The prosecution and defense present their closing statements in the online trial of the global fossil fuel cartel

Last Updated 3.7.24.

During the trial, the defense's jury consultant warned the defense attorney's law firm multiple times that they were losing the jury, even those jury members who believed that climate change was a hoax. Just before the defense was to put on its closing statement, the jury expert told the defense they had completely lost the jury and they had an ethical obligation to inform their client, the fossil fuel cartel, of her findings.

After the defense attorneys for the cartel informed the cartel leadership of the jury consultants' final pre-closing opinion, the cartel demanded that the defense law firm go out and find the best independent lawyer closer than money could buy. The defense law firm found a woman renowned for turning juries around at the last minute.

After this new attorney had reviewed:

a. the trial transcripts, and

b. how bad it had gone with the jury not believing the experts and documents presented by the defense.

The new closer attorney told the defense attorneys and cartel representatives that they had lost the trial's arguments on law and the facts. All they had left was to pound the table and move the jury's attention and feelings onto something else even more fearful to them.

She then demanded a $500,000 upfront fee and a $10 million bonus if she turned the trial around. The cartel eagerly agreed to such a tiny request compared to the losses it would face.

This new attorney then told the defense firm that she believed that the prosecution's witnesses and evidentiary documents were so compelling that the jury feared for their future lives, not just for themselves but also for their families, children, and grandchildren. The prosecution had done its job so well that the jury feared their local, state, and national communities would soon be ravaged and grow unstable as climate change worsened.

She tells the defense she will not waste time and defend many of the defense's now undefendable opening statements and positions. Finally, she tells the defense litigation team and the cartel's representatives that unless she breaks the fear that the prosecution put into the jury with an even greater fear that would happen far sooner, the case would be lost.



(In an action out of the jury's presence and to not affect the jury, the judge allowed this new defense attorney to be substituted in and deliver the closing statement.) 

Closing statement of the defense in the trial of the global fossil fuel cartel

The new female attorney introduces herself to the jury and begins the defense's closing statement. This new attorney went on for almost 40 minutes. 

In intimate detail, for those 40 minutes, she spoke about what would happen if the cartel was found guilty and, because of that, could no longer produce the fossil fuels the world needed every day. In excruciatingly painful detail, she spoke of how horrible and impossible daily life would be without these fossil fuels.

To disperse and deflect climate change damage responsibility, with new twists and stories, she returned to the defense's previous arguments and claimed "everybody's responsible, and nobody's responsible" for climate change damage if climate change actually causes damage. 

Finally, she brought fear closer to home. She spoke about family, friends, or acquaintances who would probably soon lose their jobs because of a guilty verdict and how that would harm their lives, their families, the economy, and ultimately, all that pain and economic suffering would trickle down to them and their families far faster than the alleged consequences of climate change. 

At the end of her closing for the defense, you could see some of the jury was very uncomfortable.  

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Closing statement for the prosecution in the trial of global fossil fuel cartel


The prosecution's lead attorney steps forward and addresses the jury. 

"I need to make a few comments about the defense's closing statement. It was a bit like a drug dealer telling you not to quit buying the addictive drugs that they have intentionally and maliciously addicted you to --- by telling you the withdrawal will be horrible.

May I remind you that for decades, the cartel has been keeping you addicted to its toxic polluting products through a multi-billion dollar global disinformation campaign, criminal actions to stop the needed transition to green energy generation, and by stopping any new laws that would require true reductions in national or international fossil fuel use. It's no wonder why humanity has remained addicted to fossil fuels long after they should have been eliminated. 

Also, what you have heard over the last 40 minutes in the defense attorney's closing statement was a brash attempt to give you something bigger to fear that will happen to you sooner than the coming climate change consequences that you have heard about in this trial.

Well, here is what the defense closing statement did not tell you.

1. Climate change is here now and will continue to grow worse until the global fossil fuel cartel is stopped from selling more fossil fuels and is made to pay for all the damage and suffering it has caused.

