What is the best way that you can reduce climate change and single-handedly defeat the global fossil fuel cartel's climate disinformation programs?

Last updated 7.21.23

The answer is simple. Most people do not have any real or direct influence over their politicians. Still, by doing the following actions on an individual basis, singlehandedly, you can defeat the global fossil fuel cartel's expensive climate change disinformation campaigns and move our politicians and governments a few tangible steps closer to finally fixing the climate change emergency. 

If you do have real and direct influence over your politicians, you should start your personal actions on this politician's influence page. 

Here are the two most powerful actions

1. Send the link to our website to your networks using our social media tools to share what you are discovering. We have made this fast and super-easy to do on this page. You will also get social capital points and can privately see the people you inspire to visit our website. Please do this fast and super-simple step first and try our social media sharing tools.

2. The next powerful personal action below does take a bit to explain the best way to be climate change effective as an individual. Here is what you need to know:

As a non-profit educational climate think tank, Job One for Humanity provides unpoliticized, uncensored, and accurate climate research information and analysis. We are not information marketing people, in-the-street climate protestors, activists, or for-profit business managers. We are climate researchers, analysts, and educators only. 

Our limited climate research and analysis role means that ALL website visitors, members, and volunteers are asked to individually share our website's climate information and analysis. Furthermore, individual word-of-mouth sharing is the proven best way to effectively spread uncensored climate change information in current conditions and bypass the fossil fuel cartel's hidden gatekeepers and censors. 

If you do not share our uncensored climate change information one-on-one and by individual word-of-mouth conversations, it will not reach enough people to make a difference before it is too late! 



This personal word of mouth one on one sharing is critical because the global fossil fuel cartel has successfully manipulated and distorted the climate news you hear in the media and from your governments. Few will know the climate truth if we do not bypass the massive fossil fuel cartel-generated disinformation campaigns by going old-school, low-technology, and using the incredibly effective one on one word-of-mouth strategy. 

There is no way the global fossil fuel cartel has the tools to keep you from speaking to others about the uncensored climate change truth. And, in a way, when you do this, you will be single-handedly defeating the mighty global fossil fuel cartel and their billions spent on climate disinformation. (If you are wondering why we are singling out the global fossil fuel cartel for their destructive actions creating and continuing the climate change nightmare, click here.)

Actively and aggressively share and spread the uncensored climate information and analysis found on our website and, where appropriate, become climate activists helping us to create honest climate solutions. 

We cannot fix the runaway global heating emergency in time to save humanity without lots of intelligent and motivated volunteer climate activists helping us to educate the world. You and your talents are more critical than ever to the future survival of humanity!

Humanity will not survive the climate emergency without everyone who understands the real climate threat and emergency doing their educational part!

Here are some tips on what to talk about one on one with others:

1. Use one of our three short "elevator pitches." An elevator pitch is a Silicon Valley-originated term. It is a short 2-3 minute statement about what is essential about something you should be involved in. It can be delivered in about the same time it would take for you to share an elevator with someone in a tall building, hence "elevator pitch". It is designed to capture attention with a critical mystery so the person will eventually want to know more.

You can contact others using our quick and simple climate change "elevator pitches" found here. Start short 2-3 minute conversations with friends, neighbors, work associates, and strangers. These elevator pitches let them know how severe and serious the current climate emergency is.

Here are some tips on who is best to contact first:

a. Individuals of above-average intelligence who already know the climate change emergency is real.

b. Individuals who may have already been adversely affected financially or otherwise by accelerating climate change consequences. (Here are the kinds of issues that are now painfully real to them because of losses of time or resources; heatwaves, heat domes, droughts, wildfires, hurricanes, cyclones, tornados, floods and flooding, rain bombs, wind storms [Derechos], dust storms, wildfire smoke events, unseasonable cold spells, and other abnormal unseasonal weather.

c. Prudent, mentally strong, and mature individuals you know who intentionally and consciously plan their future over the next one to five years or longer. These are the same kind of individuals who buy insurance, create college funds for their children while their children are young, and take reasonable precautions in their daily activities. These prudent individuals will take the time to read about a serious potential threat that could significantly disrupt their lives and children's futures.

d. Individuals you know whose lives already seem stable, running well, and not being battered by one personal or business disaster after another.

e. Progressive-leaning preppers. They are survivalists who are already preparing themselves, their families, and their businesses for the hard times ahead.

Here are some tips on types of people who you should NOT contact unless you love frustration and failure:

Do not waste your valuable time and efforts trying to educate or convince the following types of individuals:

a. climate deniers, climate trolls, and individuals without open minds. (Those continually denying the truth of escalating climate change consequences will eventually meet their best and most reliable teacher. This teacher will not be you but the ultimate, certain, and unyielding disciplinarian of Reality itself. Reality always exacts its painful and costly consequences upon those who continue to ignore its feedback, laws, and lessons.)

b. those who do not (or will not) invest the needed time to carefully read the science or have the time to think deeply about what they have read.

c. those whose lives are in constant chaos and who are too distracted to do anything but cope with the endless problems that they face daily. They have no undistracted time and energy to deal with something so large and upsetting.

d. those who are mentally unstable or highly anxious and stressed out. The uncensored truth about our climate change emergency is so upsetting that these individuals should be bypassed at this time because it would make their lives that much more difficult knowing what is on our website when they are emotionally or psychologically completely unequipped to deal with it.

d. those with a hidden (or transparent) vested financial interest in the profits of the fossil fuel industry or the fossil fuel economy. Never waste time on anyone whose job depends upon or profits from the fossil fuel industry continuing as it is. Mark Twain, the famous US humorist, says this far better than we do. "It's hard to teach a person something whose job depends upon not knowing it."

e. Do not give this information to children and young teens under 16 without an adult modifying it so they can still be children, have a happy future, and not fear adult matters they can do little to fix. This is an adult problem; please keep it that way.

f. those who do not have the intellectual sharpness to grasp even the easier ideas of the vast complexity of the climate system and its subsystems. (The average IQ of individuals in the world today is 100.) Unfortunately, understanding the complex and multifaceted science of the climate change emergency is significantly beyond those with 100 IQs or lower. Understanding the climate emergency's true threat level requires above-average intelligence.


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