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All new members will receive 4 amazing ebooks (a $35.00 value) as our thank you gift. And, they will also receive special access privileges to highly valuable climate-related and other global crises information found only in the Members section of our websites.

Here is our special $2 holiday membership promotion.

For only a $2 per month donation, you will receive ebook copies of four new books highly relevant to the global warming emergency and other major global issues and that is just to start.

Here are the ebooks you will receive:

a. The first free ebook is Climageddon; the Global Warming Survival Kit is an $8.95 value. This ebook is getting great reviews on Amazon. You can download it in one of the three most popular ebook reader formats. 

b. For those who do not like reading complex scientific research and still want to be entertained and educated about this challenging subject. We have just added the ebook version of "On Vestige Way" by David Spielberg (a $9.00 ebook value.) It is an emotion-packed CLI-Fi (climate fiction) novel about how global warming affects the future and fate of the world's Millennials, generation Z, corporations. It also describes a massive rearrangement of the political alliances we take for granted. 

It is so hard to put down you will be missing work and sleep wondering what will happen next to the story's heroes and heroines struggling with a superb rendering of our global warming future. Yet, it is one of the most scientifically accurate CLI-FI books we have reviewed. (The author, like the other listed authors, made their Ebooks available to us because they wanted to support our critical mission work!)

c. You will also receive a free ebook copy of Climate and Ecological Delusions and Contradictions that Will Soon End Humanity by Michael MielkeThis $8.95 value ebook explains and elaborates in great detail on the carbon capture technology delusion and the many other environmental extraction, consumption, and waste global crises we face.

d. You will also receive a free ebook copy of Collapse 2020, Vol 1: Fall of the First Global Civilization by Bruce Nappi. This $8.95 value ebook lays out a strong case on why we must prepare for the first-ever global warming-aggravated, global collapse coming within mere decades. Collapse 2020 digs into the major chaos of today's world: climate change, liberal-conservative polarization, gridlock in governments, and massive social injustice.

While the four free ebooks above are an excellent extra benefit for making a $2.00 monthly donation and becoming a member (or renewing your membership.) And, there are several even more important reasons why you will want to access the members-only section of our website! 

More Big Member Benefits

As a member, you will know what the ultra-wealthy know about our global warming future and what they don't know (unless, of course, they are also members at Job One.) Our nonprofit organization has spent almost $100,000 acquiring and researching the information found in the members-only section.

Hedge funds, investment bankers, real estate conglomerates, and ultra-wealthy individuals and corporations worldwide are spending thousands of dollars each year with global warming risk analysis companies to access the information you will find in our members-only section. Trillions of dollars in personal and corporate wealth will either be made or lost because one either understands or does not understand the many consequences of our rapidly accelerating global warming emergency.

As a member, you will have full access to the nonpublic global warming website information as described below:

1. critical prediction information on how, when, and where the escalating global warming emergency will affect:

a. local, regional, and national real estate values and finances,

b. stock market values, specifically corporations whose stocks and bonds will be most affected as the global warming emergency worsens,

c. commodity prices as regionalized crops and other commodities fail because of increased heat or other global warming consequences, as well as which food prices will rise the fastest, etc.,

d. increased political conflict or instability probabilities, particularly relating to a nation's regionalized specific global warming consequences.

2. first alerts and early warnings about the coming global warming catastrophes,

3. exclusive global warming emergency preparation and adaptation information for your family, home, and business. 

4. well-researched global warming family and business migration options for the sparse global warming safer zones (For those of you who live in global warming high-risk areas.)

And finally, in addition to the above, your donations provide critical financial support for our nonprofit organization's ongoing research, goals, and mission

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What could be more important to support and be a part of? 

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Here is what donations helped us do in 2020

We have already done a lot of mind-shaking and life-changing education this year speaking painful climate truths to power, and

the year is not over yet!

We are very proud to update you and share our 2021 accomplishments as of the end of this October.

These are just a few of our many accomplishments:

1. We have had exponentially more shares and likes of our posts and original articles in scores of Facebook climate and environmental groups and on our websites!

2. The number of new volunteers, memberships, and global warming petition signatures has grown at faster rates and to greater levels than ever before!

3. According to Google Analytics:

a. Over 200,000 unique visitors have viewed our websites.

b. Over 4,100 hours of free online education on the global warming emergency and what we must do for sustainable lifestyles and livelihoods occurred in 2021.

4. We have been actively pushing for declaring a worldwide global warming state of emergency since 2010. At the 2021 COP26 Climate Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, Greta Thunberg has now made that very same demand to the conference attendees.

5. More individuals than ever before are working their way through the preparation, adaptation, and other critical action steps of the Job One for Humanity Climate and Global Crises Resilience Plan. These steps will make their lives and business far safer and more stable as global warming consequences accelerate.

6. We have continued updating our analysis of worsening climate conditions based on new research and existing fossil fuel reduction activity or inactivity. Click here to see that continuously updated climate consequence information.

7. Our brutally honest dialectical, multi-systemic, dynamic analysis of the climate’s complex adaptive systems, (which are unfolding this emergency,) are slowly, but surely, influencing the leadership at other climate change and environmental organizations.

We can see the growing influence of our detailed and evolving climate analysis work in the changes in their global warming terminology and their new discussions about its most serious global warming consequences. Click here to see the master list of primary and secondary global warming consequences we all now face.

8. We have had far more new donors and more donations to forward our goals and mission than any other year since 2009! And, we still need more support to expand our service and do more because we are growing so fast!

What your monthly support does

Your monthly gift and tax-deductible donation empowers Job One for Humanity to promote and execute an effective global warming survival plan to both survive and even thrive through the global warming and climate change emergency.

We run one of the leanest operations among all global warming education groups. But, we can’t do our job without regular donations from concerned individuals and activists like you. Your generous monthly tax-deductible gift and donation today will help us to:

  • change more minds, 
  • contact and involve more people, (every $5 a month you make in a monthly automatic donation allows us to expand our mail lists and outreach to another 200 additional people every month!)
  • slow and lessen the catastrophic climate change and global warming consequences the are coming, and
  • promote and build a sustainable and prosperous world for everyone.
  • your donation will always be wisely and frugally used to advance the Job One for Humanity programs and mission.


Your Donation Receipt 

You will also receive an electronic receipt each month for your online monthly tax-deductible donation. The name “ Inc.” will show on the PayPal payment screen and on the electronic record of your donation to Job One for Humanity. Job One for Humanity is a DBA and subsidiary of Factnet Inc., a 501(c)(3) IRS recognized nonprofit social benefit organization online since 1993.

Guidestar, the leading non-profit organization that evaluates other non-profit organizations for their financial and mission transparency has reviewed us and given us their Seal of Financial Transparency. 



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