Ensure Justice For All. Justice is the Essential, but Often Invisible Structural Foundation For Holding or Expanding Sustainable Prosperity

Collective Action Step 11:

Justice as understood within Sustainable Prosperity models always consists of:

a.) a level playing field,

b.) fair, equal, and open access for all and

c.) fair exchange.

To solve our most pressing current climate destabilization challenge, justice now also must include fair national and international carbon pollution/theft laws and other environment and sustainability laws consistently applied and enforced on everyone. Without fair justice systems upheld in both national and international governmental structure, those who try to live and create a micro or global sustainable prosperity may be delayed, disadvantaged, or stopped.

Keep in mind that even if justice does not exist at a macro-cultural level, you can still create and uphold it at a micro-cultural level in your own Sustainable Prosperity support groups until it does become part of the larger culture, (which it will eventually have to do if the macro-cultures are to survive).

To help you with this justice building, the Universe Principles of Sustainability can also be seen as the system for how the evolving universe maintains justice or more specifically, the fair energy exchange justice between individuals and groups. While you are practicing the Universe Principles of Sustainability as individuals and in groups, what you are also doing is creating an indispensable, foundational new mini-culture of both fair energy exchange and life justice. This micro-culture can then eventually evolve to become the macro-culture of energy and life justice that will then further expand sustainable prosperity at faster rates.

Ensure justice for all. Justice is the essential, but the often invisible structural foundation for holding or expanding Sustainable Prosperity!

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