Some individuals have decided to simply accept climate change-driven mass extinction and widespread collapse and do nothing

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Their goal is simple. Because they correctly or incorrectly believe they can do nothing to stop, fix, or slow the climate change emergency, these individuals want to use the remaining relatively climate-stable time to live as meaningfully and enjoyably as possible. 

They may have also decided to live within a smaller, more controllable, and sustainable life scale. These new life choices are because they believe that the bigger life scale of climate change-driven mass extinction and global collapse is entirely out of their control.

They may also think that pushing our governments to immediately and radically reduce global fossil fuel use at this late stage wastes their time, energy, and resources. They honestly do not believe this will happen in time and may only happen once about half of humanity or more is dead.

Instead, they want to use their remaining time and worsening climate stability to put their affairs in order and start living their remaining dreams or "bucket lists."

In one way or another, some of the individuals who choose Option Three have decided that now is the perfect time to drop out of the modern "consume and waste" rat race. For them, it is time to tune in to what is truly important with their remaining time! 

Younger people who have chosen this option may also decide that it is not ethical to have more children. This no-children decision is because they know what we face, and there is a high probability their children will have harrowing, painful, and very short lives. 

If you chose Option Three, then in addition to the Part 1 emergency preparation actions of the Job One Plan, Part 2 of the Job One Plan is designed to help you live and adapt to a more sustainable and comfortable life for as long as you have left. We strongly advise that if you make decision three, do not neglect emergency preparation and adaption for the pain and suffering that is coming. You will definitely want to reduce that pain and suffering for yourself and your loved ones.

What is coming is like nothing that has ever happened before in human history, and if you are unprepared and have not adapted well to how things will worsen, your life will not be anything as you think or hope it will be when you envision living out the remainder of your life in peace and in acceptance of the end coming soon. 

But, before you make this major life decision, click here to discover why total human extinction is not realistic or probable, and the very worst humanity will experience is near-total extinction (50 to 90+% of humanity going extinct.) 

This page may convince you that "all is not lost," and we all still need to work together to save and salvage everything we can of humanity and our civilization while there is still time to reduce mass suffering and death. 

Additionally, we strongly recommend not making the life-critical decision three until you have read several books by Octavia Butler, an award-winning writer. Octavia Butler wrote two books about a family who waited too long to prepare for the climate change emergency and tried to migrate up the California coast. The story of their lives trying to survive the ever-worsening conditions is beyond emotionally gut-wrenching and horrifying. It is a very accurate portrayal of what everyone who is unprepared and has not adapted to what is coming will eventually endure as the primary and secondary consequences of the climate change emergency unfold.

If you truly understand the pain, suffering, and death that is coming, you are ready to decide wisely and with informed consent on option three.  

Here are the Octavia Bulter Books. She is able to express the real, daily impact of what is coming in a way that science alone can not.

Butler, Octavia E. Parable of the Sower. Four Walls Eight Windows, 1993. This is part one of the two sequential novels. It is set in 2024.

Butler, Octavia E. Parable of the Talents. Seven Stories Press, 1998. This is part of two of the Parable duology. It is set in 2032


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