How Jay Inslee and ALL the other US presidential candidates failed horribly on the global warming issue at the recent Democratic debates

Jay Inslee who purports to be the global warming candidate failed terribly at the recent Democratic presidential debates, but he certainly was not alone in his failure!

Jay failed horribly to speak the truth to the American people about our global warming emergency. Most importantly, he failed to speak the most important fact that:

If we do not make the radical fossil fuel reductions required by the 2025 global targets (found here,) humanity will cross through a global warming tipping point process that will spiral us into mass human extinction (for as much as 70-90% of humanity within as little as 3 or 4 decades.) 

ALL of the other Democratic candidates also completely failed to bring up the facts that:

a. we are already in global warming extinction emergency and that,

b. we are at the remaining last chance, 5-year window of opportunity to still have some meaningful control over our global warming future. 

In summary, none of the US Democratic presidential candidates was willing to tell the American public how bad our current global warming emergency really is or, what really must be done to fix it.  

Here is the documentation on the real global warming facts that the US Democratic candidates should have been debating:

1. For documentation on our last chance 2025 global fossil fuel reduction targets, which we cannot miss, click here.

2. For documentation that supports the fact that we are already in a global warming extinction emergency, click here.

3. For the 5 most important global warming facts that the fossil fuel industry wants to hide from you, click here.

4. For the New Green Deal which purports, but overwhelmingly fails to be an effective solution to the global warming emergency, click here. The New Green Deal is currently being promoted by most of the US Democratic candidates.

Next, click here for the key government actions the Democrats should have presented in their grossly inadequate and critical deadline-deficient New Green Deal plan. 

To find out everything that The New Green Deal should have included, click here first for a quick overview.

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