Create Organic, Bottom-Up Democratic Self-Organizing Governance Within Sustainable Prosperity

Personal Action Step 13:

To run your local or regional or national group or community, implement the ideas and reforms for the organic, bottom-up democratic self-organizing and governance suggested in the new book called Life Rules by Ellen Laconte. Bottom-up organic self organizing democracy that harmonizes with the natural laws of closed system planetary evolution is much different than the top down, power influenced democratic governments driven on "growth economics" theories of infinite growth and infinite substitutability that we have today.

(Please note: While this organization agrees with most of the ideas in this book, we differ with the author on numerous issues and recommendations as well as the importance of what we believe is the local/global balancing, critical and simultaneous role of international law and international governance to limit individual, local and regional excess and expansion while simultaneity educating about, aligning and enforcing essential policies for the planetary common good.)

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