2. Everything she said is going to happen to you if you do not find the cartel innocent is still going to happen to you if you do find the cartel innocent because of the rapidly escalating climate change that the cartel has created and is continuing to fuel.

In the rest of my closing statement, I will remind you how and what I just said is true, and that you have no other rational choice for yourself and your family, business, community, and nation but to find the cartel guilty on all Grand Jury charges. 

If you remember, in my opening statement, I said that by the time we got through our evidence and expert testimony, those of you who, at the beginning of the trial, believed that the global fossil fuel industry and its products were good would no longer do so. Judging by the concern on your faces during this trial, the cartel-created climate change disinformation illusion appears to have been lifted. even those of you who doubted climate change was real.

It is time for you to see the climate change extinction emergency for what it is --- a global crime scene with national and international perpetrators still on the loose and still engaged in an ongoing mass murder spree. The mass murders this time are not nations (and their leaders) but a corporate enterprise and cartel.

Someday, the whole world will know about the global fossil fuel cartel's many crimes against humanity that have been presented in this trial. Until then, it is up to you to render final judgment and help the world learn what has been done to them. 

It is very rare when something you do can benefit the whole of humanity. You, the jury, have been presented with that rare and special opportunity. Never forget that your guilty verdict will bring about many more worldwide cartel trials and the cause of climate justice everywhere.

To find the cartel and its members and leaders guilty, you do not have to discover precisely why the individuals running the cartel have committed these horrible crimes against humanity. It doesn't matter if they had a horrendous childhood, were poorly educated, or were hardened narcissists or sociopaths. Today, you are here only to render a powerful verdict that will act to help stop them from harming you, your loved ones, and more people worldwide.

You have the legal power to convict the cartel, its executives, and related or enabling companies and individuals on any one, combination, or all of the following civil or criminal charges.

Those civil and criminal charges are areas are:

a. product liability (for damages caused by the cartel's toxic polluting products.)

b. violations of consumer protection laws (for damages caused by a cartel's products or actions.)

c. Aiding and abetting the cartel's toxic pollution or other criminal activities. It's not just the cartel manufacturers of these deadly and destructive fossil fuel products being held liable anymore. A new precedent-setting case for widening the zone of cartel legal liability has just occurred. In the recent multi-billion dollar US opioid cases, it was not just Purdue Pharmaceutical, the manufacturer of the opioids, that was held liable. Big-name distributors of Perdue's opioid products, like Walmart, Walgreens, and CVS drugstores, were also held liable for damages. 

Additionally, McKinsey & Company in the US was forced to pay 78 million dollars for its role in promoting the deadly opioid epidemic in the US. They were convicted of supplying deceptive marketing plans to boost the sales of Perdue's dangerous product. McKinsey & Company's deceptive marketing actions mirror the cartel's decades-long global climate change disinformation campaigns.

(McKinsey & Company intentionally supplied disinformation to the public and others about the dangers of the Purdue Pharmaceutical-produced opioids. This 78 million dollar judgment opens the door to hold cartel lobbyists, PR firms, marketing firms, and funding banks or individuals legally responsible for cartel climate change damages for their co-conspiratorial aiding and abetting roles. Many firms were involved in creating, promoting, enabling, facilitating, or financing the cartel's climate change disinformation, deceptive marketing, or the cartel's other coercive and illegal actions, which prevented society and its politicians from enacting the required fossil fuel reductions decades ago and accelerating the transition to a green energy economy. Worse yet, the cartel and its enablers have worked tirelessly to stop those who could have prevented the current and past harms of climate change consequences.

d. False advertising and false marketing.

e. negligence and gross negligence resulting in death, bodily harm, or destruction and loss because of the cartel's toxic, polluting products or the negligent or grossly negligent actions of a cartel or cartel agents.

