New video about who caused and continues to cause the climate change emergency, killing more people and species daily?

We just created a new video with the Climate Emergency Forum. It answers this tough question with compelling evidence and describes how to finally get true climate change justice for all of humanity.

To watch this new climate change perpetrator video immediately, click here. Or, you can read a bit of video introduction below and then start the new video.

To get started on this question we first invite you to imagine the many global consequences of climate change now occurring as a massive crime scene. 

Next, for humanity to achieve climate change justice and to finally end climate change, we must correctly identify the correct perpetrator(s) of the climate injustices and crimes causing the many ongoing consequences of today's climate change emergency. 

Let's start the investigation...

The Crime Scene

Coastal flooding, record-breaking temperatures, extreme weather worldwide, hurricanes, and wildfires -- humanity is now at the level of a true climate change extinction emergency where billions will most likely die by 2050.

The Suspect (and Motive)

One prominent and dominant villain is under the spotlight as the root cause of the climate emergency -- one who is overwhelmingly responsible for climate change and still denying the crime after more than 60 years. Moreover, that suspect is still carrying on its massive global crime spree.

Is the motive as simple as greed?

The Incriminating Evidence

A web of lobby groups and government agencies have tried to plant false doubts or confusion about the causes, consequences, progress, and correct solutions surrounding the climate change emergency. Misinformation has been planted in reports that people trust about climate change and the required solutions. Oddly enough, the twisted information points to the guilty parties for anyone looking at the evidence.

Below, please find the case against the global fossil fuel cartel.

Overview of the case against the perpetrator(s)

Who is the actual and active "villain" causing the climate change emergency humanity faces? Is it you for failure to conserve energy? Is it all of us collectively, each having a tiny contributing part? Is it our governments, the media, greedy politicians?

Or is it someone or something else? Is one prominent and dominant villain at the root cause of the climate emergency that is also overwhelmingly responsible for climate change still unresolved for more than 60 years?

Here is what is in this new video linked further below:

1. The four ways the global fossil fuel cartel makes it all but impossible for you to get accurate climate change information from the media, our governments, and even from most environmental groups.

2. The three most deadly and expensive outcomes for your future caused by the global fossil fuel cartel's 60 years of actions.

3. The unimaginably difficult decision our politicians are now compelled to make because of the global fossil fuel cartel's 60-year history of dirty tricks, delaying global fossil fuel regulation and reductions and causing what is now called the Climate Change Double Dilemma. (This article is the first time this climate double dilemma has ever been explained.)

4. Why is the cartel committing these unconscionable Crimes Against Humanity and all biological life on Earth?

5. The most ghastly cartel crime evidence and the big remaining stumbling block to saving, at least, some of humanity post-2050.

6. The three most critical actions that the world's citizens must do to stop the global fossil fuel cartel from destroying the rest of humanity and much of Earth's biological life to establish true climate change justice. 

7. How to protect yourself and your loved ones from the next wave of unavoidable escalating climate change consequences still being caused by the fossil fuel cartel.

We hope this new video helps motivate discussion and action on the most critical global climate change justice issues facing humanity. You are invited to share your comments and opinions at the bottom of this video and blog article.

After you have viewed the video, please come back later to read the full cartel article here. It has detailed, easy-to-understand descriptions of key points covered in the video and other captivating cartel information that could not fit into the brief 12-minute video presentation below.

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