How Jay Inslee the Major Global Warming Candidate Failed at the Democratic Presidential Debates

Jay Inslee is the only Democratic presidential candidate with the sole platform of fixing global warming before it's too late. But...

... he failed terribly at the recent democratic presedential debates. He failed to speak truth to power and the American people.

Most importantly he failed to say:

1.) If we do not make the massive global fossil fuel reductions required according to the 2025 targets (found here,) humanity will cross over into and through a global warming tipping point process that will spiral us toward mass human extinction within 2-4 decades. 

2.) Whatever we do today, we will not see the effects of for 20 -30 years. This is because of climate momentum factors which delay our seeing fossil fuel reduction results for decades. 

He completely failed to discuss the deep truth about our global warming extinction emergency and that we only have about a 5-year window of opportunity to still control our global warming fate and future and save the lives to as much as 70-90% of humanity. 

For information on the truth of the global warming extinction emergency, click here.

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