Video Interview on New ClimateSafe Villages Project. 5,000+ YouTube views in first weeks

The Climate Emergency Forum asked the Job One for Humanity climate change think tank Executive Director for an interview on the ClimateSafe Villages project. Over 5,000 people have seen it in the first weeks it has been on YouTube.

What is this 34-minute new video all about?

(The new video is linked at the bottom of this page.)

There are many good reasons you will want to watch this sometimes intense video besides watching highly qualified climate change scientists and climate change researchers interviewing and questioning the Job One for Humanity executive director:

1. How humanity is not making enough progress to handle climate change without severe and unavoidable consequences.

2. How before it is too late, we must cooperate, prepare, and adapt to the climate change consequences we can no longer avoid.

3. What are the world's safest and the most unsafe climate change locations?

4. How the basic concept of ClimateSafe Villages is simple. It is about sustainable living, climate change resilience building, and survival.

5. How the people coming to ClimateSafe Villages are people from all over the world who are generally progressive and intuitively sense that conditions on our planet are going the wrong way and hence feel a need to protect their family, friends, and businesses. 

6. How the ClimateSafe Villages model is open access and meant to equip individuals, families, businesses. and communities to become more resilient as climate conditions worsen.

7. The real reason why our governments have failed to protect us for 60 years from the climate emergency,

8. Why are there different ClimateSafe Villages models (urban, stay where you are, rural, and virtual?

 9, The ClimatesSafe Villages project seeks to support worldwide cooperation to create tens of thousands of climate-safer, more secure, and resilient locations capable of riding out the worst of climate change.

10. The challenging ethical questions that few are asking on what to do when billions of starving, desperate climate change refugees arrive in the world's safer areas.

11. How a critical insight is that we won't make it alone.  

12. How any climate program that doesn't have a climate change preparation, adaptation, and resilience building element is inadequate and dangerous to our shared future as humanity. 

13. How the previous realization became the decision to create the ClimateSafe Villages Project, which has years of research invested in what makes intentional communities or villages fail and what makes them succeed.

14. How this work recently culminated in a new Climatesafe Villages website and the response to it in terms of people coming from all over the world to join the ClimateSafe Villages Project. 

PLEASE share this new video on your networks with people you know who have been discussing the recent record-breaking worldwide climate change-driven consequences and potentially what they will do to protect themselves and their businesses.

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Who is doing the interviewing?

Dr. Peter Carter with Paul Beckwith and Regina Valdez, Climate Reality Program Director, NYC, to discuss the ClimateSafe Villages Project. Video first published: July 31, 2023. For more information about the Climate Emergency Forum go to


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