Create and Demand a New Sustainable Manufacturing Culture

Collective Action Step 4:

Create and demand a new sustainable manufacturing culture where sustainability, durability, reusability, and recyclability is engineered into every part of every product's manufacturing cycle, as well as the full life cycle of the product (from raw materials through manufacture to recycling) so humanity can survive at least 5,000 more years only on Earth's current resources. (More will be said about this shortly.) Products that will help create a sustainable prosperity are designed intentionally to have all of the following:

a.) effective functionality to a purpose,

b.) cost-effectiveness,

c.) sustainability throughout the full manufacturing process,

d.) fully recyclable and safe disposability

e.) safe to use,

f.) wherever possible, able to be upgraded or replaced in sub-sections during the product's life cycle,

g.) artistically designed and beautiful,

h), and if possible enjoyable and fun to use.

The creative and daring designers of the future who use these seven qualities in their designs will help lead us all into a new sustainable prosperity. Enacting sustainable product design according to the above a-h criteria is key to creating a new sustainable consumerism and millions of new jobs. Always keep in mind the full life cycle of a product when deciding which product to buy.

For example:

a.)  buying an electric car in an area where the electricity is generated by high carbon polluting coal or tar sands or,

b.) where the "new tech" batteries used in the electric cars use rare natural resources or,

c.) creating resource wars in unstable countries where these raw materials are mined or,

d.) where parts of the electric car are so toxic or so difficult to recycle that they are not really a better sustainable solution.

In the purchase process, sometimes a strategy claiming to be a more sustainable solution creates more problems and less sustainability when seen from the "full product life cycle and full manufacturing context" perspective.

Shop wisely as an informed Prosumer...

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