f. racketeering, possibly even the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act in the US (These charges and a conviction on this charge can and should be brought because of the decades of conspiratorial cartel disinformation and the cartel's long-term pattern of hidden coercive actions to unduly influence and prevent effective global fossil fuel reduction laws which would threaten their profits. For decades, the cartel has also actively blocked laws and subsidies that could have improved or accelerated the global transition to green energy generation and green energy applications.

g. first-degree murder (millions of deaths have been caused annually by the cartel's toxic, polluting products and their coercive global actions to prevent fossil fuel regulation. For decades, the cartel conclusively knew its products would kill millions and yet continued to sell them and hide their dangerous health and other side effects, like global warming.)

h. crimes against humanity because of the carefully orchestrated decades of crimes against humanity and humanity's future well-being, the international 28 trillion dollars a year cartel should be treated as a rogue nation and also face crimes against humanity charges. In addition to national trials, it also should be tried in the International Criminal Court and other national courts.)

The cartel has already killed an estimated 300 million people since the 1800s from its toxic and deadly polluting fossil fuel products. Escalating climate change today is causing worldwide mass migrations and resulting in the deaths of millions more annually (mostly poor and disadvantaged people.) 

If allowed to continue unchecked, the cartel's total toxic product pollution and all of the primary and secondary climate change consequences of that toxic pollution will directly or indirectly kill about half of humanity by about 2050. (Click here to learn why such a massive climate change-driven human die-off is now all but unavoidable by 2050.)

i. Ecocide, if local law permits.

The crimes against humanity I just mentioned are not second-degree or third-degree murder because the cartel not only knew the deadly consequences of its products. With conscious intent, it continued those acts that caused deadly harm to others for the cartel's continuing profits.

For centuries, if someone is knowingly and maliciously killed through a slow process of conscious and intentional poisoning, juries have quickly convicted the perpetrators as common murderers. In this case, for 223 years, the fossil fuel cartel has poisoned the atmosphere for all human beings and killed hundreds of millions.

The cartel's slow-poisoning pollution has caused and continues to cause the slow and painful deaths of hundreds of millions of people, with billions soon to come. 

Do not forget that you also are also allowed to convict those senior executives, related companies, pension funds, hedge funds, government agencies, or anyone complicit in these ongoing deaths or that have failed to inform their clients, citizens, or investors of the known climate change risks and consequences that have resulted in any individual or business damages or client, citizen or investor damages (in binding contracts like insurance policies, mortgages, building permits, etc.)

In your calculations for also awarding punitive damages, you must once again carefully consider that for forty years, the cartel fully understood the slow pain and suffering its products and actions would cause before the eventual death of its victims occurred. 

It is necessary at this time to remind you your governments and the media have also been harmed and continuously subjected to decades of cartel-favorable global disinformation. This cartel-created disinformation also adversely affected the United Nations's climate summary reports and prevented or stopped your governments and politicians from enacting the correct global fossil fuel reduction targets. 

The ongoing cartel's massive global climate change disinformation campaigns have resulted in the cartel's horrible and proven ability to successfully cause the underestimation of the correct climate change facts, timeframes, and solutions by an estimated 30-60% over the last four decades!

The global fossil fuel cartel has gotten away with its ongoing crimes against humanity for decades because:

1. its products have not been correctly regulated, and

2. the cartel has not been held liable for the damages of its products.

This climate change injustice is solely because of the cartel's illegal behind-the-scenes actions to make proper fossil fuel regulation and cartel liability all but impossible.

As testified to by the many climate experts you have heard, you must also factor into your verdict in your recommendations for appropriate additional punishments that the cartel's actions over the past 40 years have acted as a global threat and consequence multiplier. Escalating climate change consequences also directly amplifies the consequences of many of the other 11 world's biggest problems. 

Today, you are here to be the final judges of:

1. the cumulative, synergetic, and disastrous consequences of the cartel's toxic, slow-poisoning, polluting products,

2. the cartel's ongoing and intentional disinformation campaigns and their coercive influence effectively prevented or delayed all meaningful governmental regulation of their products. (These 40-year effective regulation interference or delays have resulted in even worse ongoing global climate consequences, many of which have become unavoidable solely because of this 40-year delay in action.)

