What to do about global warming sadness, anger or anxiety

There is a lot of horrible news to digest about global warming. 

Any person who realizes that our governments are not doing enough to save us from unthinkable suffering and loss will naturally experience sadness, anger, depression, or significant anxiety. But what can you do about this emotional funk? The Job One for Humanity staff also has had to digest all the dreadful global warming news. To get our team though it emotionally, we learned about something called the Kubler Ross model of change. This emotional management model helped our team deal with all of the challenging emotions that today's global warming news evokes. 

We felt it would be irresponsible to leave our readers without some of these tools to manage the intense feelings that the global warming emergency can create. Accordingly, we are providing the following images and tools that should help you come to emotional terms with the new realities of global warming. Here's how these global warming caused emotional reactions, transitions, and healings usually look for most people:

1. If you're like most people, what you have learned about the global warming emergency will cause you to initially react with denial and shock. 


2. If you have the tenacity to explore more concerning how bad our governments have let global warming become, you will likely also become frustrated and angry at "how could our politicians and governments ever allow this to happen.

3. If you continue examing the facts of the global warming emergency and its solutions, you will most likely then enter into a bargaining or experimenting phase to find some way to deal with such disturbing and disruptive information on your life and future.

4. If you continue verifying the facts of the global warming emergency as well as it's honest but difficult and painful solutions, you will most likely next enter into a transitional feeling of grief or depression. 

5. As you work your way through your grief or depression, you will eventually come to a level of acceptance of what is scientifically accurate. (Even though it is currently is being suppressed by the fossil fuel industry, mass media, and the politicians owned by the fossil fuel industry.)

A bit more about the Kubler Ross Model emotional management model

The five primary emotional transition levels above are vital parts of the Kubler Ross model. Over time, this model is a useful tool to help you deal with the global warming denial, anger, fear, grief or anxiety that any healthy person would experience once they truly realize the current nature of our global warming emergency.

The Kubler Ross model is used to help people deal with the medical news that they are going to die. But, it still has powerful relevance here.

This is true because as you wrestle with the new global warming realities, you will most likely go through these five emotional phases over and over again. You will do this in numerous waves until you finally reach a profound and deeply stable state of acceptance, peace, and hopefully motivation to do whatever you can to reduce this threat.

When you finally realize how bad our global warming emergency is the challenging emotional effects is a real thing! If you don't believe us, please click here to read about a new report called, The Psychological Effects of Global Warming on the United States and Why the U.S. Mental Health Care System Is Not Adequately Prepared.

Reaching necessary emotional acceptance and getting into action

Once you reach a level of emotional acceptance for what you have learned about the global warming emergency, you will be more ready and willing to get into action to help resolve the global warming emergency. You also will find yourself being better prepared to make new decisions on how to adapt and integrate this critical information into your life and business. 

Once one reaches the critical state of emotional acceptance of what one is facing, most mature adults do as they have done for millennia. They accept those things that they cannot change and they start finding ways to adapt to them. 

To adapt to the global warming consequences that are now unavoidable, you might begin emergency preparations. This way, you will be better able to protect you, your family, and business as well as wisely maximize the chances of staying out of harm's way. (There are many emergency preparation and adaptation steps found in Parts one and two of the Job One Plan.) 

Once most mature adults accept the painful truths of the current global warming emergency, they get busy working on whatever they still can do to improve it. We at Job One for Humanity have found that the single best thing to do to help minimize the fear, emotional pain or anger in the fastest possible way, is to get busy on the action steps of part three and part four of the Job One Plan

This action strategy works even if you have not fully reached the acceptance level of your emotional recovery. This action strategy works even if you decide to direct your attention to parts one and part two of the Job One Plan.

The Job One Plan's many action steps proactively focus your attention on what can still be done. This focus on the needed activities also redirects your available attention away from the negatives (once they have served their purpose of redirecting you toward getting busy on helping resolve this emergency.)

When most individuals read about how severe our current emergency is, they quite naturally, feel overwhelmed, and a sense of powerlessness. This powerlessness occurs in addition to the typical denial, anger, fear, or anxiety they feel.

Feeling overwhelmed and powerless can often be worse than the other painful emotions one usually experiences. The best good news here is that when one begins practical action steps, one regains a new measure of control over their situation. Once you are back in action, many of the negative emotions diminish substantially, disappear altogether or, only reappear when you need to be re-motivated back into action. 

In addition to individual therapy, another powerful tool that is appearing spontaneously around the world is global warming support groups. Private individuals, professionals as well as religious and educational groups are already setting up global warming extinction support groups. These groups are where people can find emotional support in getting through the many painful realizations and actions evoked the global warming extinction emergency. 

Therapy support groups also can help you work through having the painful realization that humanity is in the worst existential crisis on its history and, we do not have much time left (until 2025,) to effectively prevent mass extinction. Therapy or support groups can also help get or keep you motivated to do whatever you can on the action steps of the Job One Plan. (If you create or know of one of these support groups let us know at [email protected] so we can post it on our website with the other support group listings.)

As you continue to understand the scale of our global warming emergency, you may also come to realize that our lives and our children's lives may be far shorter than we ever imagined. But that still can be changed if we immediately work together and react to the challenge of radically reducing our global fossil fuel usage to meet the 2025 targets!

One last super-powerful emotional recovery tip 

Not everything about our global warming extinction emergency is emotionally disheartening. There are many surprising benefits to this emergency. Click here to read the single most read page on our website and these many benefits.

At Job One we review this list regularly to maintain the mental well-being of our own staff. We also discovered that regular review of this good news and benefits list was critical to keeping our volunteers, positive, on-mission and maintaining their motivation. 

No matter how bad you feel about the current global warming emergency and its many consequences, the best way that we have found to balance out the negative emotions is to get into action and get started on what you still can do within the Job One Plan.



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  • Lawrence Wollersheim
    commented 2019-08-14 16:27:28 -0700
    Dear William,

    Well said!

    One effective thing you can do is start the most applicable parts of the Job One Plan and tell others about it.

    See the overview here: https://www.joboneforhumanity.org/plan

    There is something everyone can do there.


    The Job One team
  • William Schoene
    commented 2019-08-14 16:00:13 -0700
    I am 77 & my wife is 71 and we live in Southern California, near enough to the coast to have our climate moderated by the ocean. We are not going to be around for he climate chaos that’s coming, but we have 4 grandchildren, 2 – 14, who are growing up in climates that are worsening. Except for the 14-year-old, they have no idea of how much worse their climates will become during their lifetimes, and how badly civilization will be affected. Their parents understand how global warming is destroying moderate climates — intellectually, but not really viscerally and emotionally — and so do not yet fully grasp that human life (and most life, probably) is so threatened by what we’re doing to the planet. We have come to accept humanity’s growing predicament, but fear for all future generations. We are working collectively and individually to try to get the U.S. on a saner course,
    keep reminding the kids, but otherwise just trying to enjoy the rest of our lives.
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