The prosecution presents the fossil fuel cartel's death machine and the despicable motivation for creating the climate change emergency

Last updated 2.26.24.

Let's look at the true motivations of the cartel, and then we will take a look at the cartel's death totals. At some point, the jury must ask why the cartel is committing these unconscionable Crimes Against Humanity and all biological life on Earth.

We believe the evidence we have submitted and our expert's testimony prove that the global fossil fuel cartel is using global climate change disinformation and other previously mentioned tactics because:

1. of sheer and simple greed. The 28 trillion dollar-a-year cartel is the largest for-profit conglomerate on Earth, and hundreds of trillions of dollars in income are at stake over the next few decades.

2. if the citizens of the world knew the actual climate change facts and understood that the fossil fuel cartel had deliberately deceived them for decades, putting their lives and resources at extreme risk, they would:

a. angrily demand that their politicians radically cut global fossil fuel use immediately to meet the 2025 targets and at least save some of humanity post-2050. And,

b. demand their politicians make the global fossil fuel cartel pay for ALL of the climate change consequence damages that its products and behind-the-scenes actions have caused.



It is beyond painful when you also realize the global fossil fuel cartel is entirely willing to sacrifice the assets (and lives) of billions of people and your children to satisfy their unquenchable and insane greed for more profit (more super-yachts, more palaces, even more mansions in Aspen or Davos, and more ridiculously luxurious lifestyles for key fossil fuel cartel owners, executives, controllers, and investors, etc.)



Thus far, I have referred to humanity's climate problems as the climate change emergency. For the rest of this trial, because of the climate change double dilemma and the global holocaust it will cause, I will call the climate change emergency the climate change extinction emergency. That is exactly what the actions of the cartel have created for you and your family.

Let me explain the cartel's far bigger death machine. The cartel's death machine is much worse than I told you earlier in this trial.

It is again time to consider the cartel's crimes against humanity. This time, we will examine the obscene scale of ALL the other deaths and suffering the cartel has caused and that they will continue to cause if they are not stopped. 

Earlier in this trial, we and our medical experts proved to you that at least 10 million people a year are suffering and dying annually because of toxic fossil fuel air pollution. Get ready for some additional shocking death totals.

Over the last 40 years, the period of time which this litigation covers, experts have estimated that, at the minimum, at least 200 million innocent people have died from and because of fossil fuel's known debilitating and deadly air pollution health effects. (10 million deaths a year  x 40 years - with lowering adjustments for prior lower population levels each of the 40 previous years.) 

If you add this estimated 200 million people who have died over the last 40 years to the number of additional people who have died ONLY from fossil fuel health effects since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution (around 1800 until about 1980, about 180 total years), it gets much worse. Compensating for the additional lowered pre-1980 population factors, you get another conservative calculation for about an additional 100 million cartel-caused lost lives from about 1800 to 1980 from ONLY the health-related effects of burning fossil fuels.

That means that the global fossil fuel cartel has thus far stolen, destroyed, and tortured the lives of about 300 million people worldwide—an estimated 200 million since 1980 plus 100 million before 1980. 

Let's now consider the additional sheer scale of these massive personal greed-driven crimes against humanity. These 300 million deaths are more than the deaths of all the soldiers and civilians killed in all of the wars that have occurred since about 1800. 

If you thought the 10 million toxic air pollution deaths a year totals mentioned above for the cartel's death machine were shocking, prepare yourself.

The 300 million deaths are only toxic air pollution deaths. The 300 million total does not include all of the additional non-air pollution-related deaths caused by the many other adverse primary and secondary consequences of climate change, like record-breaking weather extremes causing crop failures, low crop yields, starvation, mass migration, and millions of additional annual deaths.

Remember what our experts explained earlier to you about the climate change double dilemma. These climate change experts predicted the death rates for when humanity crosses more climate change tipping points and feedbacks.

They predicted that the next wave of climate change consequences would be monstrous because of the growing cumulative and synergetic effects of the cartel's 223 total years of spewing toxic, poisonous pollution into our shared atmosphere.

When we cross the next wave of currently predicted climate tipping points and feedbacks, global fossil fuel use-related deaths from ALL cartel-caused climate change consequences will rise steadily from the current ten million-plus annual deaths in 2024 to quickly scale up toward 20-40 million deaths yearly as we approach about 2031.

Then, from 2031 to 2040, deaths will scale up to 40-70 million deaths annually. Global climate change-related deaths will eventually grow from about 40-70 million deaths per year and then eventually scale up toward several hundred million deaths per year.

From 2040 to 2050, whatever remains of the first half of humanity will also likely die. This means that the cartel's greed drive for more profit will intentionally cause a total number of deaths from 2025 to 2050 - 2060 of nearly 3 1/2 billion people.

Even if you use only the most conservative and proven death totals of 10+ million a year for the past six decades and over the next three decades, the total suffering of death will still amount to the greatest global Holocaust in humanity's history.

