What's the best way you can fix climate change & defeat the fossil fuel cartel disinformation machine?

Last updated 2.4.24.

Most people do not have any real or direct influence over their politicians.

Still, singlehandedly by doing the following two actions, you can move our politicians and governments closer to finally fixing the accelerating climate change emergency. 

You can also help defeat the global fossil fuel cartel's massive global climate change disinformation campaign.



Here are the two most powerful actions you can do now:

1. Send the link to our website to your networks using our social media tools to share what you are discovering. We have made this fast and super-easy to do on this page. You will also get social capital points and can privately see the people you inspire to visit our website. Please do this fast and super-simple step first and try our social media sharing tools.

2. The next decisive personal action is to send this page link to anyone you know who has suffered damage and losses due to climate change consequences. 

This page link will help them get financial restitution for the damages they have suffered but they did not cause. It will also help remove global fossil fuel assets in climate change damage lawsuits, reducing their ability to keep "fueling" climate change.

If, by chance, you do happen to have a direct influence over your politicians, you should start your personal actions on this politician's influence page.

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If you have not done so already, also please...

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