This summer's wildfire and heat catastrophes are NOT the new normal, they are...

Each month we try to present a short news update and a few key facts to help you understand and manage our current global warming emergency. What you are seeing this summer is...

This month's critical update is:

What you are seeing in the California, Greek, Finish, and Canadian wildfires and the heat extremes in Japan, Taiwan, and the Middle East are not the new normal for the climate! 

What you are seeing is the beginning of chains of global warming consequences which are beginning and will continue to increase exponentially in their severity, frequency, and scale across the globe. This means what you are seeing right now is NOT the new normal and global warming is going to get much, much worse.

Unfortunately, you will only hear this information from less than a handful of global warming educational organizations daring to speak what people do not want to hear.

What you will also not hear is that the first wave of climate researchers and ultra-wealthy individuals who know about (or have been advised on what's coming,) have already chosen to migrate or prepare to migrate near or above the 45th parallel to minimize the coming global warming consequences. Even several of our staff at Job One have begun the process of finding new places to live in the far north.

You're probably now asking if it's this bad, what can you do about the global warming emergency right now? That can be found in the newly upgraded Job One for Humanity Plan and...

this leads also us to a critical organizational update...

Our organization is in severe financial difficulty and we may not make it!

We may have to close our website down within the next 3 to 6 months. We have already economized as much as possible. Even though we have let paid staff go and we are functioning almost exclusively with a few volunteers there are still significant costs to keep us functioning online that we have not obtained in our previous fundraising.

This means that unless we get some quick financial donation help from the people who value the accurate information, this may be one of the last emails you receive from us. It is that bad!

There have been several proposals to switch to a paid membership system and no more free information, but we do not want to do that. It may be our last hope if we do not reach your heart, mind and the generous spirit of the individuals we have been serving for many years.

Please make an online donation right now. We promise we will keep delivering the truth about the world’s current failed global warming reduction efforts as well as continue to provide deadline-driven effective actions that will help save you and your loved ones as the global warming situation deteriorates. 


Never Forget:
The fossil fuel industry wants to hide how bad global warming really is, to keep profiting at your expense.
Many of the biggest corporations don't want you to know how bad global warming is, so you keep consuming and fueling their profits.
The governments don't really want you to know how bad it is, so you don't appropriately and passionately react to save your lives and futures.
Almost everything in our modern over-consumption culture is working against you having the knowledge you need to navigate your future safely. Only a few organizations like Job One are brave enough to keep telling you the facts.
Please don't let Job One for humanity disappear because we don't have the funds to continue...
Lawrence WollersheimYours for humanity, our children, and the earth,

Lawrence Wollersheim
Job One for Humanity
[email protected]

PS: No matter how bad everything looks right now concerning our global warming future, there is still one realistic plan left that can do something about it, click here to read about that plan now!

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