In the graph below, notice that the curve of carbon from fossil fuel burning increasing in the atmosphere proceeds from about 1880 to 1950 in a gradual linear progression. From 1950 to 2000 and beyond, the carbon increase in the atmosphere is a far steeper, more exponential curve. The atmospheric carbon dioxide trend line from 2000 to 2023 is even worse, steeper, and near exponential. Climate change consequences will eventually rise exponentially just as fossil fuel pollution is rising exponentially.



The loss of 300 million lives due to the past and ongoing activities of one cartel puts the fossil fuel cartel beyond any mass murderer's death toll from any war (or even multiple wars.) But when you look at the deaths of 3 1/2 billion people over the next 25 years from the same causes that killed 300 million over the previous 223 years, there is almost no way to grasp that such ongoing "death machine" horror and crime against humanity is still going unconfronted, unstopped and unpenalized!

What you are looking at in the senior executives of the global fossil fuel cartel over the last 40- 60 years are individuals who are, in essence, white-collar corporate mass murderers. They and their organizations, at the minimum, have failed to perform the most minimal of due diligence standards for knowing the harm, damage, and death their products would create. 

White-collar and corporate mass murderers who kill hundreds of millions of people slowly should be treated no differently than the war criminal mass murderers who kill millions of people quickly.

Our elders aggressively hunted down and put the war criminals from the Second World War to death after the Nuremberg trials for creating far less death, destruction, and human suffering. How can we allow those individuals or corporations who knowingly approve, facilitate, are complicit, or are intentionally ignorant of the consequences of their actions and products in the above-described ongoing crimes against humanity to not pay for their evil actions? It is unfathomable. 

I have faith that you, the jury, will change this intolerable injustice, and soon, the cartel causing these millions of deaths will be brought to justice.

The prosecution is now submitting to the court and the jury for their inspection:

a. all of the worldwide articles from professional investigative reporters on decades of the cartel's efforts to stop anyone or anything that means less sales and profits, 

b. all of the other evidence used by justice departments from cities, states, and nations worldwide that show the actions and consequences they have found the cartel was responsible for, which we have been discussing in our presentations to the jury.

c. There is now growing evidence surfacing that the global fossil fuel cartel has known about the many deadly results of its toxic products as early as 1950. See this article for a detailed discovery of the long history of fossil fuel internal warnings about the dangers of climate change.) 

The judge gives us a jury a 15-minute break because he can see the jury is visibly shaken by what they have just heard.

After the break, the prosecutor continues. We will now continue with more expert testimony with qualified climate change researchers and other professionals to refute the remaining untrue and ridiculous defense claims of immunity from their opening statement.

1. Expert climate testimony for the prosecution has clearly proven that today's climate change is not a natural Earth climate cycle. 98% of all climate scientists worldwide agree that the increased burning of fossil fuels since the Industrial Revolution is the cause of global warming and climate change.

Furthermore, when the prosecution cross-examined the defense's expert climate witnesses, it was discovered that the defense's climate experts were not climate scientists but scientists from other non-climate fields who made their living almost exclusively by being expert witnesses for the cartel. Other defense expert climate witnesses were from think tanks 100% funded by the cartel. One of the defense's climate experts was discovered to be a proponent of a widely debunked conspiracy theory and made their living selling books about this debunked theory.

Additionally, some highly respected climate scientists could not make it to testify during this trial. Therefore, for the jury, we have also included their many published climate papers and analyses on the actual cause of climate change (fossil fuel burning) and the past, current, and future consequences of our accelerating climate change extinction emergency.

2. Various business experts for the prosecution testified that knowing that your product will kill many people and harm many bio-systems and then acting to defeat or slow any actions to regulate that harm or creating disinformation about the true harm is not business as usual, nor a standard, ethical, or acceptable business practice

3. Experts from the insurance industry stated that current climate change is not a normal weather variation, an act of God, or an accident or a natural disaster. Climate change damages is not something they normally cover unless a specific policy is written just for climate change. Additionally, this expert testifies insurance companies are rapidly eliminating all older policies that could be affected by climate change consequences. (Click here for details.)

4. You have heard the prosecution's experts from numerous respected medical fields tell you about the slow, painful deaths and medical harm to infants, children, and adults caused by the toxic, slow poisoning of fossil fuel pollution in the atmosphere. You have also seen the many respected worldwide medical journal studies showing how fossil fuel pollution is killing and crippling millions.

5. You have heard government agency senior executives and government experts tell you that it is nonsense to hold politicians and the government solely or primarily responsible for not regulating a product that the cartel knew to be deadly and harmful to the general population. 

The defense argument that the government is responsible for not regulating them becomes even more ridiculous in light of the prosecution evidence and expert testimony that the global fossil fuel cartel has been doing everything within its wealth and power for the last 40 years to prevent politicians and governments from creating any effective regulations with known and meaningful verification and punishment procedures.

