'You did not act in time': Greta Thunberg's full global warming speech to British MPs

A child (Greta Thunberg) tells the British Parliament, "we children have no future because of global warming."

It is a very sad day when our children have to shame us into action on global warming both as adults and as parents in order to save our own children!

Read the following and see if you can figure out what's wrong with us both as adults and parents, and why we are not panicking about rising global warming and acting appropiately when we should be.

You can click the link further below on this page to see Greta's two-minute video and read her complete jaw-dropping speech. Here is just a small piece of that speech (which also quite closely repeats what we have been telling you in one way or another about our current global warming emergency.)

From Greta Thunberg:

"Around the year 2030, 10 years 252 days and 10 hours away from now, we will be in a position where we set off an irreversible chain reaction beyond human control, that will most likely lead to the end of our civilization as we know it. That is unless in that time, permanent and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society have taken place, including a reduction of CO2 emissions by at least 50%.

And please note that these calculations are depending on inventions that have not yet been invented at scale, inventions that are supposed to clear the atmosphere of astronomical amounts of carbon dioxide.

Furthermore, these calculations do not include unforeseen tipping points and feedback loops like the extremely powerful methane gas escaping from rapidly thawing Arctic permafrost.

Nor do these scientific calculations include already locked-in warming hidden by toxic air pollution. Nor the aspect of equity – or climate justice – clearly stated throughout the Paris agreement, which is absolutely necessary to make it work on a global scale.

We must also bear in mind that these are just calculations. Estimations. That means that these “points of no return” may occur a bit sooner or later than 2030. No one can know for sure. We can, however, be certain that they will occur approximately in these timeframes, because these calculations are not opinions or wild guesses."

What will it finally take to get the parents of the world to protect their own children's immediate future by getting the governments of the world to meet the required global emergency fossil fuel reductions? Click here to see what governments should be doing to save us and our children!

Click here to view Greta's 2-minute video speaking to the British parliament:


Watch Greta's 4-minute video speech to the UN on how global warming is stealing her childhood and the future for all children here.

Editors note:

Now that you have seen what our children are trying to tell us before it's too late, please read exactly what we must do to save the future for our children and future generations:

Click here to read the key details about our last chance global fossil fuel reduction targets that must be achieved by 2025 --- NOT 2030 or as late as 2050 as some fossil fuel industry-influenced voices are proclaiming.

Click here for the key details on what really happens to all of our future's if we fail to achieve the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets.

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  • Wayde Wright
    commented 2019-05-01 10:41:54 -0700
    Sad to say or think, but GREED will surpass any inventions that may slow down “Climate Change”…we probably have less time left on our beautiful planet then what has been determined by folks like you.
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