3. the guilt and complicity for crimes against humanity of fossil fuel industry senior executives, outside large investors, mutual funds, hedge funds, and other outside authorities who exerted substantive influence on the global fossil fuel cartel's myriad members to continue their toxic, slow-poisoning, and pollution actions or their efforts to stop all regulation. 

You may convict the cartel, its members, and anyone you judge to be complicit or involved under any one or combination of the previously listed laws and regulations. 

You have now seen all of the evidence and have heard the testimony concerning:

a. the climate change articles from worldwide professional investigative reporters,

b. the evidence used by justice departments from cities, states, and nations worldwide showing the cartel's actions and consequences for which those governments have found the cartel was responsible. And

c. you have had the time to review the published climate research papers and analyses by respected climate change scientists on the causes of climate change and the past, current, and future consequences of the cartel-caused accelerating climate change extinction emergency.

You are now nearly ready to decide the correct verdict. 

Beyond any shadow of a doubt, we already have correctly identified the cartel perpetrator(s) of these crimes, causing the ongoing consequences of today's climate change extinction emergency. 

Your next step is to determine the cartel's level of guilt for the 40 million lives that have been lost and stolen by their toxic products and the 40 years of their criminal actions to prevent all effective regulations that would have saved those lives and so many others. You can do this by examining the cartel's global acts as the purist acts of first-degree mass murderTheir acts must be considered first-degree mass murder by this jury because their acts meet the legal criteria of first-degree murder.

The criteria for first-degree murder are:

1. The acts of the global fossil fuel cartel must be intentional. (For 40 years, they have known about the massive destruction and death their products would cause.)

2. The acts of the global fossil fuel cartel must demonstrate extensive deliberation and premeditation over the last 40 years. (Their careful, detailed, and extensive planning and continuous disinformation actions ensured their toxic products would never be effectively regulated and that the public and politicians would never know the real climate change facts, risks, or consequences.) 

3. The acts must demonstrate extreme malice and aforethought. (The cartel has acted for 40 years with full knowledge of its product's effects and yet still forwarded, expanding the use of its products to painfully and slowly kill an estimated 200 million or more people since the 1980s and about 300 million since the early 1800s.

To put the cruelty of the cartel's behavior into perspective once again, other than an immediate, global thermonuclear war, because of the cartel's past actions, from today forward, the world also now faces the greatest extinction threat it has ever faced, with three and one-half billion people projected to die. 

The high-level perpetrators of the climate change extinction emergency are not innocent businessmen, low-level white-collar criminals, or innocent small business people. They are mass murders at a scale unparalleled before in human history.

These crimes against humanity are also not accidental or mere ignorance. They are carefully planned, intentional acts of pure evil. Someday, the International Criminal Court will also hold cartel members and facilitators trials similar to the Nurenberg trials after World War II. Until then, it is up to you to render the correct verdict.

From the evidence and testimony you have heard, to serve both national and global climate change justice, you must also act to expose and determine the guilt of each company also complicit in these mass killings, including the executive-level guilt of the cartel's enablers, the cartel's fossil fuel lobbyists, cartel sponsored think tanks, PR firms, cartel media, investment banks, key stockholders, and fossil fuel compromised politicians, etc.

When determining guilt, you are obliged to also carefully discriminate and hold innocent lower-level cartel and related company employees who were not responsible or knowledgable decision-makers in perpetrating these ongoing crimes against humanity. 

You must also hold personally responsible everyone and every company who acted to prevent the earlier adoption of alternative green energy generation 40 years ago. These new green energy sources also would have prevented much of the predicted three-plus billion additional climate consequence-related deaths by 2050 (had they been widely supported and subsidized by our governments 40 years ago.)

Unfortunately, because we have only conclusively proven the cartel knew about the dangers of its products since 1980, you can only convict the cartel companies and leaders today for the estimated 200 million deaths they have caused since the 1980s. You may not consider the estimated 100 million lost lives their products have caused from 1800 to the 1980s.