6. The cartel's defense argument that every citizen who did not conserve energy is responsible for all climate change damages is insulting to the jury and every human being alive today. This tired "blame the victim" strategy is similar to blaming a rape victim for being raped. 

The global fossil fuel industry has raped the planet of its fossil fuel reserves nearly exclusively for the obscene profit and benefit of a few individuals who own or control the many corporate and national tentacles of the global fossil fuel cartel. The cartel has for 40 years been so successful with its international climate change disinformation campaigns that the public was unable to know and understand how much danger they were and are in from the escalating climate change emergency.

The cartel was also so successful in selling the message "We're making progress on climate change, don't worry" through its global media holdings that the public has been lulled to sleep. Then, to put the final nail in the coffin for creating false climate hope and false climate change progress illusions, the global fossil fuel cartel revved up its global media disinformation programs on how "new technologies" like carbon capture will save humanity at the last minute.

In these false hope and progress messages, the public is repeatedly and invisibly being told that "there's no reason to worry about climate change now because dire climate consequences will not happen until 2100, if ever. Just keep living your life exactly as you are now. You don't really have to conserve fossil fuels currently. Carbon capture or some other new technology will pull all of that nasty carbon out of the atmosphere at a later date."

Not knowing the real climate change danger the public is in prevents the public from feeling any sense of urgency or demand to get its politicians and governments to do something that "the public doesn't even think is a problem." The cartel's defense argues that after it has intentionally made it impossible for the public to know that the public urgently needs to radically conserve energy and demand governmental conservation regulations, the public is now somehow 100% responsible for paying for climate change damages.

Though not explicitly said, the cartel wants the very victims of its products and actions to be responsible for paying all climate change damages through increased taxes. (This increased taxation will occur as our governments pay for ever-increasing climate change damages and the world's insurance companies drop all climate-related coverages to prevent bankruptcy.)

The defense's vile argument that you or the government are responsible for their product's damages insults the jury's intelligence, judgment, and common sense, especially after the jury has itself been continuously subjected to the "perfect storm" of cartel climate change disinformation.

7. You have heard evidence and testimony from the prosecution that fossil fuel products are not causing more good than harm. You have heard:

A. testimony about the 200 million slow and painful deaths in the last 40 years attributed to toxic fossil fuel pollution.

B. extensive testimony from experts about the estimated number of people who have died since using fossil fuels in the 1800s at the start of the Industrial Revolution. At the minimum, from 1800 to 1980, the experts estimate about another 100 million people died.

C. from climate experts that if we do not make radical global fossil fuel cuts immediately, hundreds of millions and eventually billions more people will suffer and die both slow, painful deaths before 2050 due to the intensifying primary climate consequences and quicker deaths due to the secondary consequences of climate change.

D. from the experts that between 2050 and 2070, if we do not make radical global fossil fuel cuts, we also could lose almost all of the rest of humanity that survived up to 2050 in a runaway global warming scenario.

e. testimony about the massive spread of deadly cancers due to tiny micro-plastic particles from the slow degradation of fossil fuel-derived plastic products. These micro-plastic particles have entered every biological system and region on Earth, including the Arctic and Antarctica, and they are constantly being ingested by all humans and animals alike.

Some researchers are already predicting that the rise of these micro-plastics in our environment and food chain will be the next gigantic global problem arising from fossil fuel use that also lasts hundreds to thousands of years, killing over time, potentially even more people than fossil fuel products kill through their health and climate change consequences.

f. No theoretical or actual good from fossil fuel products or that the global fossil fuel cartel is doing today (or has done) could outweigh the killing of hundreds of millions of people and soon-to-be billions of people. Maybe at one point many, many decades ago, the defense could argue that the global fossil fuel cartel was doing as much good as it was doing harm, but those days are many, many decades behind us and closer to the turn of the 20th century.

g. Probably no argument of the defense has raised is as boldly dishonest as their claim that the fossil fuel cartel did not know about the harm in death its products caused until recently. The prosecution has presented numerous former employees as witnesses whom cartel legal departments ordered to destroy all documents, memos, reports, etc., showing that the fossil fuel cartel knew anything about its products caused harm or death. The prosecution has also presented numerous internal cartel documents that were not destroyed that prove the cartel knew how harmful its products were as early as 1980.

The prosecution has produced witnesses from cartel public relations firms, advertising firms, and insurance companies where the harms and deaths caused by their products were freely and openly discussed concerning how the various firms would handle those negative PR and promotional issues. The defense's claim that the cartel and its senior executives did not know about the dangers of their products is not credible because it also means that their senior executives and their in-house lawyers failed to do the most basic and standard due diligence practices.

These "we didn't know" cartel defense claims to avoid all liability strain the very possibility of any reasonable truth behind them and are but just another part of the ongoing global disinformation campaigns of this evil cartel now being perpetrated by their defense attorneys.

And finally, there is now also growing evidence surfacing that the global fossil fuel cartel has known about the many deadly results of its toxic products as early as 1950. See this article for a detailed discovery of the very long history of warnings about the dangers of climate change."


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