How to and Why "Empower the Powerless" for Climate and Runaway Global Heating Action    

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The first Earth Day was in 1970. On that day, the awareness level that we were consciously and unconsciously eroding the viability of our planet as a long-term solution to continued existence went public. Since then, many dedicated people worldwide have diligently taken up projects to protect and educate the rest of us about what would happen by the year 1995 if we didn’t start living with our host planet in a more harmonious manner.

Some of those people and many of their children and some of their children’s children have continued and expanded the ecological effort to conserve and protect. So with such a great head start, how is it that our planet has only gotten sicker, our air conditioning more polluted, and global temperatures more intense?

The answers lie not with the efforts of the climate protectors, but to one degree or another, with everyone else. Life is complicated, and most folks have their hands full getting through their daily challenges, real or created. It’s hard to carve out time for abstract and inconvenient threats when the tube, screen, and commute are so demanding. 



Who can accelerate global cooling? Political leaders, business leaders, and or every one of us who feels powerless? You already know the answer is all of the above, so how do we get these three groups to pick up the rate of change? One of the triads is the most powerful and influential so let’s start with them, or rather you.


Individually together, we are the most powerful of these three groups. Politicians and business leaders will do what we need them to do if we can organize and focus our attention on the things that are important to global cooling and, important to say, politicians. They are pretty responsive to suggestions and numbers. If substantial numbers of people suggest that they need to increase their active support of efforts to reduce global warming, they generally will.

Not because they have suddenly become environmentally concerned but because they want to get re-elected. This overly simplistic approach is surprisingly effective when substantial numbers of voters concentrate their efforts on a single issue.

The problem is that we ‘the powerless’ have not turned up the heat in sufficient numbers to get their attention. 

Cartoonist Walt Kelly, modified Commodore Perry's famous quote: [“We have met the enemy and they are ours.”] to, “We have met the enemy and he is us,” in a cartoon he created in 1970 celebrating the first Earth Day in 1970. The message being that man – from his treatment of the earth – is the planet's enemy. 

We need to channel our climate and runaway global heating anxiety and feelings of being overwhelmed by the magnitude of the social change at hand and increase the pressure on leaders to take action now to reverse the negative impacts of runaway global heating. Each of us has a role to play, but of all those roles, consistently texting, emailing, and writing elected officials who depend on your votes and support will get their attention if you ‘just do it’. 

You are no longer a disenfranchised victim of this coming climate and runaway global heating inferno unless you are not writing to your elected and business leaders and telling them how you feel. This is how it works,” follow the money” - “ follow the power.”

They want what we can give them, tenure and continence. So open that screen, find out who they are in your area, and get writing. You don’t have to be fancy or grammatically astute; tell them how you feel, and they will get the message. Once a month, once a week if you can, but now the planet's fate is in your hands; individually and together can change the way reluctant and slow-moving local and world leaders act.


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JF Carpenter is the author of this article and the author of “What to Do if Your Chute Doesn’t Open - Suvivors’ Guide to the Coming Climate Inferno

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