I would now like to summarize what we, the prosecution, have proven:

1. beyond a shadow of a doubt in documents from the cartel's internal scientists, the highest levels of the cartel knew what climate change-related suffering, death, losses, and other horrible consequences the ongoing use of their toxic products would cause since the 1980s.

2. that for the last 40+ years, the cartel has done everything in its power to act in extreme bad faith by doing everything within its power to prevent or delay all legitimate climate change-related global fossil fuel reductions. The cartel has also done everything in its power to prevent the critical transition to green energy generation. 

The fossil fuel cartel had extensive programs to stop or reduce green energy subsidies or stop or slow laws that would have made the global transition to green energy far easier and faster. Had it not been for the global fossil fuel cartel's anti-green energy actions, the world would be decades ahead in the green energy transition, and our current climate change consequences would be far less. (See this online trial for more information.)

3. that because of the primary and secondary consequences of the ongoing cartel acts, it means that in your verdict, you may also consider the tens of millions of individuals and families who have already been forced to migrate because of climate change consequences. You may also consider the hundreds of millions more who will have to relocate in the following decades. 

4. as the consequences of climate change intensify, current climate migration predictions are that 50-70+ million "migrate or die" survival-driven migrants will attempt to enter the US and Canada. Separately, another 50-70+ million will attempt to enter the European Union and Scandinavia by about 2035. Even larger numbers of migrants will attempt to flee into Ukraine and the fertile areas of southern Russia from China, Pakistan, and other undeveloped Asian countries.

Your final verdict must also strongly consider these climate consequence-forced desperate climate migrations. Because of climate change-caused food shortages and soaring costs, most climagees (climate migrants) will come from the undeveloped countries between the 35 Parallel North and the 35th Parallel South. (The red line below shows the 35th Parallel North, and the turquoise line below shows the 35 Parallel South.)

5. there have been, are, and will be massive worldwide farmer losses worldwide as they face the nightmare of increasing crop losses as climate change intensifies.


You must, in your verdict, establish and declare the correct 1980 date of cartel liability; otherwise, cartel members will immediately begin transferring their assets out of existing cartel institutions to prevent being held financially liable for the decades of damages they have inflicted on people, businesses, and nations. 

When you establish the date for when cartel liability began as 1980, after that date, anyone suing the cartel in the future will also be able to claw back any assets the cartel tries to move to other entities secretly. Additionally, you must give this 1980 time frame additional weighting and importance in your verdict because:

1. Long before the 1980s, scientists outside of the fossil fuel cartel's employment were publishing papers on the horrific dangers of continuing to burn fossil fuel. It is reasonable for the jury to conclude that internal cartel scientists had probably searched, acquired, and were familiar with these outside scientific studies long before publishing their internal fossil fuel dangers studies.

2. After 1980, hundreds more scientific papers on climate change causes and consequences were published and widely distributed within the scientific community and the public. These papers reverified and expanded upon the extinction-evoking damages that ongoing fossil fuel burning would produce. It is highly probable that the cartel's internal scientists, senior executives, and law firms were also obtaining concurrent copies of these post-1980 climate change studies published by credible outside scientists to meet their internal due diligence requirements.

3. Despite far more conclusive and supportive scientific evidence on the harms caused by the cartel's products becoming widely available to the cartel, its executives, lawyers, and scientists, with extreme premeditation and malice, intentionally continued and even accelerated their efforts to prevent or delay any effective fossil fuel reductions and regulations worldwide from 1980 forward that would have saved millions of lives.

3. Based on the best post-1980 and current climate science, humanity will soon cross dire climate change tipping points and feedbacks. These climate tipping points and feedbacks will amplify and multiply the primary and secondary climate change consequences to such a level that about 3 1/2 billion individuals (about 1/2 of humanity) will most certainly die by about 2050.




