Critical Updates to Today's Key Climate Facts Needed to Wisely Plan Your Life and Future

Disturbing new climate research has recently come out. It has forced us to significantly update our "big picture" analysis of today's most relevant climate facts for planning your life and future. 


The summary of today's climate change facts below is regularly updated as new climate research is released. It was last updated on 10.23.2022.

This page contains:

1. How the accelerating climate consequences will adversely affect your future. Some of those consequences are the extreme weather events of heatwaves, heat domes, droughts, wildfires, hurricanes, cyclones, flooding, rain bombs, wind storms tornadoes, Derechos, dust storms, wildfire smoke events, unseasonable cold spells, and abnormal unseasonal weather. 

2. What you can do to fix the climate change emergency and prepare your loved ones and business for the many severe climate consequences we can no longer avoid!

3. How, due to six decades of ineffective governmental climate action, we got ourselves into this accelerating climate change nightmare.


Although climate change science is complex, we will do our best to explain key climate facts as simply as possible. Once you have read this page, you will accurately understand:

1. our current climate condition,

2. the climate change emergency (at about the level of many climate researchers) 

3. what our governments must do to save us.



The illustrated climate facts below tell the uncensored story of climate change, global heating, and our global fossil fuel burning reduction challenge. These uncensored facts will illuminate that our climate change future is far worse than we are being told. However, immediate action is still possible and provides the best approach to creating a safer and more secure future.

We do not expect you to believe the following climate change facts blindly. Below the quick fact summary is an expanded version of each fact. 

There we have provided more details and links to the climate science and analysis to help you decide if each fact is accurate. In fact, we challenge you or any climate scientist to prove any of the climate facts below wrong.

Even if you initially disbelieve what you are about to read, that is ok. The final proof of the climate facts below is always you! 

At some point, you will personally see or, unfortunately, experience increasing and record-breaking extreme weather as the climate emergency worsens. Nothing will ever be more convincing of the truth of the climate facts below than your repeated direct experience in personally witnessing ever-increasing and record-breaking extreme weather events. 

We do understand how disturbing it may be to review the uncensored climate information below. Accordingly, at the end of this article, you will also find a link to practical climate change solutions tailored to this emergency as well as climate resilience-building actions that you can personalize to your situation and resources. 

Like the cigarette industry's decades of misinformation, disinformation, and regulation delaying tactics, the far better-funded fossil fuel industry's deceptive climate change disinformation, misinformation, and regulation delaying tactics of  have successfully kept the following climate change global heating facts from you for decades. 



Our climate think tank provides the following uncensored climate information because we firmly believe you:

  1. Have a legitimate and inalienable right to the same uncensored climate information that privileged individuals within the military and intelligence agencies have kept from you. 
  2. Have a right to have the same climate information quietly being given exclusively to the world's wealthiest individuals and corporations by their expensive and highly-secretive risk analysis firms. 
  3. Have the right to be treated as a mature adult who can (and has) successfully dealt with difficult news.
  4. Have the same right to have the same advance warning as those in privileged positions. And you,
  5. Have the same right to prepare your loved ones for what is coming and to protect your assets, just as the wealthiest, the military, and politically privileged are very quietly doing.

Once you digest the unsettling impact of the climate information below, the big question will be, "what will YOU do to share this information with others before it is too late for our governments to fix what is coming?"

Your quick summary overview of today's uncensored climate facts

"If we can not see or acknowledge today's climate reality as it really is, it is doubtful we will ever be able to improve or fix it." Lawrence Wollersheim

So, let's look at today's uncensored climate condition, an inconvenient truth and reality that so few today know or are willing to acknowledge. (Please note that in a section below this quick summary is more detail for each quick summary fact and links to its documenting climate science.)

Please find our highly probable and almost certain climate future below. Concerning current climate change, it is the core message of this website.

Fact 1: Over the last six decades, our governments have completely failed to fix the accelerating global warming emergency. The painful bill for this unconscionable governmental failure has now come due.

Fact 2: By 2025-2031, because of the cumulative atmospheric carbon pollution effects from over 15 decades of burning of fossil fuels, the severity, frequency, and scale of extreme weather events (most of our current climate change-related consequences) will increase radically! (Climate change-driven extreme weather events can be defined in part as heatwaves, heat domes, droughts, wildfires, hurricanes, cyclones, tornados, floods and flooding, rain bombs, wind storms [Derechos], dust storms, wildfire smoke events, unseasonable cold spells, and abnormal unseasonal weather.) 

