First online trial of global fossil fuel cartel and it's scorching!

After months of collaboration with climate activists and researchers worldwide, Job One is publishing the most important climate change analysis we have ever done.

This analysis of the climate change cause is done in the form of an online public trial of the global fossil fuel cartel (linked further below.) This public trial is, in many ways, a huge step forward for worldwide climate change activists and climate researchers, climate justice, and enforced financial restitution against the perpetrators of climate change for the many consequences of climate change they have caused.

This online trial of the global fossil fuel cartel details many decades of at the cartel's toxic pollution, disinformation, and criminal actions. It also explains why worldwide law firms, attorneys, and government authorities will eventually recover trillions of dollars in climate change damage awards and settlements for their clients or countries.

Law firms, attorneys, and government authorities are already using this online cartel trial to help get their litigation teams up to speed on cartel litigation, crimes, and tort charge options.

The many new disclosures in this online cartel public trial have unsettled and surprised some of the most hardened and well-educated climate change activists.

You too can cast your guilty or not guilty vote at the end of the online trial. 

As always, our climate change think tank is open to crowdsourcing, adding additional criminal charges against the cartel and additional evidence to the cartel's online trial as they surface.

The online public trial of the global fossil fuel cartel begins here.

For our children and the future of humanity,



Lawrence Wollersheim

Executive Director

Job One for Humanity

PS: The online cartel trial above is central to our new Climate Justice Now program. Here is a quick overview of our new Climate Justice Now program on this page:

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