This additional post-2023 mass extinction will occur overwhelmingly because the global fossil fuel cartel intentionally and maliciously planned and then prevented or delayed the world's nations executing the required global fossil fuel reductions over the last 40 years. This intentional and ongoing massive die-off process is the very definition of a Climate Change Global Holocaust.

4. If the cartel had NOT engaged so effectively over the last 40 years with multiple well-proven tactics to prevent or delay the needed global fossil fuel reductions and regulations, the required global fossil fuel reductions would have started 40 years ago and would have been made by now. This alone would have directly saved the lives of millions of citizens from every nation --- and eventually billions. 

You may not consider the consequences of the cartel's actions before the cartel's internal scientists told them what would happen if they kept putting fossil fuel into the atmosphere around 1980. But, you must consider, and you are obligated by law to consider, all now unavoidable future consequences of climate change from 1980 forward that have or will result directly from the cartel's toxic products and that have been verified by the many qualified climate scientists who have testified at this trial.

Do not doubt that if you, the jury, do not determine the cartel and its leaders to be guilty and subject to penalties and punishments of sufficient severity to deter these ongoing Crimes Against Humanity, the cartel will use its great wealth and its greed-driven death machine will continue unchecked. They will continue to act precisely as they have acted for the last 40 years.

Today, in your verdict, you are being called to defend the well-being of all humanity from the insane greed of a few individuals and companies. Your guilty verdict will declare that the cartel and the senior cartel executives (and those who control them) are the greatest mass murderers in human history.

Your guilty verdict will also have a powerful side effect in that it will also benefit all future litigation against the cartel for climate change damages. Once senior executives in the cartel member companies or cartel lobbying firms, public relations firms, or marketing firms realize that they personally and their firms can also be held criminally and financially liable for cartel actions and conspiracies, they quickly will begin turning into whistleblowers and witnesses. Not because they have had a real change of heart or have developed genuine empathy for the victims of their greed, but because they want to quickly trade their testimony for criminal immunity (or protection where needed,) and they want to swiftly distance their firms from the cartel's growing public relations and litigation nightmare. 

Your guilty verdict will also help the world's citizens affected by the cartel's disinformation campaigns see the cartel and its leaders for what they are --- the real target and cause of humanity's global climate change nightmare. 

Your guilty verdict will also help stop the cartel's ability to continue to blind the public and our politicians. It will loudly tell the world we will "never again" allow any group or cartel to cause the deaths of millions of people or to have the massive, unrestrained, destructive global power that we see unfolding in the many escalating consequences of climate change. 

Today, over 200 million lost lives and victims of the cartel's despicable actions are calling to you from their graves. They are demanding a long overdue and long denied climate justice for ALL cartel victims over the last four decades. 

Your guilty verdict will not only make your own life safer and help secure your children's and grandchildren's lives and future, but it will also make everyone else's life on Earth safer.

In your final process of coming to your verdict, do not forget to imagine how the world would immediately come together to stop any rogue nation secretly running global geoengineering experiments that would adversely change that nation's weather, growing seasons, crop and food viability, flood their cities, or cause unprecedented firestorms. Now imagine that this rogue nation was not a nation but a single cartel composed of numerous aligned and coordinated for-profit fossil fuel-related companies and businesses.

Today, you are being asked to look at how all of the cartel's actions have transformed our whole world radically for the worse and that many of the dire consequences of their products will last for centuries to millennia.

Your guilty verdict will resoundingly tell the cartel that causing the deaths of tens of millions of people from the toxic nature of their products and their twisted actions over the last 40 years will "never again" be tolerated or ever be considered as "doing business as usual." Your guilty verdict will stop the fossil fuel cartel's lawyers, PR people, and lobbyists from continuing their global efforts to deflect ALL climate change responsibility onto everyone else but the cartel itself.

With your guilty verdict, you also will inspire and empower many others who have been harmed so they can also begin to collect their just restitution for the cartel-caused harms they, their families, and businesses have suffered in new court actions worldwide. What you do today with a guilty verdict will be a powerful signal accelerating global climate justice worldwide. 

