Essential Community and Member Qualities

What distinguishes Universe community members from members of other eco-communities is their core values and social commitments. These are not a trivial handful of ideas. They are a broad list of life principles described in-depth on the Job One for Humanity and the Universe Spirit websites.



Our principles directly related to our communities and members efforts can be summarized by the following qualities:

Physical Qualities and Characteristics of the Universe communities

  1. full-cycle sustainability, sustainable gardens, and farms - (Agrihoods)
  2. net zero by zero combustion (to eliminate global warming and air pollution)
  3. full-cycle recycling and low resource consumption
  4. environmentally sensitive, balanced policies and practices limiting over-consumption
  5. net-zero energy principles for construction or retrofits 
  6. off-the-grid independence and green energy generation as much as is feasible
  7. commitment to lifelong ongoing education, personal development, and growth (We are committed to creating both online and land-based courses for all member's ongoing community and other educational needs)
  8. community shared wellness, preventive healthcare, emotional and psychological support
  9. nutrition and physical fitness-based health practices with information exchange 
  10. Commitment to vegan or mostly vegan lifestyle
  11. use the best science and appropriate technologies to guide individual and group economic and social processes into a sustainable yet dynamic balance
  12. support balance between work and recreation
  13. survivability, preparedness, selective redundancy, and resilience practices

Social and Cultural Qualities of our Universe Communities

The community will offer places that:

  1. are safe and secure, 
  2. value rationality based on evidence-based science 
  3. promote collaboration and cooperation
  4. promote highly productive and meaningful lives
  5. are loving, beautiful, compassionate, and joyful despite the severe challenges we now face
  6. promote reciprocality within community transactions and actions
  7. incorporate new modes of fair value exchange that achieve economic justice
  8. creates individual and community financial wellbeing without poverty, homelessness, or starvation.
  9. uses a new form of personalized, direct democracy referred to as Personalized Democracy (This is described in more detail further down in this overview.)
  10. reflect the best philosophies from our secular heritages
  11. are committed to listening, evaluating, and recording relevant feedback
  12. promote rapid learning, adaptability, and evolvability 
  13. incorporate cooperative leaders and leadership in advisory roles, and decision making
  14. base advancement in leadership and reward on merit
  15. exhibit high social diversity
  16. exhibit non-discriminatory social justice throughout
  17. support and promote individual agency, freedom, self-organization, personal responsibility, and holding healthy boundaries
  18. allows for efficient individual and collective consequence capture so that both the individual and the community learn and adapt faster from any action's feedback by quickly capturing either the benefits or adverse effects of their own actions,
  19. uses new technology methods such as secure and safe servers to preserve humanity's history of great literature, culture, science, and art
  20. apply enlightened population management of one new child per existing family
  21. safeguard and check the actions of possible bad actors harming individuals in any Universe community. This is done in part by promoting the unique "forking off" principle and practice of the open-source software design community. (This forking principle promotes that new Universe communities should always fork off from any existing Universe community and form a new Universe community whenever the community's leadership repeatedly fails to follow important Universe community values, principles, and practices. (These would be repeated actions and failures severe in nature that fail to protect both individual and community wellbeing.)

Evolutionary and Eco-Spiritual Qualities of Universe Communities

The community will offer a place that will:

    1. express humanist, progressive, universalized, and tolerant values and where similar personal spiritual practices will always feel comfortable and valued
    2. align with the secular, moral, and spiritual values as expressed on the Universe Spirit website relating to Evolution Spirituality
    3. include and transcend the best practices and values from humanity's vast spiritual heritage

Other Qualifying Universe Community Member Qualities

The complexity of modern society is staggering, especially within social organizations. They vary from different religions to personal philosophies, to nationalities, to political parties, etc. 

Being a member of the Universe Community isn't for everyone. Like being a successful member of any substantial organization, it requires a good alignment with the organization's philosophy and a sincere personal commitment. Below is an additional "checklist" of qualities to which most Universe community members agree. They will also help you decide if you are qualified and might like to be a part of our co-creative, planned community. (You do not have to all of these qualities now, but you should at least aspire to develop them within our community.)

Universe community members:

    1. Are productive individuals, many with a history of effective social action and community involvement,
    2. Realize that the world's societies are on an accelerating path of escalating ecological, climate, economic, and social catastrophes, disasters, and collapses,
    3. Accept that these coming catastrophes are primarily due to humanity's changeable previous actions and choices,
    4. Accept a progressive and caring new world model of sustainably and equitably sharing the Earth with others,
    5. Appreciate the urgency for consequential and substantial evolutionary changes in our economic, social, and governmental systems,
    6. Are generous, reciprocal in nature, and willing to equitably contribute financially to the community's well being and maintenance in return for the community contributing to their maintenance and wellbeing,
    7. Manifest abilities to delay gratification and understand the value of sacrifice and self-discipline especially as it will apply to surviving what is coming,  
    8. Believe that a compassionate and efficient meritocracy can produce enough surplus to support the needs of any members who, for legitimate reason, are unable to work, 
    9. Love knowledge and wisdom and see themselves engaged in a lifelong learning process,
    10. Value working with others to create these new experimental communities that can become "beacons of light" for a more sustainable and equitable world,
    11. Seek to support the conscious and successful evolution of humanity within the greater adventure of planetary and universe evolution, 
    12. See themselves as Evolutioneers (individuals grounded in rationality and science who are willing to intentionally and continuously learn, adapt, and evolve for both the good of themselves and the shared good of all.) and also,
    13. See themselves as Planetary Citizens (or global citizens) and possibly even Universe Citizens.


Click here to see the next page of this document. It describes the four different kinds of Universe Communities and how and when they will be launched. This page will help you decide which Universe community type is best for your current situation.

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