Action 5: Here is what Job One for Humanity has decided about what to do about the runaway global heating extinction emergency

Last Updated 1.16.23

The Job One for Humanity Decision for Our Climate Change Actions

We will support you with accurate information as best we can, no matter which choice you make. As a climate change think tank and nonprofit organization, the uncensored current climate research shows us that our world is already well into runaway global warming and an unfolding and an unfortunate, mostly unavoidable Great Global Collapse process. 

For this reason, our organization's focus must be prioritized on slowing down the runaway (soon to be irreversible if we do not act now) global heating extinction emergency. This would limit it to only a near-total human extinction and not total extinction.

We must save and salvage as much of humanity and the best of our civilization as we can, hoping that someday we will learn from the coming climate change collapse. Hopefully, then there can be a Great Global Rebirth.

We must push our politicians and governments with the greatest possible urgency to mobilize and enforce the critical 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets. This is the only thing left that will slow down the already unfolding near-total extinction and collapse process, so some of humanity can survive. 

Click here for the most effective way to get our politicians and governments to save the future and us in time from accelerating climate change. 

Click here to see a secondary and slower way (with the remaining time left to save humanity) to get our politicians and governments to do what is needed.

Next, help yourself and humanity by starting one of the four parts of the Job One for Humanity Climate Change Emergency Resilience Plan B best suited to you and your choices above. Everyone can find something to do and contribute in this plan.

Please click here to volunteer at Job One for Humanity and help us fix the climate change extinction nightmare.

And finally, we do have many helpful suggestions here for people who choose Option One. We also have survival preparation and adaptation recommendations for anyone who chooses Option One or Two both here and in the Members section of our website.


Check out the other climate change action choice options below:

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Action 3: Accept runaway global heating extinction and climate collapse

Action 4: Combine elements from the three strategies

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