Good News: Global Cooperation on a Non-Climate Issue from 35 Years Ago Helped the Arctic

Good News: We Have Delayed The Onset Of A dangerous Climate Change Event By 15 Years!

Now, 50 years later, researchers have analyzed new climate model simulations and found that the Montreal Protocol is delaying the first appearance of an ice-free Arctic summer by up to 15 years. Had the Montreal Protocol had not been enacted, the estimated global mean surface temperature would be around 0.5 °C warmer and the Arctic polar cap would be almost 1 °C warmer in 2050.

It has been described as a “fantastic by-product” of the Protocol.

The battle is not over: increasing carbon dioxide concentrations contribute to the greenhouse gases that drive the warmer temperatures behind sea-ice loss. But the reduction of an ozone-depleting substance (ODS) like CFCs is a major achievement in a field that seems overwhelmed by bad news.

The study’s co-author Lorenzo Polvani, Maurice Ewing and J. Lamar Worzel Professor of Geophysics in the Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics and professor of earth and environmental sciences put it succinctly: “That’s what a successful climate treaty does: it yields measurable results within a few decades of its implementation.”

Hope has now been generated for positive results for other climate action initiatives, including the attack on the levels of carbon dioxide. It is responsible for the current mega-droughts like the ones described in this article, published on sites like Job One For Humanity- an independent climate change think tank.

By Barry Gander

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