Windfall pandemic profits for a few corporations and massive suffering, sacrifice and financial ruin for the many. Is it fair?

Something has to be done fast, so that as one national community, we are ALL sharing the pain and sacrifice of this Covid19 global pandemic fairly.

Right now, a few lucky corporations and their stockholders stand to make billions in windfall profits on our pain, suffering and sacrifice while at the same time we are ALL being called to sacrifice for the common community good of our by our political leaders. It is just not fair that when all this is all over, these corporations, corporate executives and stockholders will be getting hundreds of millions of dollars in bonuses and stock dividends while the rest of us will have lost our life savings, retirement funds, homes or credit ratings.

You know which pandemic windfall industries (pharmaceutical, grocery, and package delivery, etc) are buying those new ads on TV telling us how they are "there for us and serving us in our hour of need" with straight faces when they are also giddily experiencing the highest windfall profits and growth in their history. 

This false "we are all in this together" imbalanced political image exploiting our good natures and patience is hard to watch. But, what can we do?

To start. we can start demanding that our progressive politicians (like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Andrew Yang, Nancy Pelosi, etc.,) initiate new laws to create a windfall profit tax on any corporation or individual business that shows more than 15% gross profit over their previous three year's tax return average gross profits which were derived in substantial part from pandemic-related sales or services. Any gross profits over this 15% threshold level would then be 100% taxable for that year.

This 100% would then go directly into a national community rebuilding and recovery fund. It would also help to pay back to the national deficit all the money that was used to help out all of the community members that really did suffer and sacrifice while these few lucky corporations were amassing windfall profits.

This way, we would indeed "all be in this together" and sharing the suffering and sacrifices as one community. This way we won't see those few pandemic goods or services corporations buying back their stock or sending their windfall profits overseas. This way, the real sacrificing general public will not be made fools of once again!

Please pass this on to your Facebook friends and to anyone you know who is politically connected to progressive politicians. This is a national media conversation our progressive politicians need to lead on to help build both fair and just community cooperation and common cause during the pandemic.

With a windfall profits tax being quickly enacted into law, us "little guys" will not feel like we are being asked to make all the sacrifices and suffer all of the pain while at the same time, a few corporations get obscenely wealthy from their pandemic-related windfall profits.

And, while we are at it, let's also get the world's billionaires to finally step up and "contribute" their fair share and far more of their assets for the common good and need in this horrific collective emergency. Our politicians should use this emergency to place a one-time billionaires tax of some significant percentage (like 5-10 % of total wealth) to help the nation and world recover faster. from the very deep hole and possible world depression, we will be in when this is over.

If this is done, then the world's billionaires could honestly say they did their part, and they too were sharing some small measure of the sacrifice from their secret multi-million dollar luxury coronavirus shelters. 

Let's stop pretending we are all in this together while some corporations are getting obscenely wealthy while exploiting the pandemic opportunity as well as our pain and fear!

Also, see Jared Kushner company stands to benefit from COVID19 freeze on federal mortgage payments. Jared Kushner is Donal Trump's son-in-law. This makes you wonder what other politically well-connected billionares are going to get even richer as the world suffers?

(Special Note: Even though this is not our normal global warming educational mission, our team felt that this is an area that needs to be openly addressed so we can end the Covid19 pandemic as soon as possible with true community equity, start rebuilding and, get on with dealing with the next unfolding and even worse global warming extinction emergency.)

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