighborhoods are experimenting with something called the TransActive Grid that could turn into one of those viral things that has an impact far beyond its borders....

...The idea among those New Yorkers is to sell to one another the excess electricity they generate with solar panels and that they now give away. Sort of an electric power co-op. This article on Thompson Reuters says, "The change could herald a revolution in the way power is produced and sold not only in New York but potentially across the country and around the world, with roof-mounted solar panels joined to become neighbourhood-controlled power plants." 

A new study has found that primitive aquatic life may be able to withstand and even improve its quality of life under the advance of global warming far more easily than previously thought. According to global warming site, "Wow, What's Up With That?", phytoplankton have demonstrated bounce-back capacity within a decade or so. This is a big deal because these little critters generate nearly half of the world's oxygen! Read the article here.

In the face of a reduced commitment to global warming solutions on the part of the United States, scientists are looking for alternate ways of dealing with the crisis at lower-than-predicted costs. "

scientists are considering a scheme to shade the atmosphere from the sun and cool the Earth to compensate for global warming. It’s a risky plan.

The concept is called Solar Geoengineering. One of the ways it could work, scientists say, is by injecting tiny particles high into the atmosphere, where they where together they would act as a sun shield, reflecting sunlight back into space and cooling the planet," says this report

Stay tuned for more!

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