Align All Individual and Group Actions With the Progressive Directionality of Universe Evolution

Personal Action Step 14:

"Imagine if you could take the most successful and sustainable principles from evolution's 13.8 billion years of trial-and-error testing and put those life lessons into simple actions and "attitudes" that you could use to guide your life into more meaningful and sustainable success. That's exactly where many of the principles of sustainable prosperity come from." Lawrence Wollersheim

Align all of one's individual and group actions with the progressive directionality of universe evolution. This is an advanced step as it takes you into the core reasons behind Sustainable Prosperity. It is one of the most important, effective, and detailed ways to empower and maintain long-term individual and group Sustainable Prosperity.

This is done by aligning one's life, actions, and goals (or one's organization or nation), with the progressive directionality of evolution in the universe. Nothing has ever proven to be more successful for creating and sustaining life and the systems necessary for life than the universe's evolutionary processes.

To successfully align one's actions (or one's organization's or nations' actions), with the directionalized and unstoppable flow of progressive evolution, one would specifically seek to align oneself to the highest degree possible with the day-to-day practical action and attitude principles and "values" of progressive evolution itself.  We call these principles the Universe Principles of Sustainability.

To learn more about just what are the steps and levels of the progressive directionality of evolution in the universe and what these Universe Principles of Sustainability can do for your life and organization, click here.

To then learn how to apply the directionalized power flow of progressive evolution to your day-to-day life in practical ways using the new Universe Principles of Sustainability for successful action and attitude, click here.

Please Note: The Universe Principles' "success attitudes" (found in the links just above) are particularly applicable to uplifting and expanding our perspectives on how the sustainability movement's environmental activism can be more effectively re-aligned and executed. Progressive evolution is also one of the foundational ideas of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

You have just finished the personal action section on what you personally can do to create the sustainable lifestyles, livelihoods, and societies of a Sustainable Prosperity world. It is now time to move on to the collective actions necessary to create Sustainable Prosperity. These actions by their very collective nature usually are more powerful, more effective, and will create Sustainable Prosperity micro-cultures faster than just individual actions.

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