Ensure Women Play a Larger Role In Society and its Power Structures For Sustainable Prosperity to Fully Manifest

Collective Action Step 12:

Wherever women attain equal power and control in the world, things generally go better. This is particularly true in the sustainability movement. Wherever you can, forward women into positions of power and watch how they protect mother nature.

There is something else that women can do that is extremely powerful that will help create a sustainable prosperity future. If intelligent women in society more frequently select and reward men who practice sustainable prosperity and cooperation vs old-style competitive consumerism, slowly but surely more men will become sustainable and cooperative.

We don't need to go into all of the obvious reasons for this, but men generally make competitive showings of strength and seek to acquire far more things than they need to attract mates through symbols of wealth, power, and status.

If intelligent women select men who practice sustainable prosperity and intelligent cooperation first, men will adapt quickly to the new feminine desirability selection criteria.

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