A Powerful Climate Change Video by David Wallace-Wells, the Author of the Best Seller, The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming

Author David Wallace-Wells whose best-selling book The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming, created a video that offers climate change images, comparisons, and hopes that are appropriate for beginning 2023, But...

although David Wallace-Wells is highly recommended by our organization, we must also point out its shortcomings. David understands the climate change emergency is terrible. Still, it is evident he is not fully aware of how far and fast we are heading into phase two of irreversible global heating. He also appears to be unaware of how much and how fast global fossil fuel emissions must drop to avoid the four extinction-triggering climate change tipping points. 

Despite those significant shortcomings, his video will help many people reach the next level of understanding of the climate change emergency. It will also help prepare them for the uncensored climate analysis provided by our climate change think tank and found on this website.



Click here for the new David Wallace-Wells climate change video, or click his image above. It is 56 minutes long, but it will hold your attention because he creates such vivid images to help you feel and see the emergency in so many different ways.



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