Fact 3: Today's honest global fossil fuel reduction targets require all developed countries (including China and India) to compel all citizens to reduce ALL fossil fuel use by about 75% by 2025. (The current reduction target is so high because our governments wasted sixty years when reductions could have been gradual and manageable.)

Fact 4: Missing the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets (and consequently crossing the atmospheric carbon threshold of carbon 425-450 parts per million [ppm]) means we also will trigger the first of four extinction-accelerating global warming tipping points. (We are currently at the insane carbon 420 ppm risk level.)

Fact 5: Because our governments did not effectively reduce global heating during the last six decades, crossed climate tipping points, climate feedbacks, and accelerating climate consequences will cause the unavoidable extinction of about half of humanity by mid-century. (This extinction process will be driven primarily by global crop failures, starvation, and the conflicts that will naturally arise because of accelerating climate change-driven consequences and mass migrations. Many areas will have to go into martial law to maintain law and order. Human rights, and democracies will suffer deeply.)

Fact 6: Our governments getting close to achieving the 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets as soon as possible is the only effective way to save the what remains of humanity post-mid-century from a near-total extinction process.

Here are the "what do we need to do now to save ourselves" climate facts.

Fact 7: Only immediate and massive global fossil fuel reduction action by our governments can save us at this late stage of climate destabilization and protect the remaining half of post-mid-century humanity from an even worse, near-total extinction process. (The surprising reason why we will not go totally extinct is explained in the expanded explanation in a link below.) 

Fact 8: To fix the runaway global heating extinction emergency, we must finally force the use of legitimate global fossil fuel reduction targets and a comprehensive global fossil fuel reduction plan that will work (like the Job One Plan.) There is still hope if our governments act NOW!

Fact 9: Despite being highly probable and almost certain that half of humanity will perish by about mid-century because of sixty years of government ineffectiveness, there is still much good news. While humanity can no longer escape a climate-caused mass die-off and its global turmoil, humanity can learn from these painful climate catastrophe lessons. Furthermore, when we finally resolve the global heating emergency, humanity's recovering survivors can receive the many possible positive benefits of a Great Global Rebirth! (The Great Global Rebirth page is the most-read page on our website.)

Fact 10: Everything our governments are doing currently to fix the climate emergency is still "far too little, far too late." Desperate individual actions to reduce personal fossil fuel use alone will not save us at the 11th hour. Consequently, many individuals and businesses have wisely started their "Plan B" emergency preparation, adaptation, and survival plans to ensure they and their loved ones make it through the painful climate times ahead. They are doing these preparation, adaptation, and survival actions while still doing everything within their power to get our governments to act.

As part of Plan B, many are also completing other meaningful personal actions before accelerating climate destabilization consequences, their financial losses, and resulting conflicts eliminate remaining possibilities and radically change our everyday lives for decades. They are also preparing their loved ones for what is coming. Finally, as sustainably as possible, some individuals are also visiting the natural wonders that are disappearing daily (glaciers, coral reefs, and the African plains).

Yes, global warming progress is currently going nowhere with our government's current ineffective efforts to fix climate change in time. However, because of this horrific governmental failure, we believe that everyone still has the individual right to decide how to best live their last years of relative climate, economic, and political stability. (More about this in the expanded facts below.)



Other Essential Climate Change Facts:

There facts are also explained in more detail further below.

Fact 1: No miracle "new technology" (like carbon capture) currently exists at the needed scale or cost efficiency capable of saving humanity from our accelerating global heating nightmare before about half of humanity is dead. Hoping for some "new technology" to be discovered at the last minute to save us --- is a horrible strategy dooming ALL to fail.

Fact 2: Our governments have squandered six valuable decades in self-deception not fixing our climate change and global heating emergency. In a section further below you will discover the many painful reasons for this gross, dangerous, and immoral failure of our leaders and governments. 

Fact 3: After we pass the carbon 425-450 ppm level, a huge looming climate change tipping point and a great global disruptor is called the Thwaites "doomsday glacier." It may collapse into the Antarctic Ocean as soon as 2025-2028 or in the following decades. It is the size of England and its collapse will initially raise global sea level by 2-3 feet and later up to 10 feet more over many decades. Because half the world's population lives along our sea coasts, the Thwaites glacier's collapse would trigger a level of unimaginable global chaos.


Short Explanations for Each of Today's Critical Climate Change Facts

Click here for the updated explanation sections and documentation for the above climate facts. 

Last Updated 10.26.22

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