As the cartel is forced to pay for more and more damages worldwide, it will be forced to cut its fossil fuel production to reduce future damage liability. Furthermore, because of growing restitution payouts, it will be less able to finance the exploration and production of more fossil fuels.

The necessary increase in worldwide cartel damages litigation ultimately means less fossil fuel being produced and less toxic, slow-poisoning pollution going into our atmosphere, killing more people. Nothing will likely reduce global fossil fuel production faster than lawsuits removing all ill-gotten profit from it by forcing the cartel to pay for every global harm it has caused or is causing currently.

If you do not hold the cartel guilty and help stop its insane actions, humanity will cross the third climate change extinction-triggering tipping point within several decades. This climate catastrophe will quickly bring about the fourth stage of runaway global warming. This is the final stage of global warming, where the Earth continues its runaway global heating until our atmosphere boils off into space, just like what our scientists believe happened on Venus.

When rendering your critical verdict, never lose sight of the truth that humanity would not even be in this climate change extinction emergency nightmare if it were not for the continuous decades-long consequence-ignoring and obscene greed of those running the cartel.

Never before have so few individuals been able to save the lives of so many while at the same time protecting the future of ALL humanity. It is time for you, the jury, to put the long-delayed and long-denied climate justice of cartel victims with your correct guilty verdict.

I hope that our legal team has done a good job of helping you understand this unprecedented cartel-caused climate change extinction emergency. The climate change doomsday clock is ticking. Only you can slow and stop the coming climate change global holocaust with your guilty verdict.

And finally, When you render your verdict, do not forget what I asked you to keep in mind as you heard the evidence at the beginning of this trial. The perpetrators of climate change did not only know that they would kill hundreds of millions of people, but for decades, they also continued to do everything within their power to prevent anyone from regulating their deadly products to prevent such vast suffering and death. The cartel did this through their continuous well-financed global disinformation campaigns and coercive influence programs to compromise your politicians or anyone trying to regulate them. 

As I promised you in my opening statement, I would ask you again if the cartel actions are a perfect definition of pure human evil. It is not at a scale of death and suffering never before seen in human history? Can you now see the truth which demands severe punishment? 

Yet even the deaths of hundreds of millions, which they have already caused, are nothing compared to the billions of deaths the cartel will cause unless they are stopped. The way you, the jury, stop them is by taking all profit out of their wrongdoing by making them pay for every harm they have caused since the day their internal documents proved they knew the death and suffering their products did cause and would cause.

Before you cast your jury vote, please carefully consider the massive scale of the cartel's death machine and the millions of people harmed and killed in the past. Do not forget those billions of people who also will be harmed, suffer slowly, and die in the future because of the cumulative and synergetic climate-heating effects caused by the cartel's decades of criminal and sociopathic actions. 

The eventual total suffering, deaths, and destructiveness from ALL effects of the cartel's crimes against humanity are even greater than the total deaths and destructiveness of the last 200 years of war.

Shortly, the court will give you a form before you enter the jury deliberation room. It contains all of the charges to vote guilty or innocent. Please vote for the global fossil fuel cartel guilty of being the greatest mass murderers in history and guilty on all other charges.



What is the verdict, guilty or not guilty?

The jury comes back with its decision after one day of deliberation. The jury leader reads the verdict, and it is unanimous. The cartel is guilty of:

1. Causing the climate change emergency and continuing to this day to prevent its resolution.

2. The cartel must pay for all climate change damages and other damages that it has caused.

3. The senior executives of the cartel and its related enabling or facilitating companies are also individually guilty of mass murder, crimes against humanity, and other criminal felonies named in the Grand Jury indictment.

As the reader, you also are a jury member and can vote

Please vote using our online survey form. Click here to personally vote guilty or not guilty 

Click here now to vote guilty or not guilty.

Dragging the cartel into courts worldwide will also make them pay for every harm they have caused and will likely end the climate change extinction emergency far faster than the many unsuccessful decades of massive street protests, international conferences, and toothless international treaties.

