Use Temporary Personal "Deep Divestment" Where Needed as a Stepping-Stone Solution to Our Currently Unsustainable Societies and Values

Personal Action Step 10:

Deep Divestment is ideally a temporary emotional, psychological, and cultural divestment from our macro culture and its unsustainable value structure and behaviors. Until our national and global macro cultures fully support and enforce sustainable prosperity practices and protect our shared climate, ecosystems, and environment, for many individuals a deep divestment strategy may be a temporary, but an essential stepping stone to help them do their part to create or maintain a stable climate.

This psychological, emotional, and cultural divestment may need to take place at some point if you are also forwarding the Sustainable Prosperity and the Job One for Humanity Plan practices. But only you will judge if this is necessary.

This is a new and deeper kind of divestment in addition to the physical divestment from your financial investments in the climate-polluting giant fossil fuel, agribusiness industries, from your divestment from eating animal and dairy products, or from your divesting from using non-green, fossil fuel energy --all recommended in the Job One Plan and within the Sustainable Prosperity practices.

What deep divestment is partially based upon is the reality that most of the current values and practices of our economic, political, social, and even religious institutions do not forward sustainable prosperity. They also do not generally favor re-stabilizing our climate away from either fossil fuel dependence or the climate polluting unsustainable practices of agribusiness. Not only do some of these structures not favor these new more sustainable directions, they actually make climate destabilization and general sustainability worse.

Please keep in mind that deep divestment is not about creating any polarized us versus them mindset. Never forget we are all at different levels of evolutionary maturity and education. (Evolutionary maturity combines the maximum current level of physical, socio-emotional, educational, cognitive, and cultural maturity into a combined evolutionary maturity level.)

Deep divestment starts the moment you make a personal commitment to living as sustainably as you possibly can and to do everything within your zone of influence to ensure that we do not reach the levels of irreversible or extinction-level climate destabilization. This deep personal commitment leads at least in some cases to a temporary deep divestment from the practices and values of our unsustainable macro culture.

For many individuals making this deep divestment is a longer, slower process that will occur in natural phases and gradations as you continue working on building sustainable lifestyles and livelihoods and reversing climate destabilization. As your often invisible process of deep divestment proceeds, you will discover you are no longer participating in economic choices that are unsustainable and harm the climate our ecosystems for the environment. You will also discover you are no longer participating in social groups and interactions which also are unsustainable or harmful to any of these things.

Many of you will naturally find yourself gravitating out of existing social groups and conditions that are not holding or honoring your deepest life-affirming value-- and this is a good thing! Today many of our economic, social, and religious organizations are either impervious to any real improvement and change or they are so slow to get a new message and make the necessary changes that by default, it is too late for the destabilizing climate, our ecosystems, and environment and, for the well-being of future generations.

This suggests that expending huge amounts of effort and energy on trying to educate or evolve highly change-resistant individuals or organizations should be seen at this critical phase of escalating climate destabilization as a luxury that we can poorly afford. In many cases, we will be far better off by simply bypassing these individuals and organizations and not engaging or fighting with t them and their highly change-resistant organizations and structures.

In the above situation what we can do that will make a meaningful difference is to form new groups, social organizations, and economic alliances that will contribute to a new micro-culture of climate restate re-stabilization and a Sustainable Prosperity for all.

These new groups, communities, and micro-cultures are our best hope for the future for several reasons.

First, these groups and communities will provide critical emotional, physical, and psychological support to the Job One Evolutioneers who are building a new future for us all by re-stabilizing the climate. Make no mistake about it. The macro culture with its often culturally enforced or economically supported behaviors and norms is such a powerful and relentless force that few can resist its dominating and nonconformist punishing behavior for very long. There is a famous cultural quote relevant to cultures and their power over the individual:

"The nail that sticks up gets hammered down."

Like salmon swimming against raging currents, we must find and create still microculture pools behind rocks where we can be renewed and honored for our cultural norms of the future. Forwarding Sustainable Prosperity is often moving in a difficult countercultural direction with little or no support or validation.

Secondly, our new social groups, communities, and growing microculture will become successful examples of all the changes that need to be made. In this way, these new communities and micro-cultures will become critical “beacons of light” for the critically needed new sustainable behaviors in the future.

There may be a climate destabilization time when everything goes the wrong way and we will need the safeguard of these new groups, communities, and microcultures to help preserve and protect the US. In times of crisis, societies are fearful and tempted to go into security-seeking retrogression. At that critical time the new "beacon of light" sustainable communities and microcultures will be there able to stand up and say “here's another way and here is a successful example of how it should work”. We Job One Evolutioneers will be powerful voices at a time of widespread confusion and fear when much of the population will foolishly empower activities that may take away basic human rights and put the society into an emergency or martial law mode.

The third and most important reason is that within these groups you will be recognized and honored for your sustainable actions. You will be able to find more sustainable lifestyle and livelihood transactions with fellow members of such groups. When you do your lifestyle and livelihood transactions within these new groups, communities, and micro-cultures as much as is possible, you forward and support your own values and do not give life-supporting profit to those unsustainable values and actions of the macroculture.

The good news here is that evolving into new sustainability value-based groups, communities and micro-cultures should only be a temporary, but necessary move. Eventually, as the microculture of sustainable prosperity grows, it will eventually become the macroculture and you once again will be a full-fledged participant in the macroculture.

If you are at the point where you are ready to embrace getting the support that you will need to live your sustainability values by moving into the new social group, community, or microculture, we recommend that you openly acknowledge this possibility. If so moved, we recommend you consciously make a commitment to at least be open to letting this new social group, community, and microculture possible transition happen has it might evolve.

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