Promote Sustainable Prosperity to Create More "Prosumers" and A Better World

Personal Action Step 11:

The prosumer principles and practices of Sustainable Prosperity, sustainable economics, and sustainable consumerism are not just the key to sustainability for us, future generations, and the environment and its supporting bio-systems. It is the essential foundation needed to build a lasting, thriving, and more profitable world and civilization. Here is what you can do to make this happen:

  1. Take personal responsibility for spreading the ideas and practice of Sustainable Prosperity. Set a goal for how many people you will inform about the ideas of sustainable prosperity.

  2. Build a meet-up or support group for yourself and your friends for this evolutionary improvement. Once you have the facts, having adequate support is 90% of the reason you will be successful in building a mini-culture of sustainable prosperity and eventually a macro-culture that embraces Sustainable Prosperity.

  3. Forward Job One For Humanity Plan to Restabilize the Climate and create a Sustainable Prosperity because it is an absolutely critical keystone action for creating a sustainable prosperity. Click here to read about Job One For Humanity. It will become apparent how this essential program to reverse catastrophic climate destabilization is vital to the goals of creating a Sustainable Prosperity.

  4. Be sure to read The Third Industrial Revolution: How Lateral Power Is Transforming Energy, the Economy, and the World by Jeremy Rifikin (September 2011). It will show you just how practical, real, and important creating the new jobs of sustainable prosperity will be to our future survival and prosperity!

  5. Do everything within your influence and creativity to educate your political representatives as to the changing society and our international laws must make from the old job, consumerism culture to the new prosumer, sustainable job, consumerism culture as described in the principles and definitions of Sustainable Prosperity. (Click here to learn more about why new enforceable international laws are so important to protect the environment and for creating sustainable prosperity. This section relates directly to the effects of global warming and climate destabilization on sustainable prosperity and many of the reasons behind creating international law to keep everything fair and equal.)

  6. Wherever possible, work to creatively build cooperative and non-polarizing Sustainable Prosperity solutions that focus on the mutual self-interests of all stakeholders. (While this process will be too slow for resolving the immediate climate cliff of climate destabilization, it will be adequate for the long-term re-stabilization of the climate after we have taken the emergency steps needed to resolve the immediate threat of global climate destabilization.)

  7. Help others to understand that a Sustainable Prosperity, merit-based, and fair exchange-based Market Capitalism in its healthy, balanced, and appropriately regulated state (which includes things like triple bottom line accounting and paying for all of your pollution) is an evolved cultural sub-system of the universe's progressive evolution. As such, the core principles of progressive evolution that create sustainability and stability are controlling and senior. By re-structuring and re-aligning current Market Capitalism to the evolution-proven principles of Sustainable Prosperity (derived in part from the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview), we can make a stronger, sustainable and healthier Market Capitalism with far more winners!  

  8. Spend time learning the full definition of Sustainable Prosperity as found in this Sustainable Prosperity online booklet so that you can start better adjusting your (and your group's and nation's) actions and incentives and disincentives towards achieving this new goal.

We welcome your help as a new Sustainable Prosperity prosumer and Job One for Humanity Evolutioneer.

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