After you have voted guilty or not guilty in the link above, there are only two remaining questions. 

1. What will you do to stop the global deaths, suffering, and financial losses this cartel has caused and will continue to cause unless YOU also do your part to help stop their actions? Click here to see the recommended actions.

2. Will you act before it is too late to save at least the other half of humanity?

The future of humanity and much of the biological world is in each of your hands.

Here is the Vote of the Job One for Humanity Climate Change Think Tank

In case you are interested in our vote. We vote as follows:

1. the global fossil fuel cartel is guilty on all accounts and for crimes against humanity.

2. the cartel must pay for all worldwide climate change damages from their income, assets, and clawbacks of assets they may try to transfer or hide.

3. All cartel executives in senior positions are to be held individually and financially responsible for paying for cartel damages.

4. All lobbyists, PR firms, investment banks, and bankers are also legally responsible for cartel climate change damages for their role in creating, promoting, or financing climate change disinformation or other activities, which prevented society and its politicians from enacting the required fossil fuel reductions starting six decades ago. (There is another new precedent for this wider zone of legal liability now. Just recently, McKinsey & Company in the US was forced to pay 78 million dollars for its role in promoting the deadly opioid epidemic in the US. They supplied disinformation to the public and others about the dangers of opioids. They were convicted of supplying deceptive marketing plans to boost the sales this dangerous product.)

5. All key decision makers in the global fossil fuel cartel and its affiliated entities and hired companies must also stand trial for their criminal acts and crimes against humanity in criminal courts around the world. If these leaders are not punished with severe criminal penalties, the world will not learn this lesson of massive corporate abuse, and victims of their actions will not get the full justice they deserve. It is time for new Nurenberg-like tribunals to bring the sociopaths who are committing such heinous acts against their fellow humans to justice.




Below are links to the three parts of the Climate Justice Now program

The Climate Justice Action Page 1: 

This page is Part 1, which is an online public trial of the perpetrators of climate change and their shocking crimes against humanity over the last 4-6 decades. It is a must-read for even hardened climate change activists and researchers because it lays out the full spectrum of serious crimes committed by the perpetrators of climate change, many of which have never been seen before.

The Climate Justice Corrective Action Page 2:

Click here for the three most critical actions needed to stop the ongoing crimes of the global fossil fuel cartel from destroying humanity and achieve climate change justice.

The Climate Change Trial Evidence Page 2a:

Click here for the master list of evidence and documentation for the global fossil fuel cartel jury trial and for ongoing litigation against the global fossil fuel cartel. We just moved this page because it is expanding quickly.

The Climate Change Law Firm Listing and Law suit Tips Page 3:

Click here for a list of law firms that may be able to help the many worldwide victims of climate change. Simply because it directly and immediately starts removing all profit from cartel wrongdoing. Eventually and hopefully soon, successful court judgments and big damage awards against the global fossil fuel cartel, related companies, senior executives, and associated enablers may prove to become more effective in ending the climate change extinction emergency than previous public protests, the previous 27 international climate conferences, and current climate educational efforts.

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We also promised you the following action strategies to protect your family and business.

Emergency Preparation and Adaption Strategies for Escalating Climate Change:

Click here if you are looking for our emergency preparation and adaptation strategies for protecting your family and business from the next escalating wave of climate change consequences.

Never forget, suing the global fossil fuel cartel members for your climate damages or telling others to sue will help to save humanity from mass extinction by helping to prevent humanity's crossing the last chance atmospheric carbon 450 ppm (parts per million) tipping point. (This page thoroughly explains the last chance for humanity at the carbon 450 ppm tipping point.)

Please share your comments and opinions at the bottom of this article. After reading it, you may feel compelled to do something to help fix the ongoing climate change injustice described in detail below. You also will find "What can I do" action links at the end of the article.

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When you're done reading the trial, please don't forget to vote guilty or not guilty at this link.


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