Humanity's 12 Greatest Global Crises Are Also Humanity's Greatest Opportunities When Seen from a Big Picture Evolutionary Perspective

The 12 greatest global crises in human history are also humanity's greatest opportunity to resolve its most intractable problems and inequities, which could not (and have not,) been solved ever before. These 12 crisis could even be the basis for a Great Global Rebirth!

Having a big-picture evolutionary perspective will help you to see the many benefits and "silver linings" available as we collectively experience the unavoidable Great Retrogression and its subsequent ecological and other collapse processes.

This retrogression is already occurring because so far, we have failed horribly to resolve the biggest global disruptor and threat multiplier of the 21st century, accelerating global warming.

Click here for the information on how Humanity's 12 biggest global crises can be transformed into humanity's greatest opportunities and the Great Rebirth.

This page will then help you counterbalance the bad global warming and other global crises news so that you may live with more joy and more purpose! (This page has been viewed almost 2 million times.)


(Special Personal Note re this blog post: I have been posting about global warming for years. I have also spent most of the last 12 years researching 15,000 pages of global warming studies. I even wrote a book on global warming called Climageddon. (It has great reviews on Amazon.)

Additionally, I am an executive director at a nonprofit organization that educates about global warming. Over the last 12 years, I have had reoccurring and existential grief about our global warming future too many times to count.
As part of my recovery from the realization of how bleak our global warming future now is, I have put myself through the Kubler Ross death recovery model process at least six times. Each time I reached a new level of acceptance. But it still was not enough to keep the blackness of our global warming future contained and balanced.
A while ago, I wrote an article on our global warming dilemma from a "Big Picture" evolutionary perspective. It also describes the surprise benefits and silver linings for how to survive psychologically in a near-impossible situation. If you are also concerned about the global warming extinction emergency, I invite you to read the linked article in this post that I have just finished updating. I hope it gives you the same profound psychological and emotional relief that it has given to me.
Lawrence Wollersheim
Executive Director for Job One for Humanity)

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