Facebook Now Blocking Legitimate Climate Science

Can you believe that Facebook has blocked our last post because it supposedly violated community standards. Facebook's algorithms are now blocking legitimate client science and analysis from being shared in the FB climate news groups.


This is completely screwed up algorithm management and I am seriously considering taking all of our materials off of Facebook as being irrelevant to a rational and analytical discussion of climate change facts. If anyone else is finding that their legitimate discussions of climate are being blocked by FACTNet algorithms, please let me know at manage@jobonefor humanity.org

To read this post yourself and see the page of todays climate facts and analysis (with all its science documentation) that Factnet has so stupidly decided to block, please see https://www.joboneforhumanity.org/critical_updates_to_today_s_key_climate_facts

Has Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook staff become climate deniers or tools of the fossil fuel industry's big money influence as well? 

Facebook algorithmic post denial system is so non-human it is near useless. Why doesn't Zuckerberg finally take some of his billions and hire more live and real humans to make rational and more discerning judgements about legitimate facts and dialog and stop trying to make flawed algorithms do the job of talented live people who also need jobs!

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