The Job One for Humanity 2023 Funding Needs

Last updated 12.6.22

It is tough for our independent, 100% publically funded climate change think tank to keep speaking uncensored climate truths to power while fossil fuel industry-friendly media spreads disinformation, misinformation, and denial of climate change and the global warming emergency we all now face. 



Where will your donations go in 2023

Here are some of the worthwhile ways in 2023 we will use your tax-deductible support to spread the truth about what we must do about the climate emergency:

1. We have to expand our web visitors, membership, and public support service faster than ever before. We urgently need more and better website tools, apps, and security protocols to handle the enormous increase in website visitors and service requests. We will need $6,500 to make the critical upgrades needed for 2023. (This $6,500 includes hiring temporary web and security contractors to help us with these vital software upgrades.)

2. We will continue forwarding our recently upgraded and refocused public service mission goals for 2023, click here to see those mission goals.

3. We want to expand our other many services and accomplishments like those that we successfully accomplished here in 2022.

4. In 2023, we hope to move our home office about 1,000 miles from San Francisco to a new northern area with much higher global warming safety. To advance our office to this new location and cover related costs such as initial rent, we will need approximately $4,000.

5. We will continue our climate change blog articles. (You can see some of our educational work in the over 2,500 climate and global warming-related blog articles linked off our home page.)

6. For the first time since 2017, we may need to hire a few part-time staff. For the last five years, we've been an all-volunteer staff, but now we are growing so fast that our great volunteers cannot keep up with the work with their available volunteering time. We estimate that if we can hire some part-time people, we will only need about $30,000 for the year in additional donations to keep up with our climate change services needs.

Job One for Humanity is fighting global warming disinformation and global warming solution complacency for the survival of ALL humanity.

Our mission is not just worthy of being on your non-profit organization donation list; it is critical to be an essential part of that list!

You can help us reach our 2023 goals by making a one-time, monthly, or by-mail donation of any amount by using one of the three methods linked below 

1. To make a secure one-time, online donation, please use the fill-in form at the bottom of this page

2. To make a secure monthly online donation automatically, click here.

3. To begin or renew our annual membership, use the one-time secure online donation form at the bottom of this page. (The many membership benefits, including 5 free books are listed further below.)

4. To make a donation by mail, make your check payable to Factnet, PMB 2167, 1650 S. Casino Dr. Laughlin, Nevada 89029.

5. For all other types of donations and ways of giving, bequests, annuities, trusts, life insurance, etc., click here.

A Little More About Job One and Our Commitment

We are a non-profit, independent, and 100% publicly funded climate change think tank. We provide an uncensored "big picture" analysis of the many inter-connected and inter-dependent climate systems creating our current climate change emergency and runaway global heating.

We hold that ALL global citizens should have the same climate change knowledge as those in privileged governmental positions or those possessing great wealth. 

Unrestricted and uncensored climate risk knowledge is critical for global citizens to wisely initiate survival-related emergency preparations, adaptations, or relocations for the coming avoidable and unavoidable climate catastrophes. Furthermore, our free climate facts and analysis ensure that every global citizen can protect themselves, their families, and their businesses equally as well as those with the privileges of high-security governmental positions or great wealth.

Your donations help make the above happen!

Other relevant information:

We are a 25-year-old, United States IRS recognized and approved 5013(c) non-profit tax-deductible organization.We have received the Seal of Financial Transparency by Guidestar. Guidestar is a non-profit organization that evaluates other non-profit organizations for financial and mission transparency. 

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