Get Your Home and Business Using Less Energy & Converted To Green Energy Systems As Quickly As Possible!

Collective Action Step 5:

Home And Business Energy Energy Conservation Step 1

Home and business energy conservation is simply finding those places where your home or business is leaking or using existing energy inefficiently. There are many subsidies and tax incentives for home and business energy conservation already. But, do not put the cart in front of the horse.

To prevent going over the climate destabilization cliff, first, we need to stop making the problem worse. We urgently need to stop adding any additional carbon and methane pollution into the atmosphere from fossil fuels. Switching to decentralized green energy generation on a widespread basis will be a more cost-effective, time-effective, and successful strategy than trying to fix the much smaller energy loss inefficiencies of homes and businesses everywhere.

​"Convert all of our homes and businesses off fossil fuel energy and over to green energy generation to lower of our eco-footprints and we WILL effectively help re-stabilize the climate." --Lawrence Wollersheim

Step 2

Even if you don't own your home or business, there is still something you can do here to forward national security, be a real patriot, and forward Sustainable Prosperity. You can convince those who you are renting from or you work for that converting to green energy as quickly as possible is the smart and patriotic thing to do for cost reduction, emergency preparedness, national security, restabilizing the climate and environment, as well as the future.

Green energy generation can be solar, wind, hydro-electric, or some other alternative of green energy generation than fossil fuels. Today, the reasons for using green energy generation in our homes and businesses are stronger than ever.

1.) Going to green energy as soon as possible is also a patriotic duty and national security imperative. Both the US and many countries in the world currently get much of their polluting fossil fuel energy supplies from high conflict zones where our energy supplies could be cut off, radically lessened, or priced so high that these changes would destabilize the productivity and stability of countries in any way dependent upon importing those fossil fuels. Additionally, nations that import these fossil fuels from the high conflict areas find themselves dragged into expensive and unwinnable conflicts in those fossil fuel producing areas. These high-conflict fossil fuel producing zones are also prime sources exporting terrorism back out to the very parts of the world to which they sell fossil fuels.

When you convert your home or business to green energy systems, you are making a powerful move to help build your national security and you are acting as a true patriot! You are taking power and the current security threats away from the fossil fuel-producing areas and returning that power and security to your own nation. A nation with decentralized green energy systems in use by most of its population is no longer dependent upon or held hostage by the fossil fuel producers from the high conflict areas. Additionally, not having to send our military forces into these areas to protect our fossil fuel supplies and economic stability will also save tremendous taxpayer costs to our national budgets and these monumental savings can then be better used in other areas.

2.) Green energy generation makes good economic sense by saving you money over the long-term. Today many individuals and businesses are not converting to green energy because they are sustainability advocates or save the climate from global warming, they are going green purely to save money.

3.) Green energy generation has become cheaper than ever due to the increasing number of people converting over. This increase in demand has created vast improvements in both manufacturing and installing green energy in your home or business.

4.) Green energy has come of age to such a degree that it is increasingly easier to finance large and small green energy home and business installations. Soon it will be no more difficult to get financing to go green than it will be to get financing to get a new car.

5.) Green energy generation is still subsidized in many areas with either direct subsidy payments or tax deductibility.

6.) Homes and businesses that are operating on green energy are far more prepared for any kind of emergency that would affect their current power systems and productivity. Having homes and businesses operating on decentralized green energy creates a high-level of emergency reserves and quick recovery resilience at both the local and national levels to any kind of emergency that would affect our existing centralized energy generation.

7.) Energy is power. When you go to green energy generation, you decentralize power away from large utilities and energy corporations and you bring real power and independence back into the hands of average citizens and small businesses.

Moving to decentralized green energy generation in homes and businesses across the World makes sense on so many levels. It is what is within your current “zone of influence” to dramatically lower polluting carbon and methane greenhouse gases choking our atmosphere.


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