Will you ever need to migrate because of accelerating global warming? And...

You are not alone if you have ever thought that you might have to migrate at some point because global warming is getting worse! 

The number of people who think they may need to migrate in the not too distant future is now in the millions.

If you are one of those individuals you probably also would also like to know:

1. when should you migrate and

2. where are the best places to migrate and why?

If global warming migration has crossed your mind, here are two things to consider:

a. You can begin Part 1 of Job One Plan, and you can get access to our regularly updated Global Warming Migration Center. There you will be able to review information regarding global warming migration and your future. Or,

b. You can let us know you (or a friend on your behalf,) will want to attend a 90-minute live presentation on the critical issues of global warming migration in January of 2020 in the San Francisco Bay area. This presentation will also cover building new global warming-safe eco-communities that should be able to survive the coming climate turmoil. (If you are interested, email us at manage@joboneforhumanity.org, and we will email you all of the presentation details. An exceptional global warming author also will be part of the presentation.) 

For many of you who have carefully studied the global warming emergency, a new battle "to save and salvage what we can, while we still have time" has now begun! 

This new battle also includes "slowing down global warming enough so that we have more time to prepare and adapt to what is coming." If we can radically slow global warming down, while we are doing any necessary emergency preparation and migration (where needed,) more individuals and our civilization can survive.

Many individuals using the JobOneforHumanity.org website also have come to realize that humanity has entered into what could be called a temporary evolutionary regression. During this temporary regression, unfortunately, life as we currently know it will get considerably worse before it gets better. 

In this regression periodhumanity will learn the hard and necessary new lessons about the real price of fossil fuel pollution, poor international cooperation, and the importance of maintaining healthy ecological systems. 

The good news is that during this temporary regression period if we are smart, prepare, and or/migrate as needed, and we work together, we can still have meaningful and enjoyable lives. And best of all, we can still work together to restore balance to our life-supporting Earth systems and a future for our children as we come out of this regression. 

Our fall 2019 membership drive special incentive! 

If you become a new Job One member or renew your membership for as little as $5.00 before November first, you will also receive a free ebook copy of Climageddon "The global warming survival kit" which is an $8.95 value.  

This ebook is getting great reviews on Amazon and, you can download it in one of the 3 most popular ebook reader formats.

While that is a great bonus for becoming a member or renewing at just $5.00 a year, there are other valuable reasons why will you want to have access to the members-only section of our website!

You can access privileged global warming prediction information like the ultra-wealthy get when they pay thousands of dollars per year for global warming risk analysis services

Trillions in personal and corporate wealth will either be made or lost because one either understands or does not understand the unfolding consequences of our rapidly accelerating global warming emergency.

Hedge funds, investment bankers, real estate conglomerates, and ultra-wealthy individuals and corporations spend tens of thousands of dollars each year with global warming risk analysis companies to have access to the kind of information that you will find in our members-only section. 

This regularly updated area will provide critical details on how and when the consequences of the global warming emergency can affect your investments, financial transactions, real estate, and even your individual or business physical survival. Luckily, you will not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars a year (like the ultra-wealthy) to access it.

As a member, you will not only be able to know what the ultra-wealthy know about our global warming future, but also what they don't know (unless of course, they are also members of Job One.) We have spent over $100,000 acquiring or doing the necessary research for the information found in the members-only section.

We also feel that everyone should have access to this critical global warming information, not just the ultra-wealthy. That is why we have made this critical information available at a cost we believe everyone can afford (a $5.00 a year website membership.) 

Each annual website membership and donation provides:

Exclusive access to our members-only and nonpublic global warming website information as described below:

1. critical prediction information on how, when, and where the escalating global warming emergency will affect:

a. local, regional and national real estate values,

b. stock market values, specifically corporations whose stocks and bonds will be most affected as the global warming emergency worsens,

c. commodity prices as regionalized crops and other commodities fail because of increased heat or other global warming consequences, as well as which food prices will rise the fastest etc.,

d. increased political conflict or instability probabilities particularly relating to a nation's regionalized specific global warming consequences.

2. first alerts and early warnings about the coming global warming catastrophes,

3. exclusive global warming emergency preparation and adaptation information for your family, home and business,  

4. well-researched global warming family and business migration options for the sparse global warming safer zones (For those of you who live in a global warming high-risk area.)

In addition to the above, your donations provide critical financial support for our non-profit organization's ongoing research and mission and, they help keep many other areas of our website information free to the public. 

And, for the first time, we have a special membership bonus (for becoming a member or renewing your annual membership.) You also will receive a free $8.95 version of theClimageddon ebook getting great reviews on Amazon! if you act before Nov 2nd!

How to become a Job One for Humanity member or renew your membership for only $5 per year 

To make a tax-deductible annual membership donation of any amount securely online now, please click this secure tax-deductible donation link or click the Guidestar seal of transparency logo.

If you can, please donate more than the minimum annual membership of $5.00 to help keep us viable.

Factnet is a Bronze Star non-profit recognized organization by Guidestar, the leading non-profit organization that evaluates other non-profit organizations for financial and mission transparency.

Your Receipt Information: The name "F.A.C.T.net Inc." will show on the PayPal payment screen if you are using Pay Pal online or on the electronic record of your donation to Job One for Humanity. Use this receipt for tax deduction purposes. Job One for Humanity is a DBA and subsidiary of Factnet Inc., which since 1993 has been a recognized 501(c)(3) IRS non-profit and social benefit organization. 

To make your tax-deductible annual membership donation by mail - make your check payable to:

      Factnet, PMB 2167, 

1650 S. Casino Dr. 

Laughlin, Nevada 89029

In closing, 

We strongly urge you to check out the migration information in the Job One Plan. If you have not done so already, please become an annual member by clicking here.

The free Climageddon global warming survival kit ebook offer for all new and renewing members only lasts until November first!


Lawrence Wollersheim

Lawrence Wollersheim
Executive Director
Job One for Humanity


PS: We will email all new and renewing members on how to download their free Climageddon ebook membership bonus after we receive their donation.


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